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My Child Is A Grass Hugger

Tree hugging runs in the family. It’s in our blood, but grass hugging? That’s a whole new thing for the latest generation. Tiny-Small is a grass hugger. Literally. I think it’s because she rarely sees grass. To her it’s a plant on the verge of extinction and when she finally gets her feet in it […]

Abstract Purple Iris

I’ll Be In The Shower When You Get Here

If I invite you over, I’ll be in the shower when you get here. It’s some kind of universal law. I am always the last to get ready because I’m running around picking up, trying to get Tiny-Small dressed, or trying to squeeze in a quick blog post before you arrive. Even when I am […]

Pregnancy makes me miserable. 10 Steps I am taking to make this pregnancy better.

Pregnancy Makes Me Miserable

Pregnancy makes me miserable which is probably why it took me over four years to do it again. After Tiny-Small was born I told Jim all future children would be adopted. Seriously. So, now that I am pregnant again and making friends with the porcelain gods (yes, the toilets…all of them) I am remembering why […]

Develop Your Presence

Imitation, Inspiration, and Some Good News

Imitation is the biggest compliment, right? I mean, that’s what my third grade teacher told me when little Johnny wouldn’t stop copying my every move. It’s no secret that I fall in love with the work of other artists, try to learn new skills, and imitate when I am inspired. I mean, I learned how […]

Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger has been a big topic of conversation in this house over the past week. Apparently, when my mom was here last weekend she and Tiny-Small talked about strangers. My mom told Tiny-Small that if a stranger ever tries to take her anywhere that she should throw herself on the ground, kick and thrash […]

Spring is finally here! Apple Blossom and Daffodil paintings.

Spring Has Finally Arrived Plus An Apple Blossom Painting

Spring has finally arrived. I am pretty sure we are all sighing in relief. This has been a long winter, especially for our East coast friends. One of my friends reports that her kids have only had two full weeks of school since Christmas. They are going to be in school for half the summer […]

Audience Watch Me Gives Excellent Blog Reviews

Audience Watch Me Provides Excellent Blog Reviews

Audience Watch Me offers a free website review (for a limited time so don’t wait!) and then emails you a feedback report with helpful tips about what works and what doesn’t work on your website. Meg Cook, owner and operator of Audience Watch Me, does the review herself. I signed up specifically to get help […]