Ninja Skills Required For Work At Home Mom

I need ninja skills to work from home. I have to be sneaky. I have to be quiet. I have to be fast. My family seems to have a sixth sense whenever I sit down in front of the computer to write. They know. I don't know how, but they know. I can clean the kitchen, … Continue Reading ››

Bedtime Postponement Tactics

Bedtime Postponement Tactics

Bedtime can be difficult for parents with small children, but our child is especially skilled at bedtime postponement tactics. Yes, I am bragging. Some parents brag about Harvard. I brag about my child's ability to outwit her parents. It takes a special talent to be this good at postponing bedtime. A very special talent! At first … Continue Reading ››

This is how we do what, Katy Perry?

This Is How We Do What, Katy Perry?

Jim, my husband, had been talking about some article he happened to read in a magazine that included a segment on not only Lady Gaga, but Katy Perry as well. He was at a loss. What songs do these women sing? Who are these people? Should I know more about them? Continue Reading ››

My Brush With A Possible Serial Killer

There I was, parked in the shade of a tree at a park in Deming, New Mexico, painting flowers on watercolor paper, when a big, white, windowless van drove into the parking lot. It drove slowly. Too slowly. It almost seemed to stop as it drove past my car. The van pulled into a parking … Continue Reading ››

5 Steps To Internet Detoxification For The Online Entrepreneur

5 Steps To Internet Detoxification For The Online Entrepreneur

The other day I was complaining about how the Internet was driving me crazy over the latest controversial topic. I mean, this happens all the time. People will fight over anything! Anyway, once in a while it sort of gets me down. All of the suicide posts were kind of putting me into a funk … Continue Reading ››

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