Garden by the seashore mixed media collage art by Lillian Connelly.

Get Off That Electronic Device, Young Lady!

The other day when I was at the VA clinic waiting for Jim to have his hand examined (six days later the x-rays showed it was not broken) I was sitting in the waiting room with several people. Most of them were at least 30 years older than me. I made some small talk with … Continue Reading ››

I paint an Iris but dislike the composition.

I Paint An Iris But Dislike My Composition

When you paint every single day there are bound to be some bad paintings. This painting of an Iris just didn't hit the mark with composition. It's pretty boring. I think it's too big for the paper and too centered too. It's like a flower mug shot! Maybe I should put it on a mug? Because … Continue Reading ››


Kale! Glorious Kale!

I painted Kale. Why not? I am always eating it these days so I can be extra healthy and super trendy. It's the one fad I discovered in a timely manner and managed to grasp onto. Trust me, I am clinging to it like only my inner unpopular girl knows how. Eating kale is the … Continue Reading ››

Mommy Death March

Mommy Death March

For the past two weeks I have taken Tiny-Small on what I like to refer to as the "Mommy Death March." After dinner we go straight up the side of our backyard mountain and walk until we are gasping for breath and begging for water. Which, for Tiny-Small, is about 3 feet. Five minutes more … Continue Reading ››

Jebediah in his salad garden.

Jebediah In His Salad Garden

I painted Jebediah in the garden and then his owner told me that Jebediah likes to eat flowers so being surrounded by them would be a lot like walking through a salad garden. As a result of his appetite for foliage, he is actually not allowed anywhere near the garden. This is mainly a fantasy … Continue Reading ››

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