Gratitude For My Readers

I'm thinking about gratitude this November. I have so many things to be thankful for. I am really grateful to my readers for showing up week after week to read my blog and to spur on my art making. It means a lot to me and I am really honored that people choose to be … Continue Reading ››

Halloween DIY decorations

Scare Yourself Silly For Halloween With These Books and Movies

I really like scary movies. Not so much the gory, blood and guts, mass murder kind, but the creepy ones. I was thinking today about some of the movies that stuck with me the longest. You know, the kind that sort of bother you and keep you awake at night?  I made a list to … Continue Reading ››

Spilled Paint Improves Creativity

Spilled Paint Improves Creativity

We had a paint calamity of epic proportions. I'm talking spilled paint all over the place. If you think crying over spilled milk is a thing you've never witnessed an artist crying over spilled paint. It's serious and painful. Paint is like liquid gold to us. It's our life blood. Continue Reading ››

Ninja Skills Required For Work At Home Mom

I need ninja skills to work from home. I have to be sneaky. I have to be quiet. I have to be fast. My family seems to have a sixth sense about whenever I sit down in front of the computer to write. They know. I don't know how, but they know. I can clean the … Continue Reading ››

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