Ceramic Art Tile Giveaway – Gratitude For My Readers

I am so excited today because I am giving away a ceramic art tile! I'm celebrating each Saturday during the month of November with art giveaways for my readers. I hope you are having as much fun as I am. Ceramic Art Giveaway - Gratitude For My ReadersContinue Reading ››

Untitled design copy

Bungee Jumping Off The Laundry Pile

Ever have a laundry pile so high that you contemplated bungee jumping off of it? I have. I mean, not to brag or anything, but my laundry pile is so tall right now that bungee jumping could be a possibility. I am already calculating how much I could charge the neighborhood children per jump, I … Continue Reading ››

Art Calendar Giveaway – Gratitude For My Readers

For my third expression of gratitude this November I am giving away an art calendar. I just want to thank my blog readers again for reading this silly blog of mine! I hope you are having fun with these giveaways. Art Calendar Giveaway - Gratitude November This 12 month … Continue Reading ››

You’ll Never Be President Because You Are A Girl

The other night, as I was folding laundry, Tiny-Small ran over to me and said, "You'll never be president, Mom." I turned to her and was about to respond, but, before I could, she said, "...because you're a girl." Now I have no desire to be president and obviously never will be, but to have … Continue Reading ››

Art Journal Giveaway – Gratitude For My Readers

*This Giveaway Is Closed* The winner: Alex I'm giving away a handmade art journal as my second giveaway for gratitude in November. I am pretty excited about it. This one has a print of one of my hummingbird watercolors on the front and some Black-Eyed Susan flowers on the back. It's filled with an assortment of papers … Continue Reading ››

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