The Holiday Tradition Nobody Likes

I was standing in line at the post office the other day, several packages stacked on my arms, balancing as if I were holding a serving tray with very expensive drinks for very important guests. I looked around at all of the sad faces in line before and after me. The post office is a … Continue Reading ››

Things I Wonder While Watching “Sex In The City” Season 3

1. Do women in their 30's still obsess about getting married? I keep reading people don't want to get married anymore. So I am assuming thirty-something women probably no longer spend this much time worrying about men...or do they? Someone fill me in. I'm out of the loop! 2. Does Carrie end up getting lung cancer … Continue Reading ››

10 Almost Free DIY Gifts For Any Occasion

Nothing beats a DIY (do it yourself) gift around the holidays, especially if you have someone who says, "I don't want anything" when you ask them what they want (those people are SO annoying, aren't they?), or someone who seems to have everything they could possibly ever want or need, or when your bank account … Continue Reading ››


Surrender. Just surrender to it all. Even if it is hard. Even if it feels like quitting. Just take a big, deep breath and let it all go. This is a lesson that keeps reappearing in my life and one I have to relearn or re-remember continuously. I'm not sure why, but my go-to move is … Continue Reading ››

Pink Alcohol Ink Art Necklace Giveaway: November Gratitude For My Readers

****This Giveaway is close. Congratulations to Cindy*** It's the last Saturday of November 2014! Where does the time go? Doesn't it seem like November just started? This week I am giving away another art necklace! Pink! My daughters favorite color. This one is shaped like a tear drop. This art necklace is valued at $18. The sweepstakes/giveaway … Continue Reading ››

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