Jewelry Artist Heather Fleshman Featured on Art Wednesday

Heather makes beautiful jewelry and hair ornaments. She has them for sale in her Etsy Shop: Penny Joules. Please take a look when you finish reading her post. You'll love what she creates! -Lillian I am Heather the woman behind the scenes here at Penny Jules. I am an artist, and long time enthusiast of all things arts and crafty. As a mother of two young children I have found that my time for creating can be limited. I am fortunate that I am able to do what I love from my home and draw inspiration from my life, family, and friends.  Jewelry Artist Heather Fleshman Featured on Art Wednesday For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a paid artist. When I first thought of being a paid artist I had this vision that I would be a painter. Drawing, painting and the like were always my passion.  I heard from many people that it is very unlikely that I would have become successful at it. So I chose not to pursue that as my career. Now when I think back to all those times I realize that my dream has actually come true, and for that I couldn't be more grateful.  Jewelry Artist Heather Fleshman Featured on Art Wednesday I seem to always have several projects going on, or wanting to get going. Hair combs are always on my mind. … Continue Reading ››

Artist Sandra Gea Featured On Art Wednesday

I am so happy to have my friend Sandra Gea featured today on Art Wednesday.  She is a Soul Collage facilitator, an archer, and one of the kindest people I know. I hope you enjoy her interview today! Tell us about the moment you realized you were an artist. Creativity has always been present in my life as far as I can remember.  I grew up in a modest family where upcycling, fixing, reusing was part of our lifestyle. I would spend hours crafting out of paper and fabric. During my teen years, I used to collage a lot. Even if I chose a different academic path and career, through my different corporate jobs,  I was always somehow involved with creativity and design. The seed was always there waiting for me to make the choice. It is interesting to observe how collage and recycling have found again their place in my art.
Artist Sandra Gea Featured On Art Wednesday. Artwork by Sandra Gea: Structure and Flow. Copyright belongs to the artist.
Structure and Flow by Sandra Gea (copyright belongs to the artist).
  What projects are you working on now? Currently I am working on two painting projects. One entitled “Souls of Mongolia” and the other “Archery, Tai Chi and the art of Zen”. The third project is called “The Earth is our Home” where I recreate places of the world out of recycled and handmade paper. I just got a one year residence at the Art Hotel Cavalieri … Continue Reading ››

Beauty Is Only Soul Deep

When I was a child I received many messages about my physical appearance. Some were good. Little old ladies (hey, they were probably my age now, but I was a kid and that is how I remember it) would stop my mom in the store to go on and on about how beautiful my big eyes were and how lovely my curly, brown hair was. Some were bad. My peers told me my big eyes made me look like a frog and straight hair was way prettier than frizzy, curly hair ever would be. It was confusing and being beautiful seemed like a lot of work and possibly impossible to achieve since there were so many different opinions and people to please. As I got older I realized I was probably never going to be beautiful (and by older I mean age ten). I was obviously an acquired taste. Some people thought I was pretty. Some didn't. Some thought I'd be pretty if I only brushed my hair more, stood up straighter, smiled more, had designer jeans, wore makeup, lost a few pounds, gained a few pounds, got a face transplant. You know, the usual. At some point I just stopped trying to be beautiful and focused on trying to be smart. Somehow that seemed more achievable. It seemed more controllable. If I got an A I was smart and nobody could deny it. It was so much easier than trying to be beautiful. Being beautiful was so arbitrary. Beauty was in … Continue Reading ››

This Is Not Compassionate Parenting

I am participating in a worldwide writing movement to speak for compassion today. Please visit this link-up to read what others are writing about compassion and help us share our posts so we can bombard the world with compassion today and tomorrow. Thank you!   I was flat on my back with my legs tangled up with my daughter's in the lobby of Cocoa's Restaurant. As I stared up at the ceiling I thought to myself, "This is not compassionate parenting." I picked myself up, attempted to pick her up, and struggled out to the car where we sat for 15 minutes. She screamed the entire time while I Googled what was supposed to happen next when you remove a child from a store or restaurant due to bad behavior. This wasn't going as planned or as promised. This Is Not Compassionate Parenting: 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion We were visiting family. My Mother in Law had just passed away. We'd driven for three days and were staying in a hotel. We were tired, off our schedules, and grief-stricken. The adults were all keeping their emotions in check and maintaining good manners, but my four-year old was acting out how all of us were feeling. She had a lot of anxiety and energy to burn off and no acceptable outlet for all of those emotions. She was erupting into tantrums throughout the day.  I was feeling embarrassed by her behavior and could … Continue Reading ››

Artist Adrian Beuses Featured On Art Wednesday

I hope you enjoy my interview with Adrian Beuses on Art Wednesday this week. I certainly enjoyed his answers to my questions. His love for creativity shines through his words and I think he needs to put this quote, "Learn with your mind, speak your heart." on a T-shirt. I just love it! -Lillian   1. Tell us about the moment you realized you were an artist. Funny enough, I think I realized I was becoming an artist when I started playing music. I believe every creative introvert from the moment they are born always find a way to express themselves. I did everything! Making games, filming & photography, creating board games, you name it. It wasn't until I started playing shows with my band that I noticed how that expression was being bounced back to me, and that is when I felt it. The need to create posters and art for our band quickly became a hidden pleasure, and here I am, I never broke the habit.
In My Thoughts by Adrian Beuses featured on Art Wednesday
In My Thoughts 18x24 by Adrian Beuses (copyright and photo credit belong to the artists).
  2. What projects are you working on now? I am planning on creating posters for each zodiac sign. It has been in my mind for a long time. The medium and how I do it is still a secret,…(because I am still thinking about it) 3. Does you work have a theme? Are you exploring a particular … Continue Reading ››

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