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Mule Deer Day 27 Of 30 Paintings In 30 Days

Mule Deer in Alcohol Ink Day 27 of 30 paintings In 30 Days
Mule Deer in alcohol ink on Yupo paper 9×12 $105.00

We are over run with mule deer here. So much so that people are always asking us if hunting is allowed on our property. It’s not of course. That’s probably why we have so many of them. That doesn’t stop all of the hunter-ly types from pulling out their invisible bows and arrows and letting a few imaginary arrows fly in the deers general direction. We’re not hunters so when we look at the deer we think “how pretty” and not “how delicious.” Some of our friends are certain we are doing this country living thing wrong. Oh well, I only like to shoot things with my camera!

The deer migrate across our property every morning and every evening. It’s like they have 9 to 5 jobs or something. Maybe I should name one of them Dolly Parton! My favorite part is to see the babies. They are extra adorable. They follow their moms around and make cute little bleating sounds when they get separated. It’s pretty neat to watch from the dining room window.

I’ve wanted to paint the deer for a while now, but I could never get a decent picture. They have excellent hearing and run off into the sunset the moment they see any human with a camera. I actually took my reference photos for this painting through a window! Even then they were suspicious. One was staring me straight in the lens so to speak. First one ear twitched. Then the other. Then the nose. Then the two bucks high tailed it to the neighbor’s house. The female deer are less brazen. They stick to the edges and the brush. The males walk right up to the window.

I am pretty happy with how this one came out. I feel like I made it past the 20 day slump. It took me seven days to get my painting mojo back, but that’s OK. Seven is better than ten!

I hope you are enjoying your January. Only a few days left so make the most of them. Get out there and do something to make some memories for the beginning of 2015. Get this year off to a good start.

All A Glow Day 20 of 30 Paintings In 30 Days

All A Glow Day 20 Of 30 Paintings In 30 Days
All A Glow 5×7 alcohol ink painting on yupo paper.


I’m feeling all a glow today. I think that’s being reflected in my tree painting. I really love the way the alcohol inks look in this painting. It feels lit from within. I don’t, however, love the composition. My eyes want to see the top of the tree and having it sliced in half like it is feels a little frustrating.

Some paintings are paintings you want to stand proudly next to and some paintings are a learning experience. This one was the latter. I love the colors and the movement, but I think it would have been much more successful if I had spent more time thinking about the composition.

When you paint every day, you aren’t always going to create a masterpiece! That’s OK. Sometimes we have days where the goal is to develop a new skill or gain a new perspective. Don’t get discouraged if you go through periods of creating that seem to be more about learning skills than creating masterpieces. This is all part of the process and part of the big picture.

Now that I have reached day 20 of the challenge I am starting to feel fatigued. This usually happens at some point in the middle. By day 20 the late nights or early mornings start to catch up with you. The house is getting more cluttered and messy than usual. Your family wants your attention and there are usually a few kinks in your schedule that have set you back. Yesterday we went to El Paso to do some shopping and spent almost the entire day there. We got home after midnight last night! We’re all a little more tired than usual today. A day away from home is always fun, but it also puts me behind on all of things I need to do. Right now I have a pile of dishes to wash, a few loads of laundry to fold, and heart jewelry I desparatly need to make before February! I’m starting to feel some time pressure that will likely escalate between now and the end of the month. It’s never easy to get this whole life balance thing right, is it?

The good thing is these are easy problems to have. I mean, I can’t really complain that I have too much art to make, or too many dishes to wash, or too many people to love. I’m pretty fortunate. I do, however, sometimes wish there were more hours in a day! I could use just a few extra hours to get more things done.

I hope you have a happy Tuesday!

Cottonwood Tree In The Moonlight Day 16 of 30 Paintings In 30 Days

I’m a little obsessed with cottonwood trees. Mostly because they are one of the only trees around here that turn yellow in the fall and lose their leaves for winter. I stare at them obsessively throughout the fall and winter each year. They only grow near water so they are far and few between. They make an impression among the scrub brush and cactus.

I feel like cottonwoods are survivors climbing out of the desert landscape to announce, “We are here! We are here! We are here!” I like that about them. I also like that they have branches growing in every direction and clumps of leaves at the end of those branches. They are fascinating trees.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to grow where you were planted? I feel that way about New Mexico sometimes. You have to have ingenuity and gumption to make it here. You really have to make the best of things. You have to be a go-getter. I’m growing slowly where I have been planted, but if I keep seeking out what I need (water) and having gratitude for what I have plenty of (sun) I’m sure eventually I will make it closer to the sky!

Cottonwood In The Moonlight Day 16 of 30 Paintings In 30 Days.
Cottonwood In The Moonlight 5×7 alcohol ink on yupo paper.

I have painted sixteen paintings so far. I’ve made it past the midway hump! I hope I can keep up the momentum for the next two weeks. Thank you for supporting me through this challenge!