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Morning Glory

I painted this morning glory painting in my car.  I might start doing all of my painting in the car! Nobody asks you to find their lost sock or to type something up for them when you are sitting in the car. The car appears to be an excellent work zone! It would be even better if my steering wheel were removable and the air conditioner could run for hours without depleting the battery…and if it had a utility sink.

Morning Glory
Morning glory progress shot.

I sat on this painting for two days before adding it to the blog. I finished it on Saturday night. I didn’t really like it. It needed something. It needed pizazz. It needed sparkle. It needed magic.

So this morning I decided to add some ink to it. I love watercolors and ink together. I like the way the ink makes the colors pop.

Morning Glory Watercolor Painting
Morning Glory 4×6 original watercolor painting.

I am going to keep this post short. I am in the middle of doing some deep cleaning. I just cleaned out three cabinets in the kitchen. I do my Spring cleaning in the Fall!

Plus, we think we might have a mouse in the kitchen. Life in the country! Yuck. Tiny-Small is so excited. She hopes the mouse is white with big ears and she want to hug him when we find him. She has plans to pet him and make him little vests and feed him candy out her hand. I may have let her watch Stewart Little at a very impressionable age. Still, I completely blame all of her mouse-loving ways on her father. He loves all of the animals. All of them. The thought of a mouse in my kitchen is keeping me up at night. I am sure before long Jim will be using this mouse debacle as an excuse to convince me that we need a pet snake.

Yep. I just fainted. Snakes rank right up there with sharks for me.

I hope you are having a wonderful, snake free Monday! Unless of course you love snakes…then I hope you are a having a snake-filled Monday far, far away from where I live.


I painted pink hydrangea. This is day 20 of my 30 in 30 painting challenge and as you have (possibly) noticed I have been missing for almost a week. I am not sure I will ever catch up on the paintings at this point.

Pink Hydrangea
Pink Hydrangea 8×10 watercolor painting.

I’ve been sick and we had to travel for four days this week. I’d brought my watercolors with me thinking I’d paint in the car and at the hotel. I do this every time we travel and every time I do not paint at all. I’m just a girl with a dream. Painting in the car is impossible. There are too many bumps, swerves, and calls for snacks from the back seat to accomplish anything. At the hotel I am usually too busy keeping Tiny-Small amused to get the paints out.

Hydrangea by Lillian Connelly
Pink hydrangea 8×10 watercolor on watercolor paper. Available for $100 (shipping included). It comes in a white matte and will fit into an 11×14 frame.

You can purchase the original by clicking this button:

You can purchase a matted print of this painting by clicking here:


This time I was sick. I spent a day driving with a fever. Not fun. I do, however, have to recommend hotel illness over home illness, for mothers anyway. I mean, when I am home and sick I still have to perform all of my regular duties. Someone needs something found, milk must be poured, meals must be prepared. I can sit down or lie down for moments at a time, but that’s about it. Being sick in a hotel was far superior. Jim was a captive and had to entertain Tiny-Small. He couldn’t sneak off for hours at a time to walk the dogs or putter in the basement like he does at home. I crawled into the hotel bed and slept for six hours while he took Tiny-Small to the pool and out to get dinner. It was awesome. I am pretty sure it’s why my fever went away by the next day. It was so awesome that I know the next time I am sick I will fantasize about driving down to the local motel and checking myself in for the night.

I’m still congested and coughing. Mostly at night. As soon as your body is horizontal the lungs revolt. It’s the last phase of any cold. I am hoping it is short lived. My painting schedule is a vague memory. Actually, pretty much all of my plans are now a vague memory. I had so many things scheduled on my calendar for September. I wanted to get a lot of things finished and ready for the holiday gift buying rush. I am now going to be late again on getting calendars and cards in my shop on time.

It’s really tough being a one man show. Or, more specifically, a one man business. Maybe I should say “One woman” show, right? In the last week I have missed out on an Etsy sale. I am behind in my #30in30 challenge. My house is a mess and I haven’t blogged for days and days. It’s almost impossible to be a real professional, at least for me. This makes me feel sad and defeated sometimes. Like I am working so hard, but my goals will always be just out of reach. I am sure a lot of work at home moms feel like this sometimes. All I can do is keep trying. So I do. Maybe it will eventually get easier. I have hope.

Maybe next year I will finally have my act together and things will fall into place on time. This is a prayer I say almost every year! We’ll see what happens. Until then, I’ll just keep giggling at my misfortune and all of the goofy life events that seem to get in my way! I’d much rather laugh than cry.


I Paint An Iris But Dislike My Composition

When you paint every single day there are bound to be some bad paintings. This painting of an Iris just didn’t hit the mark with composition. It’s pretty boring. I think it’s too big for the paper and too centered too. It’s like a flower mug shot! Maybe I should put it on a mug?

Because I knew early on I wasn’t loving this painting I decided to just  mess around and add glazes of paint on the background to see how the background affected the flower itself. I started with blue, glazed with orange, and then did a final glaze with dark gray.

I Painted An Iris But Dislike The Composition
Iris with blue background.

I am going to paint this flower again. I feel challenged to get it right. I think with this practice painting I’ll be better equipped to get it right next time. I will rework the composition and maybe add some other flowers to it.

I Painted An Iris But Dislike The Composition.
Iris With second glaze (orange) on background.

What do you think about the different backgrounds? Which one do you think works the best?

I paint An Iris But Dislike The Composition.
Iris With Final Glaze in Dark Gray.


I like to share the pieces that go wrong because I think it shows some of the struggle artists go through. Most of us have to practice and experiment many times before we get something that feels “right” or finished to us. Art is an ongoing, persistent quest for an unattainable perfection. We all have stacks of paintings and drawings we don’t usually show people. I like to share my process. I hope it makes you feel more liberated to do some experimental painting of your own!

This is day 12 of my #30in30 painting challenge.