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Toyota, What Are You Trying To Sell Us Exactly?

Toyota makes some pretty good vehicles. Jim has a truck that just won’t die. It really looks like it should kick the bucket any moment and that it might be held together by chewing gum and dirt that’s been stuck on for decades, but it just keeps purring like a very old kitten with sleep apnea. I have no idea how many miles that poor truck has on it, but it just keeps going and going as if it were powered by the Energizer Bunny. It’s kind of amazing. It’s probably the best investment Jim ever made, not counting marrying me, of course.

Anyway, I keep seeing this Toyota commercial for a RAV4. Have you seen it?


I have no idea what features the car has or if it is even a car at all because every time the commercial comes on Tiny-Small starts screaming, “I want a flying unicorn! I want a flying unicorn! I want a flying unicorn!” Then we watch the family drive down the street with a flying unicorn on it’s roof and I silently debate when to tell Tiny-Small that flying unicorns are called Pegasuses (don’t try to say that three times fast) and that unicorns are in fact not real. She keeps asking me for a flying horse and I am sad that they don’t exist so I just keep saying, “Maybe Santa will bring you one.”

Toyota, what are you trying to sell us exactly?
Can I put a wing on it?

Toyota, you haven’t sold us a car, but you have certainly sold one of us a giant, pink, flying unicorn. It’s pretty much all Tiny-Small can think about when she hears the word Toyota. I’m not sure if this is some sneaky way to secure sales with future generations, but you have certainly captured my 4 year olds attention…and her heart. You’ve also captured my attention because now I lie awake at night wondering where I can buy a giant, pink, flying unicorn and whether or not I will also need to buy a RAV4 just to be able to get it home.

Well played, Toyota, well played.


 P.S. This is not a Sponsored post. It’s just a story about my life and a commercial that’s caught our attention.

What Color Are Baby Unicorns?

I asked my daughter, “What color are baby unicorns?” She yelled, “Pink!”

Baby unicorns are pink pinata.
Baby unicorns are pink.

So is mermaid hair.

Mermaid Pinata
Mermaid Piñata

But, cats are yellow.

Yellow cat pinata
Yellow cat Piñata that I want to name Seymour.

I am making piñata’s like I am about to celebrate the biggest birthday bash that ever existed, or like I got a part-time job making them. Yay me! Tiny-Small said when we hit the piñata the candy will fall straight into her mouth. We’ll see about that one. 😉


Happy Friday!


P.S. Want to make your own piñata? Check out these instructions on the Instructables website: How To Make Custom Piñatas.