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My Kid Needs A Job In Sales

I’ve been feeling under the weather so my husband decided to get up with our daughter this morning and let me get some extra sleep. I was snoozing away when something woke me up: A small shuffle, odd breathing in my ear, the sense that someone was standing over me.

It Was a Hazy Day 4x6 alcohol ink painting by Lillian Connelly on photo paper.
It Was a Hazy Day 4×6 alcohol ink painting by Lillian Connelly on photo paper.

I opened my eyes to see my daughter smiling inches from my face. “Hi mom!” she smiled, “You forgot this.” She handed me my cell phone. In confusion I looked at it to see if someone had called. She smiled knowingly, took my phone out of my hand and set it on my night stand.

“Mom,” she whispered, “You better get up. Dad made you coffee AND breakfast. It’s sitting out waiting for you.”

I was still half asleep and groggy from the pressure in my ears, the sore throat, and the post nasal drip. I stared at her not speaking. “You better get up, Mom,” she said in a very conspiratorial tone.

I sat up and got my bearings. I shuffled to the bathroom. She was chatting away behind me, “Your breakfast is getting cold. Hurry up. Dad made it. He made coffee. The coffee is extra healthy coffee. It’s just for you. It’s all for you. It’s waiting for you. Dad made it for you. It’s so good. It’s breakfast.”

I mumbled something about that being nice, but still felt confused. I finally turned and asked her, “Where is your dad anyway?”

“He’s somewhere.”


“He’s downstairs. Don’t you want your coffee, Mom?”

As I closed the door to the bathroom I heard her pacing and talking, the way she tells all of her best stories. “Dad made your coffee with love. Your breakfast is waiting for you. I want you to eat it. Are you coming? Dad is waiting. He had to cook the food and make the coffee in your coffee pot. It’s already waiting….”

As I was washing my hands I asked, “What did dad make me for breakfast?”

For the first time since I’d opened my eyes there was a long moment of silence and then she answered, “I don’t know.”

That seemed odd since it was supposed to be sitting out on the table waiting for me. “You don’t know?” I asked.

I opened the door to see my husband staring at me with apologetic eyes, “Sorry she woke you up,” he said.

“I’ve heard a rumor that you have made me coffee and breakfast,” I told him and watched his eyes get big with surprise.

“Well, I…” he started to say but was interrupted by our daughter yelling.

“I was just joking,” she yelled and waved her arms, “It was a joke. I told you a joke, Mom. It’s a joke! I just wanted you to get up, Mom”

I just stared at both of them as Jim shrugged and mouthed the word, “Sorry” then he added, “I will make you coffee right now though….”

I think I was just sold the Brooklyn bridge, you guys. My kid needs a job in sales. Maybe we can put her skills to good use while I crawl back into bed for a little more shut-eye.


Making Art As A Family

Family Art From it's A Dome Life (making art with kids)
Family Art

We have been making art as a family for our living room. I bought some big canvases and a couple of large pieces of Ampersand Aquaboard so we could create a few paintings to hang on our empty walls. I am painting all of the time, but I rarely seem to get anything up on the wall. We’ve lived here close to 4 years now and many of our walls are still bare. Decorating is one of those things I always plan to do, but never seem to get to.

Making Art As a Family
Jim’s silly face

I wanted to have some paintings that also held shared memories for all of us. That seemed appropriate for the living room where we spend most of our time together. Creating the paintings together seemed like the best way to have fun and make a few memories. The first one we created using alcohol inks on Ampersand Aquabord .

Ink drips For Family Art
Ink Drips For Family Art

We all worked together dropping the ink with droppers and paint brushes. Jim even drew a funny face. We picked it up and tilted it so the ink ran in different directions. We had a blast.

Posing with family art (making art with kids)
Posing with family art.

The second one Tiny-Small and I created together. We have some Mexican furniture in our dining room and living room so we really wanted to make something that tied all of the colors together. We were inspired by a Mexican blanket that we have. Tiny-Small and I had a great time painting together. She even made up a story about the paint drips being rain and she drew a sun, with pencil, on the top of the canvas to make the rain go away. I am looking forward to hanging it on the wall with her this afternoon.

Tiny-Small Paints (making art with kids).
Tiny-Small painting the big canvas. Making art as a family is really fun.

I was debating doing some zentangle type painting over the top of it, but I think I will leave it as is for a while and see if it really needs anything else done to it. Tiny-Small is very proud of the painting she did and I worry if I paint something over it that she will feel like her contribution has been diminished. Plus, I kind of like it the way it is. Making family art for our walls is something I hope to continue doing. It makes me feel really good when my family takes part in my biggest passion.

Posing with family art (making art with kids).
Posing with family art 2 in the studio. She’s a blur because she never stops wiggling! NEVER!!!


Yesterday was the last day of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. Today all of the participants are creating collages of of their completed paintings. You might like to stop by Leslie Saeta’s blog and check out the collages. They are pretty neat to see. I like to see how some people use color or have a very specific painting style and the collages really emphasize those qualities of their work. It’s fun to see all 30 paintings in one place too.

30 Paintings in 30 days January 2015 - Lillian Connelly


Have a wonderful Saturday! Tell me a story about making family art. Have you ever done it?

Security Blanket Transformed Into Art

Tiny-Small has a security blanket. It’s a quilt I made. She has to have it to sleep with every night. If it gets left outside, in the car, or at someone’s house it’s the end of the world. When we can’t find it before bedtime we all feel a little anxious. Luckily that doesn’t happen too often. She almost always knows where she left it.

Security Blanket
When her security blanket still looked new.

I often joke that her blanket is like the Velveteen Rabbit. It’s been well-loved and all of that love turns it into a real family member. All of that love has also turned it into a bit of a ragamuffin. The first layer of binding has worn away and it has more patches than a pair of jeans from the 1970’s. It’s certainly got a personality all of it’s own.

Security Blanket Transforms Into Artwork
Still looking pretty good.

I was thinking the other day about how it has practically transformed into a new blanket with all of the new fabrics that have been sewn over the old fabrics. It’s changed color a few times too. The other day my mom actually asked, “Does her blanket need to be washed or is it always kind of gray and dusty looking like this?” The whites are no longer whites, the purples are no longer vibrant, and it has taken an overall turn toward gray over the past year.

Security Blanket Transforms Into Artwork
Holes and patches.

So, the other day, with giant, new holes covering the top of her blanket, I got out the sewing machine and started making repairs. I added some nice bright fabrics. I added some princess fabrics. I added some batting in places where it had gotten thin. It has a new look and weight to it, but Tiny-Small loves it just the same.

She still lingers around the washer and dryer waiting for her blanket to emerge whenever I convince her to let me wash it. She loves the blanket. It certainly is her Velveteen Rabbit. It won’t be long before she gives it up and puts it up on the shelf with the Paddington Bear from my childhood, my own, personal Velveteen Rabbit. I secretly hope that doesn’t happen too soon. She’s growing up too fast as it is.

Security Blanket Transforms Into Artwork
Blanket or artwork?

I think her blanket is starting to look like a piece of mixed media art. It just needs a few more layers and a few more years of love.