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10 Things That Stress Me Out

10 Things That Stress Me Out

1. Not getting enough sleep. It makes me cranky, spacey and sometimes physically ill. Not getting enough sleeps makes everything else on this list worse.

2. Money: Not having enough is stressful, but so is keeping track of it. I am terrible at balancing checkbooks, paying bills on time, making sure checks were cashed. Maybe this should really be “not being more organized.”

sign about caffeine
If only caffeine could fix all my problems.


3. People with expectations so high I will never meet them. I will try and fail. Then I will try again and fail again. I wish I didn’t care if people liked me.

4.When our water stops working. This has been happening too often. It is happening again today. Our well and pipes keep freezing. We have even had a few gushers in the past month. We are terrible at plumbing. We keep buying pipe heaters. It keeps freezing anyway. Send help!

10 Things That Stress Me Out

5. Being on the Internet too much. My eyes hurt, my wrists hurt. Type, type…blink, blink. I just have one more thing to say or do…and then one more. Again, send help!

6. Housework. I am not good at it, but think I should be. No matter what I think I am still not good at it.

7. Feeling like I am running out of time. How will I read all of these books, write all of the blogs, see all of these movies, play all of these games or paint all of these paintings by next week, or before I die?

8. When the dog won’t stop barking. Startle reflex. Eye twitch. I become a character in a horror movie.

9. When I take too long to make a decision. Or even worse, do not make one at all.

10. When I compare myself to others.


What 10 things stress you out?

I Have The Crazy Eyes

I have the crazy eyes. I wrote a poem about it. It’s written badly and I blame that on the fever. I am slightly more delusional that usual (see, I am already rhyming).


A Poem, by Lillian Connelly

I’m the last to bed and the first to rise.

That’s why I have the crazy eyes.

Illustrated in the theme of the possum from The Fantastic Mr. Fox movie

I haven’t slept much lately. Mostly because Tiny-Small hasn’t slept much lately. She can barely breathe and has to sneeze and cough and cry. I get up with her at night to try to soothe her back to sleep. Last night I was so tired I couldn’t make it back to bed so I sat on the couch and took a middle-of-the-night nap there. I really did sleep with the dogs, but I guess that is better than sleeping with the fishes, right?

Anyway, it’s a disaster over here and I am not just talking about the mess. Yesterday Tiny-Small took her diaper off and then pooped on the floor…inches from my foot. Then she ran through the poop and around the house to get away from it. It was like Bunny Tracks ice cream only kind of disgusting and definitely gross. Jim went on a “hike” yesterday and disappeared for three hours (A three hour tour…lalalal). I think he should be shot with a marshmallow gun for desertion. Tiny-Small had ice cream for dinner and pizza for dessert. She also got on the table with Lucy. Lucy took a nap and Tiny-Small got into things.

We spent most of yesterday on the couch in my studio. I tried to do Internet stuff and Tiny-Small cried a lot. She watched weird kid shows on PBS that were mostly about using the potty and washing your hands. She ate popsicles.

She cried because Elmo was on and because Elmo wasn’t on. She cried for milk and juice and chocolate.  She discovered she could blow bubbles out of her nose and that boogers make good hair gel. She cuddled in my lap which she rarely wants to do anymore. It was a long day and I have no idea what is in store for us on this lovely Wednesday. All I know is we still don’t feel good.


Luckily, I am guest posting today! I know, it’s an odd turn of events. Alex from This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff invited me to do a review. I chose to write Coconut Oil: The Edible Cosmetic. I hope you will go over there and leave a comment. Yes, I am totally playing the “I am sick and you should feel terribly guilty if you don’t read this” card. Seriously though, it has one of the most embarrassing pictures of me ever taken. Alex calls it “cute” but we all know that is just short for deranged lunatic. Go read and have a laugh! Tell them I sent you or forced you on pain of life long guilt. I’ll be over here sneezing and waiting to see what you think. Also, send chicken soup!