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I Might Be Addicted To Vine

I might be addicted to Vine. It’s a Twitter App that makes mini movies that loop. I am fascinated by them. I am actually looking for another blogger’s cat videos as I type this. I mean, I don’t want to miss any cat videos…not a single one! My daughter loves them too. There is something hypnotic and creepy about the looping. I am often reminded of the Italian film director Federico Fellini. I have a feeling he would have been a Vine addict too. It’s all a little surreal. My daughter and I once watched a cat move it’s tail back and forth for about three minutes straight. It sounds so boring, but I promise you, it wasn’t!

People are doing all sorts of clever things with their video footage. I’ve seen people’s commutes to work, watched their kids rush them at the door, and laughed along with babies chasing bubbles. It’s like watching home movies that are quick and fascinating and somehow artistic. If you haven’t tried it out yet I highly recommend you do. You might see your dog, or street, or child in a whole new light.

I have only made two of my own videos so far, but I thought I’d share them with you so you could see what it is like. I am an amateur still, so don’t judge the Apps significance by my tiny contribution. I keep thinking it might be fun to video some painting I am doing or to make a series of dramatic movies that tell a story over time. I have a million ideas on ways to use this video App.

This video was taken in the kitchen. Tiny-Small was singing to the dogs and Jim was cooking in the background. The sounds and images are sort of strange together. Make sure you put the sound on when you watch it. I don’t think it is as interesting without the sound.


This video was taken around the same time. Tiny-Small was singing to Lucy (she calls her “Louie”) while I was filming. I think it’s creepy and weird, but you might not. Either way, I hope you are at least entertained.



Have you used Vine? Share your videos with me. Tell me what you think about the App.





Twitter Loves Me After All

Twitter Loves Me
Twitter love me after all, me?

Yes, Twitter and I have had a mutual love/hate relationship for at least a year now. I know this sounds ridiculous because Twitter is not a person, doesn’t have feelings, or even have a brain (I don’t think). Still, Twitter and I have been through some ups and downs, some maybes and some maybe nots, and a few moments where I thought Twitter might make me slightly homicidal, but, somehow, we managed to stay together despite all of the drama.

Our relationship began one day when I thought my dome life of a blog needed to be on Twitter, sharing insights and funny, short sentenced quips. I got it all set up and followed the directions, but alas Twitter would not, could not, or refused to connect to my Facebook page. It was not cooperative. Oh sure, I could write anything I wanted on Facebook and have it show up on Twitter, but not one single letter typed on Twitter would ever make it back to my Facebook page. I cursed, I cried, I gave up. Still, month after month I checked in hoping we were making some progress. I really wanted “us” to work out.


Then, two days ago, Twitter posted to my Facebook page just like magic and without any warning. I don’t know what changed, but apparently we have moved out of the hate phase of our relationship and into the snuggly, love phase of our relationship. After a year of struggle, begging and pleading Twitter is now on my side. I feel a little guilty about all of those Tweets I wrote in the beginning. The ones that said, “Hello?? Are you working now?” and “I think I hate you, Twitter. Why aren’t you working right?” Not to mention my two spam bot followers who had to endure my random Tweets directed to the one and only Twitter. I’m not sure why they stuck with me through thick and thin, but I am grateful. There is only one thing worse than Twitter not working and that is tweeting to yourself on Twitter because you are too boring for anyone else to listen to. Thank you, porn queen, spam bots. I appreciate your loyalty.


The weird thing is I have absolutely nothing to say now that I can say anything I want to. Instead, I just stare at the empty little box I am supposed to be typing into and think, “Nope, I got nuttin’.” So, I guess sometimes relationships really are all about the pursuit because now that I can finally hold Twitter in a warm embrace I have to admit to feeling slightly disappointed. This isn’t exactly what I dreamed it would be like. Although, maybe I should give this relationship another 48 hours just to make sure. I mean, I think I owe Twitter at least that much consideration, don’t you?