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Share The Love Sunday (Vote For Butter Edition)

It’s share the love Sunday. This week went by so fast. I think my head is spinning around just to keep up with my body.

Well, it’s still non stop politics lately and I’ve noticed some amusing things around here that I wanted to share with you. In New Mexico, nicknames are gold and if you don’t have one, well, you are in political trouble. Everywhere I go I see signs that say something like, “Vote for Juan ‘Chewy’ Gonzalez.” Sometimes real names are completely missing like when a sign just says “Keep ‘Bully’ Arizaga for judge.” These nicknames are catchy and weird and funny. I don’t even know how someone gets a nickname like “Bully” and maybe I don’t know want to know, but it still cracks me up.

So, in the spirit of nicknames and politics I thought maybe Miss Buttercup should have her own Political meme since we have shortened her nickname to “butter” and now she has to live with it…FOREVER. Yes, even her nickname has a nickname. I know, that’s crazy, right? Anyway if she ever runs for office I am pretty sure it will look something like this:


Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Something SO wonderful:

Just go here: http://www.creativedevolution.com/ and read it. READ IT ALL!!!

Something Sad and yet comical:

Counting Caballeros writes about her Great Aunts death and preparing her children for the funeral in Explaining Death To My Kids Reminded Me About Life. Her kids have the best questions (some involve zombies).

So, who cares about football anyway?:

I Miss You When I Blink wrote about how she doesn’t really like football all that much, but still wants to be invited to all of the parties in The Loneliness Of Football Season. I could relate to this one!


http://stuffkidswrite.com/ (It’s just what it says it is and it sure is hilarious).

Sometimes we’re just a bunch of phonies:

This article, Are perpetually happy online personas a big lie or simply a matter of protocol? written by, Gods Of Advertising, makes you question your own online persona.

Happy Sunday!




Share The Love Sunday (Somewhat Cranky Edition)

Don’t Mess With Mama When She’s Cranky.

This is Share the Love Sunday where I share the blogs I read and loved this week. This is the cranky edition for obvious reasons. I’ve been in a foul mood for no apparent reason other than I can be. I can’t even make any excuses because there aren’t any. I know…I’m so lame.

This Sunday ends my week of crankiness. I hope. I promise. Maybe.

I haven’t been able to paint or write well. Or concentrate. Or be polite, but I have been reading. I’ve been reading ALL THE BLOGS. At least all the good ones. Here’s a few that stood out for me:

Swearing Blogs (I’m addicted to the swearing this week. I can’t seem to help it. It’s nice when someone else is cranky for me.).

Sorry kid, your mom doesn’t play well with others, wrote a post this week with the title How Not to be an Asshole in Social Media with a lot of swearing and even some made-up-word-name-calling like “Bloghole.” It’s funny because it’s true and if we can’t laugh at ourselves who can we laugh at, right?

The B(itch) Log wrote Facebook Political Posters STFU in which she chastises people who only post political memes and only send emails during political seasons, but ignore you the rest of the time. She asks why they don’t care enough about her to send an occasional email asking how she is doing? It’s funny and full of swearing…She is cranky so we don’t have to be. I love it!

Nucking Futs Mama doesn’t really swear that much, but she does mention camel toe in her post Things I’ve Learned This Week. It’s pretty funny.

Stylish blogs (Sort of)

Banana Wheels sorted through her life long purse collection (there are photographs!) and wrote about it here in her post This is your life: Handbag edition. It’s funny and sweet and also all too familiar!

Stuff for the Kids

I’ve been looking for things to do inside because we have had rain, rain, rain. This is advanced for Miss Tiny-Small, but I’m keeping it on file for future use. Imagination Soup posted this exercise on art journaling that looks like fun: 4 Ways to Express Who You Are – Art Journal Activities for Kids and Adults.

Something Amazing

A Mommy Story wrote about how her tweet went viral and how she responded in a kind and polite way to all of the responses she received in When Your Political Tweet Is Retweeted Astray. It’s long, but worth the read. She sets an example in this one!

Happy Reading. Let’s hope next week is better.

Share The Love Sunday (8 Things That Knocked My Socks Off))


It’s Sunday afternoon and what are you all doing? You are strolling around on the Internet looking for a few good reads, am I right? I find myself doing that occasionally. Especially if it is raining, which it seems to be doing every single afternoon here. I prayed for rain, but I didn’t expect this!

I thought I would share with you some of the things I read this week. That’s why I’m calling it “Share The Love Sunday.” I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

(Sweet Stuff)

1. Xiomara wrote about her Abuela’s (Grandmother’s) stroke in What Comes After A Stroke? {PYHO}. She writes about convincing her Abuela to go to the the hospital and her Abuela refusing to go. The relationship she and her son have with her Abuela is so touching. I dare you to read it and not shed a tear. It’s a beauty.

2. Motherhood, WTF wrote about her son going off to Kindergarten in What I Wish He Knew (page has moved or been removed).  She lists all of the things we wish our kids could know (and what we wish we knew) before starting school. Not to worry about peer pressure, being popular (or not) and how all of this won’t matter that much in the big scheme of things. It’s lovely.

3. The Momalog wrote, 50 Things I Want To Teach My Daughters, and it is a terrific list. Anyone with daughters will appreciate it.


1. Let Me Start By Saying… made a hilarious magazine cover for “real moms” here: If I Had My Own Magazine? I’d Be The Cover Girl

2. Ever have trouble with spandex jeans? You’ve got to read this one by We Band Of Mothers: Where Have All The Good Jeans Gone?

3. Mayor Gia wrote about her thwarted invention of the Onion Goggles. I have a soft spot for blogs with funny pictures, what can I say?


1. Imagine You Were Raped. Got Pregnant. Then Your Rapist Sought Custody. This was written by Dana Liebelson and Sydney Brownstone for Mother Jones. It’s thought provoking.

2. Alice Park wrote: Older Fathers Linked to Kids’ Autism and Schizophrenia Risk (for Time). This is relavant to me and many other people who waited until later in life to start having children.

Enjoy your Sunday. Read something truly remarkable that I missed? Let me know about it in the comment section.