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Jim Turns Cookie Monster Into A Serial Killer

I was in the shower, washing my hair, when I looked down and was shocked to see this guy looking back at me:


That’s when I asked Jim who he had drawn on the bathtub wall and more importantly, why? He claimed he drew Cookie Monster from Sesame Street so that Tiny-Small could color him. She had already colored Elmo. Our conversation went something like this:

Jim: That’s Cookie Monster.

Me: What? How?

Jim: He’s blue. He’s holding cookies (that’s what is in his hands).

Me: That’s not Cookie Monster.

Jim: Yes, it is Cookie Monster.


Me: But, Cookie Monster has eyes on the top of his head like Elmo does. See, that’s how you drew Elmo. Twice.


Jim: Well, I’m not an artist like you are.

Me: He looks kind of creepy.

Jim: I know. He could be a pedophile.


Me: Or a serial killer.

Jim: Tiny-Small thinks it looks like Cookie Monster.

Me: She has a lot to learn about monsters.

Jim: She’s 2. I’m not an artist. That’s what she gets.

Me: Who is this?


Jim: That’s Popsicle Monster. He’s a new addition to Sesame Street, at least the Sesame Street on our bathtub wall.



Me: I’m scared for our child.

Jim: Me too.

Sesame Street Live: Two Thumbs Up

We went to see Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music in El Paso, Texas.  Little girls wearing Elmo clothes and Elmo backpacks were clutching Elmo dolls and begging their parents to purchase outrageously expensive Elmo merchandise like Elmo balloons, sippy cup. and programs. It was kind of what I imagined it was like when the Beatles started performing in the United States except the young women were all around three years old and had to be accompanied by an adult. I kept waiting for some of the toddlers to faint from the excitement. I know I probably would have if I was moments away from seeing my favorite, furry, red monster rock star.

Luckily, everyone survived. I wish I had some pictures, but taking photographs was strictly prohibited. The only way to get a shot of Elmo was to pay an additional fee so you could attend the meet and greet and force him take some photos with your child. We opted not to do this because Tiny-Small was horrified, petrified, and a little disgusted with the Easter Bunny. We didn’t think she would be able to tolerate a life sized Big Bird or Elmo trying to shake her hand and pat her on the head. I stand by my decision. Plus, I was sick that day. There was only so much happiness, crankiness, and general puppet-like goodness I could take. I am human after all, even though I like to think of myself as a sort of mommy super hero type woman with eyes in the back of her head.

We had balcony level seats which turned out to be a smooth move on my part. Nobody stopped by the balcony to sell the giant Elmo-headed balloons during intermission so we got out of having to purchase one. Also, it was Easter Sunday so not too many people were in attendance, at least not on the balcony level. Tiny-Small was in heaven and so was her Dad. They were rocking out to the songs and dancing in their seats. Tiny-Small invited her Grandma, so she was there too, smiling away as happy as pie. Me, I was feeling pretty good one minute and then dizzy and hot the next. I actually considered sliding out of my chair so I could lie my head down on the cool, inviting concrete below. I am glad I didn’t give in to my instincts though because that would have caused Tiny-Small some extreme embarrassment. Plus, she had dropped several dried apricots on the ground by that time and I surely would have stood up and found them glued to various parts of my face. The bright lights were making me woozy and when Jim suggested we climb down a few rows and get a closer look I didn’t think I could make it. So, we stayed put. I was a bit of a party pooper, but with my equilibrium all in a kilter I kept thinking I might just topple over the balcony and surprise some unsuspecting children below.

We made it through the entire show and Tiny-Small only had a couple of melt downs near the end, mostly because she was hungry and not well practiced in the art of sitting still for 90 minutes straight. All and all it was a successful outing, although we did manage to lose the car in a parking garage with only two floors and followed a familiar looking woman who had parked near us all the way to her car. It’s a good thing Tiny-Small was with us and we were all smiling cheerfully or she probably would have called security on us.

It was an enjoyable experience and I recommend anyone with small children to splurge and take their Elmo fans to see it. If your kids love Elmo as much as Tiny-Small does they will be delighted. My only suggestion is to leave your wallet in the car! Unless, of course, you want to drive home with a car load of Elmo memorabilia and a giant balloon that keeps floating in and out of focus and in between you and the windshield as you drive.