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New Rules For 2015

I woke up thinking about resolutions for 2015. I am so bad at both making and keeping resolutions. For example, last year my only resolution was “make my bed every single day” and I only lasted three days.

So, I came up with a plan. Instead of resolutions, I’m just making new rules for myself. 2015 will be a good year if I just follow them. I’m good at rules. It’s like my super power (except when breaking them is). I’m truly a total rule-pleaser. I swear.

If it sounds like I am trying to convince myself more than I am trying to convince you, well, you might be onto something there.

Rule number one? Don’t offer advice unless it is specifically asked for. Seriously. Nobody wants advice anyway. They just want someone to empathize. Besides, if I stop thinking about advice my mind will be much more open to listening. I’ve been working on this for a while, but I am positive I can do better.

Rule number two is to not say anything negative about another person, or about myself. I’m not a big gossiper, but I have my moments. I don’t complain too much about other people, but I have my moments. Imagine a week, a month, or a year where you didn’t utter a single negative comment about another human being? Even yourself? That would be life changing. I’ll probably have to avoid the local Post Office to pull this off, but I am up for the challenge.

Rule number three is to put my health at the top of my priority list. Sleeping, eating well, and exercising need to be more important than tweeting, pinning, and making snarky comments on Facebook. I’ve been getting better at this over the past couple of years, but I really need to put more energy into making healthy choices. Like, I need to go to bed at a reasonable time and stop watching Netflix shows, until after midnight, while munching on chocolate covered almonds. This rule will be the most difficult to obey.

New Rules For 2015

Rule number four? It’s my favorite. Stop putting things off for later. I have a bad habit of thinking, “Oh, I’ll put that away later,” until all of the things are out cluttering all of my other things that are out. I need to stop thinking about later and focus on right now. Put that away…right now!

Rule number five is say yes more and to say no more. I need to say yes to fun things and no to things I don’t want to do. It sounds so simple, but sometimes I get them backwards.

Rule number six? Let it all hang out. I mean, I need to express my feelings more which goes along well with rule number five. Sometimes people make me so mad or so sad and I just keep smiling anyway to keep the peace. I am getting better at expressing my emotions in the moment, but I have a long way to go. In 2015 this will be my big experiment. I’m already terrified.

Rule number seven is the saving grace of all rules. If I screw up on rules one through six I can just start over the next day and follow the rules the best I can. Let go of the guilt that comes with being a rule-breaker, heart-breaker, trouble maker, etc. etc. etc….

I also came up with a word for 2015: SIMPLIFY

I want to simplify my life. Why do I have 27 bowls? Why do we have books nobody wants to read? Why do we have sheets that do not fit on any of our beds? it’s all going. All of it. I want to live in a home with only the essentials. “Minimalist” is going to be my new life label. My new awesome-sauce nickname. Hopefully keeping it simple will help me streamline my home and my business. I’m really going to have to get focused. I’m up for the challenge. Plus, I get to say, “Keep it simple, Stupid.” That is going to be awesome.

Are you grappling with new year resolutions? Got any plans? Got a magic word for 2015 that’s going to get you through the hard times? Share it in the comments! That way I can steal it for next year.