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We Made Clothes Pin Mermaids

Our weekends are starting to get packed with craft making. Tiny-Small likes to make presents for the holidays and we are starting earlier than usual this year. I think that is a good thing. We recently made clothes pin mermaids. If you’d like to make some too visit Red Ted Art because that is where we got the idea and the directions to make them.

We Made Clothes Pin Mermaids
Making fabulous mermaid tails.

Tiny-Small had a blast painting glitter glue on the fins, and then, because we like to be extra fancy, we glued some other things on for extra sparkle. You really cannot have too much sparkle when you are a four year old girl…or a mermaid.

We Made Clothes Pin Mermaids
Here they are!

We were thinking they might make cute refrigerator magnets or Christmas tree decorations. I found some pipe cleaners and strung them through the clothes pin slots and they doubled nicely as a way to hang them and as mermaid arms.  We used whatever yarn we could find in my craft stash for hair and sharpie markers to draw the faces on. It was a blast!

We Made Clothes Pin Mermaids
It’s blurry because she was too excited to sit still!

After they were dry, Tiny-Small decided to select a few to play with as dolls. She sat and played “house” with them for quite a while. She even asked if we could make them some dresses. We might do that on another day.

I did see a tutorial for clothes pin ballerinas go by. I am all about making little tutus. We might try making some of those next time instead.

Every year we make a big portion of our gifts. Most of the people we give gifts to are adults and they have everything they need. So we tend to focus more on how we can use our time to express our love. This usually includes a lot of painting, gluing, and baking. I am pretty excited that we are starting earlier than usual this year. Hopefully that will take some of the pressure off once the December crunch rolls around.

I am also really enjoying Tiny-Small at this age. She is getting old enough to follow some directions and her drawings and creations delight me to no end. I am really excited about the possibilities and art-making activities ahead of us this year.

Are you making any crafts for the holidays or with your kids right now?

What Color Are Baby Unicorns?

I asked my daughter, “What color are baby unicorns?” She yelled, “Pink!”

Baby unicorns are pink pinata.
Baby unicorns are pink.

So is mermaid hair.

Mermaid Pinata
Mermaid Piñata

But, cats are yellow.

Yellow cat pinata
Yellow cat Piñata that I want to name Seymour.

I am making piñata’s like I am about to celebrate the biggest birthday bash that ever existed, or like I got a part-time job making them. Yay me! Tiny-Small said when we hit the piñata the candy will fall straight into her mouth. We’ll see about that one. 😉


Happy Friday!


P.S. Want to make your own piñata? Check out these instructions on the Instructables website: How To Make Custom Piñatas.


Is This Mermaid A Monster?

Is this mermaid a monster? I’m not sure what to make of it. I started out with a green and yellow background that Tiny-Small and I painted together. My family makes art together. I have an obsession with mermaids that was born when I became friends with two women who changed my life forever. I am just trying to catch you up on my eccentricities if this is the first time you have read here. Anyway, the background was kind of striking by itself so I put it on a table and leaned it against the wall for a while. It felt full of light to me. I also found it soothing.

Is this mermaid a monster background
The background.

I’ve been on an art journey lately. One where I am trying to push and tug at the boundaries of my creativity. I am trying to get out of my own comfort zone and let go of my need to control things. I’ve been letting the paintings create themselves more than I usually do. This one was no exception. Since I prefer to make plans and draw diagrams and have a specific purpose in mind, this mode of creating has been a real struggle for me, but I think I am making some progress.

I was driving in the car when a Pearl Jam song came on. The song was “Better Man” and the lines, “She dreams in color. She dreams in red. Can’t find a better man.” got stuck in my head…for days. I am actually singing them right now, so apparently THAT is still going on.

mermaid art and monsters
Painting with negative space.

In the meantime, I was washing the dishes when I suddenly had the idea to use negative space to create a sort of moon shaped mermaid. By negative space, I mean I would paint around the shape I wanted instead of painting in the shape I wanted. That’s how I ended up with the mermaid being the green and yellow of the background. I turned parts of the background into the object I wanted and painted over the background in blue. Kind of a cool effect.

I found myself dreading the arms because lately I cannot draw or paint arms that don’t look stiff and weird. Plus I didn’t want to ruin my moon shape. So I didn’t giver her arms. I just gave her a face. Kind of creepy. I thought maybe she was a sea-nymph and just like a caterpillar was about to break out of her cocoon. Then I wondered, am I about to break out of my cocoon? Is all of this art and blogging setting my soul free? Deep stuff coming out of somewhere inside of me.

no arms for this mermaid monster
Mermaid face with no arms.

The entire time I keep singing the Pearl Jam song…over and over and over. What a broken record my mind can be. Usually this annoys me, but this time, I knew it was going to become part of my painting. I had a feeling the red would contrast with the green. I was also thinking about what a mermaid at the bottom of the ocean be dreaming about? Color! Red. It’s full of energy and excitement and danger. Red is risk. Something we all take just by being alive. So, here she is, resting at the bottom of the water, waiting for her time to shine.

She dreams in red: Is this mermaid a monster?
She dreams in red.

So, I globbed red onto my canvas and then splattered it with a spray bottle filled with water and let it drip. Which is a little creepy too. So, I am not sure, is this mermaid a monster? What do you think? Tiny-Small said she was sad that the mermaid didn’t have arms and wanted to kiss her boo-boo better. So, maybe she is just broken. Or maybe she is about to blossom into a beauty. Maybe it all depends on what you are experiencing in your own life. Either way, it’s a bit unsettling and I still don’t know what to make of it. Still, I feel things shifting. This kind of art-making feels like a healing process to me. It gives me confidence and courage. It’s a lot like writing. All of the worries and angst is getting out onto a page (or surface of some kind) which leaves me walking around with a little less weight to carry.


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