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Tai Chi Makes Me Laugh Until I Can’t Breathe

Tai Chi
TAI CHI wannabe

Tai Chi is probably not supposed to be a comedy, but it is in my house. It all started when I was complaining about how hard it is to do Yoga with carpel tunnel. So many poses require you to put weight on your wrists, and that hurts and makes you cranky (crankier than usual). Yoga probably isn’t a good choice for the healthy-wrist-challenged among us. The thing is, everyone and his brother keeps telling me to do Yoga for my back, as an exercise, and for mental health strengthening. So, I wanted something like Yoga, but without all of the wrist drama.

tai chi practice
Reenacting Tai Chi practice

So, Jim suggested we do Tai Chi. He claimed to be an expert on it because he watched people do Tai Chi every morning in Taiwan. He could see the people practicing on a rooftop before they started their day. I guess you could call Jim a Tai Chi stalker. Don’t tell him I said that. Also, apparently watching something a few times makes you an expert, which means I am an expert in a lot of things. So, if you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask me, because I am sure I have watched, whatever that something is, happen a few times during my life. It’s like I became a genius over night. I have geeked out on life, you guys…like a boss even! Jim has a way of giving me some much needed confidence just when I need it most.

I decided to find a YouTube video so we could have someone to follow along with, mostly because all of the “different” moves Jim showed me looked exactly the same. It was like Tai Chi deja vu around here. Anyway, the video we watched was 45 minutes long. The first 11 minutes were just some guy talking. So, being opposed to actual directions, we put the video into fast-forward mode. Which means, on YouTube, we moved the red dot down the little line until it looked like some sort of action was happening.

tai chi
Pretending to hold the ball, Tiny-Small inserts her bicycle helmet clad head

Finally, we started doing Tai Chi. The first thing the guy said was, “Put your chiback.” I started to panic, yelling, “Where is my chiback? I don’t know where or what that is…Oh my gawd….” Jim looked at me startled and said, “He said, ‘Put your chin back.'” That’s when I started giggling. Before long, Jim was doing the one move he knew no matter what the guy on the screen was doing. Then he started doing karate chops and wondering when the part where you learn to kick the bad guys butts was going to start. I started laughing harder. I don’t think Tai Chi was designed for butt kicking. Although, to be honest, a lot of what we were attempting to do reminded me of Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid, so I could be wrong.

The next thing I know Jim is doing this thing where it looks like he is slapping someone in front of him in slow motion while simultaneously slapping someone behind him in slow motion too. His facial expression reminded me of the kind of face you might see Freddy Mercury make in an old, Queen concert video. By this time I have tears streaming down my face and I can barely breathe. I stop doing Tai Chi and do what any good blogger would do under these circumstances, I run to get my camera.

Jim: You are not taking pictures of this.

Me: Please, please?

Jim: No way! I don’t want to be on your blog.

Me: How about a movie instead? I have got to share this with the world. It’s too funny to keep to ourselves.

Jim: NO!

Then there was wrestling and secret, sneaky, not so sneaky attempts at phone photography. Needless to say, I was never able to capture the footage I wanted to. So, instead, please enjoy these reenactment photos Tiny-Small and I made of our Tai Chi practice. Tiny-Small is standing in for Jim. They are blurry because while Jim was taking the pictures, Tiny-Small and I were moving and giggling and doing our best to embarrass ourselves for you. This is what good bloggers do when we can’t get actual footage…we make stuff up instead. I am always trying my hardest to be a “good blogger” even if that means posting pictures of myself with uncombed hair, in my pajamas, with a toddler who refuses to remove her bicycle helmet.

Tiny-Small Tai Chi
It’s probably a good thing she is wearing a helmet.

Anyway, that’s how Tai Chi made me laugh until I couldn’t breath, which, believe it or not, may or may not be an even better form of exercise. At the very least, it is easy on the wrists and pretty terrific for the soul. Also, if you are going to exercise to a YouTube video, pick one that holds your interest, otherwise you might just end up playing flag football, where your camera phone is the football and you are a Jedi warrior with jazz hands doing ballet kicks (at least in your own mind).


Need more laughter? Go read this funny interview of Marianne from We Band Of Mothers. She gave me a shout out that made me smile: You Can Call Her Epic.

I heart her so hard.


Give Me A Reason To Laugh

A reason to laugh with Tiny-Small
Tiny-Small can always find a reason to laugh

I need a reason to laugh today, for obvious reasons. There is some crazy stuff going on, there has been all week. I need a moment of hope and silliness. I need a moment of life.

A reason to laugh is a reason to laugh.
Giving herself a reason to laugh.

Luckily, I live with a two-year old little girl, so laughter and silliness are easy to find.

fashion is a reason to laugh
Upside down fashionista.

Yesterday, Tiny-Small “borrowed” my sunglasses. She insisted on wearing them upside down. She is a trend setter, at least in her own mind. When it comes to fashion, your own mind is the only one that matters anyway, right?

dogs need a reason to laugh
Giving the dog a reason to laugh, maybe.

Then, before I knew it, she was playing project runway with our long-suffering, but infinitely patient dog, Rumples.

dogs in sunglasses always need a reason to laugh.
Rumples, he needs a reason to laugh.

How annoying is it when your dog looks better in your sunglasses than you do?  It’s also pretty annoying when your dog is cooler than you have ever been in your entire life and he does it without even trying. Dogs are born with the cool gene. It’s truly unfair to the rest of us.

Basket jail is a reason to laugh
Dear, Mom, please send bread and water.

After a few wardrobe changes, Tiny-Small got busy creating her own jail cell, or summer home with observation tower, or box-o-basket fun house and spent hours climbing in and out and begging me for assistance.

a reason to laugh was all she needed
Climbing into her summer home.

As soon as I sat down I would hear, “Mom, get me out.” or “Mom, get me in.” I fixed that with a few strategically placed, “I’ll be there in a minute,” responses that really meant I’ll be there in 45 minutes (if you’re lucky, kid).

So, she got the chair and pushed it up next to her house as a sort of makeshift, Cinderella-esque staircase addition to her basket prison. I am pretty sure this is what it would like if Cyndi Lauper ever got arrested or abducted by aliens. Or, played a prison escapee in a made for TV movie about teenage angst and the power of tutu redemption.

smiling in her house.
I did it myself, Mom. I don’t need your help, the best reason to laugh of all.

Girls just want to have fun, you know. They need a reason to laugh. I mean, sometimes life is hard. It’s important to look to the little things. Especially the little things wrapped in tulle, with a side of sparkle and a gigantic flower in her hair. This is a reason to laugh. I am clinging to it like a toddler to her mother’s leg.

Has anything made you laugh this week? Have you had a moment where you could let go of worry and just smile at something goofy going on? Have you been a bright spot in another person’s day?


I Accidentally Say “Pocket Rocket”


We went to lunch today with some friends and during polite conversation I accidentally said the phrase, “Pocket Rocket.” It was kind of weird and awkward and goofy and then everyone laughed assuming I didn’t know what it meant and then it was even a bit more uncomfortable as I tried to explain that I DID know what it meant, but you know, meant to say something else. All the while I am sure I turned beet red because now people know, that I know, what it means, and of course,  that is also extremely awkward and slightly embarrassing (especially during polite lunch conversation). What I was really trying to say was “Crotch Rocket.” This is why I usually try not to leave the house.


Somebody asked me about going to South Carolina and so I had to elaborate about attending Black Bike Week. I was trying to talk about the motorcycles, using my limited knowledge and vocabulary to describe them, which was probably a bit of a mistake. When I get nervous and start talking too fast things like “Pocket Rocket,” just slip right out into the middle of all of the nice people eating lunch. Sometimes, there is a nice warm-up get-to-know you period where I meet people for the first time and it’s lovely and I’m delightful. Other times, I just spill my guts out on the table and exclaim, “This is me in all my awkwardness. Take it or leave it, or ride off on a pocket rocket-crotch rocket.” That’s kind of what happened today.


Luckily, I was saved when my friend told me she never knows what anyone is talking about “these days” and has to look it all up in the Urban Dictionary online. That was kind of a relief because I also never seem to know what people are talking about “these days” and frequently have to go looking things up online. I felt a little better after that, but also a little sad, because I am sure sometime tonight she will be looking up the definition of  “pocket rocket” and then I know she will be wondering about me.