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ALS #IceBucketChallenge Embraced With Gusto

We got challenged by our friend Quirky Chrissy to do the ice bucket challenge. If you haven’t heard about the challenge it’s designed  to raise money for the fight against ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). You are asked to either donate money to the ALSA or to dump a bucket of ice water over your head. Most of us are choosing to do both! As of this moment, the challenge has raised $62.5 million. That is pretty impressive.

Tiny-Small and I are proud to do our part. We donated. We got cold and wet, well I did. Tiny-Small was more than happy to assist me in this activity. She giggled with delight the entire time. Who wouldn’t love the chance to dump cold, ice water over her mom’s head? Especially after said mom has been denying daily requests for cake for breakfast and bedtimes after 9pm? Tiny-Small was ready to do the pouring more than once.



Except she could barely lift the bucket. Instead of pouring the water on my head, she poured it down my back. It was equally as thrilling. I promise you. She also ran around stuffing ice cubes into my pocket afterwards. Don’t worry, I stuffed some ice down her shirt and got her back. She has made her sacrifice for the cause as well!

Will you take the challenge? Will you help us create a world without ALS? Take a moment to donate now by clicking here on The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Then take it one step further and challenge your friends to take the ice bucket plunge too!

Sometimes, when it seems like there are so many bad things happening in the world it does the soul some good to help. Even if it is in a small way. Raising awareness, donating your lunch money, or taking a moment to think about how you can help other people is probably going to do wonders for your own peace of mind. Wasn’t it Mr. Rogers who said to “Look for the helpers” when something bad happens? We all have the opportunity to be one of the helpers today. Let’s take advantage of the moment and donate to a good cause and be thankful this ice bucket challenge didn’t start in December!

ice bucket challenge

How To Lose Weight Very, Very, Very Slowly

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to lose weight very, very, very slowly you have come to the right place. I am pretty sure I am an expert on the topic since I have been doing it so well now for at least two months. I want to share my top 20 tips for losing weight slowly with you, in case you want to lose weight as slowly as possible too.

1. Sign up for My “Fitness Pal.” Then buy new, shiny, running shoes and a pedometer.

2. Decide not to eat things because you don’t want to take the time to type so many foods into My Fitness Pal. This may be the only way laziness helps you to lose weight.

3. Walk, or run, around your couch for hours every night while watching Dexter or The Big Bang Theory. Dexter is scary so running helps you diffuse the serial killer induced anxiety and The Big Bang Theory has a catchy theme song you can dance to.

4. Get 11,000 steps a day or more.

5. Start lifting 10lb weights over your head for hours while walking.

6. Stop eating so much cheese.

7. Cut sugar out of your morning coffee.

8. Skip dessert.

9. Stop typing the food you eat into My Fitness Pal because it’s too time consuming and you pretty much eat the same thing week after week, like the boring person you never thought you were, so you can estimate the calorie intake pretty well by now.

10. Lose 8 lbs in two months.

How To Lose Weight Very, Very, Very Slowly

11. Get tired one night and only get 8,000 steps. Then do that for a few more nights in a row, except some days you only get 6,500 steps.

12. Go to a holiday celebration and eat dessert twice. Also eat three hotdogs. It’s gross, but you do it anyway because it’s also delicious.

13. Forget to lift weights for a few days because you are too busy eating chocolate covered almonds.

14. Whine and cry about the lack of sugar in your coffee.

15. Stop losing weight.

16. Start entering what you eat into “My Fitness Pal” again.

17. Force yourself to take a run/walk in the middle of the day so you don’t have to stay up half the night getting in your 11,000 steps.

18. Go to bed early so you aren’t too tired to do all of the things listed above.

19. Stare longingly at the size 10 clothes in your closet that are still a little snug to wear comfortably.

20. No matter how many times you make a mistake, skip exercising, or feel discouraged do not use that as an excuse to give up. Just start over again the next day.

In the past two months and two weeks I have lost 9 lbs, 1/2 an inch off my hips and my waist, and my arms are getting more buff. So things are changing, just very, very, very slowly. My mom claims I am  losing weight the “right way” because I am making lifestyle changes and not just doing some fad diet. Losing weight slowly usually means it will stay off and I won’t be a yo-yo weight loser and gainer. She also says, “It took a while to gain the weight so it’s going to take a while to lose it.” I am just going to assume she knows what she is talking about since she is my mom and I am willing to cling to any hope at all at this point. Losing weight slowly is better than not losing any weight at all. I am just lucky I am not on a reality show because I’d already be kicked off the island, or out of the house, or sent home without a bachelor to marry by now.

One day soon I will be saying, “Hello, size 10 pants. I am glad we can go on more adventures together.” Then I won’t have to buy more clothes in size 12 or have two separate closets with my different sized clothing. I am pretty sure I will be saying hello to those pants sometime in 2015 at this rate, but better late than never, right?

Do you have any tips for how to lose weight very, very, very slowly? Are you an expert too? Please leave your bits of advice in the comment section so we can all benefit from your knowledge.

Happy Wednesday!


Results may not be typical (you could probably do this better than I am) and always consult your doctor before embarking on an exercise or weight loss program.

Don’t Get Too Excited

Last week I found myself saying, “Don’t too excited,” to Tiny-Small as she jumped up and down cheering after I told her we might go kayaking the next day, “It might not work out.”

Don't get too excited.
She wanted to help pump the kayak up.

What I said made me cringe. “Don’t get too excited” was a terrible thing to say. It’s like saying, “Don’t be too Happy.” I started thinking about how when something really great happens I don’t always let myself experience the joy. I temper my excitement because it might not happen or it might not be as great as I think it is. That’s a terrible way to live. I want Tiny-Small to bubble over with all of the good feelings she has.

Don't get too excited.
Pumping up the kayak.

I’m working on not saying things like “Don’t get too excited” or “Well, I’m not going to get too excited until I’m sure it’s going to work out.” I am also working on not pointing out all of the things that might go wrong and trying to focus on all of the things that might go right instead. It’s a change in perspective and change always takes time and practice. So I make mistakes, but I am getting better at it. I really don’t want to pass this way of thinking down to Tiny-Small. Besides, pointing out all of the things that could go wrong and why it might not work out isn’t very helpful when it comes to getting things done.

This time I told her “Don’t listen to me. Get too excited. We are going Kayaking!” Then I jumped and cheered with her.

Don't Get Too Excited.

Then, we went Kayaking.

It worked out fine. It usually does.  We only get disappointed once in a while because usually our plans go well and we have a great time. Statistically speaking, we should err on the side of being too excited. So, that’s what we are going to do around here because jumping and cheering are way more fun than worrying and listing all of the possible problems that could come our way.