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Kids DIY Butterfly Wings

DIY Kids Butterfly Wings

These DIY butterfly wings are so easy to make kids can do it by themselves. All you need is one piece of poster board, scissors, yarn, a crayon, and paint. The first step is to draw wings onto the poster board using a crayon similar to the color scheme you have chosen for your wings. You can just “wing” it (pun totally intended) or you can ask a partner to help you. What we did is lie on the floor, on top of the poster board, and made an outline of our bodies. That way we knew where to start the wings and we had an appropriate sized butterfly body to work with.

Kids DIY Butterfly Wings

Then we cut out the butterfly drawing using scissors and bent the wings so they would flare out. While we had the wings bent we cut two holes on the fold (on each side) to thread the yarn through. The yarn will tie in the front to attach the wings to our bodies. You’ll want to make sure you have the yarn from the top holes go over your your shoulders and the yarn from the bottom holes go under your arms. We crossed the yarn in the back for extra stability (as suggested by a Facebook Fan…thank you, Oh Rain!) and crossed them again in the front.

IMG_3271 (598x800)

After making sure the wings would fit we took them off and my 5 year old daughter started painting. She used an old jar and a crayon to trace circles because she was inspired by the Monarch butterfly.

Kids DIY Butterfly Wings

We used glow in the dark craft paint, but you can use any kind of paint you want. We painted both sides of the wings because both sides can be seen. It is best to use paint that doesn’t require a lot of water. The poster board will curl a little if it gets too soggy. We worked in thin layers to build up richer colors and used the paint straight out of the bottle. Once the paint dried my daughter also added some plastic self-sticking jewels because she is all about the sparkle.

Kids DIY Butterfly Wings

Once the wings were dry we tied them back on  to give them a whirl. My daughter particularly liked that she could make the wings move by pushing on them with her elbows. She could pretend she was flying!

Kids DIY Butterfly WIngs
The Catterfly.

We went to a Halloween party last weekend and she was complimented many times. She was very proud because she painted them herself.

If you have a daughter like mine who likes to combine costumes (this year she plans to be a princess catterfly (part princess, part cat, part butterfly) you can always adapt the wings to suit your purpose. If you made the tops and bottom of the wings more pointy you could have fairy wings instead. You could also shape the poster board so it looks more like angel wings and paint feathers on instead for a completely different look.

I know we are making wings for Halloween, but wings are also a wonderful addition to a trunk filled with dress up clothes. After Halloween I often pick up costumes and costume propts for pennies on the dollar to add to out pretend play collection, but it’s always more fun to make them yourself, isn’t it?

Happy Creating!



Scare Yourself Silly For Halloween With These Books and Movies

Now that we are all grown up with kids of our own Halloween just doesn’t have the same thrill. No more raging parties (our kids need to go to bed at a reasonable time), no more binge eating chocolate (we have our health to consider) and no more super scary stuff because our kids are little and scared easily. Now that we are adulting we have to put more effort into achieving that Halloween spirit that used to come so easy.

I really like scary movies. Not so much the gory, blood and guts, mass murder kind, but the creepy ones. I was thinking today about some of the movies that stuck with me the longest. You know, the kind that sort of bother you and keep you awake at night?  I made a list to share with you in the hopes that you will stay awake at night too and chat with me on Facebook when you can’t sleep because fear won’t let you…is there a better way to celebrate Halloween? Of course not!

1. Living Doll It’s not a movie, but an episode of the Twilight Zone. It’s 26 minutes of black and white creepiness. Talking dolls always make me nervous. A quick search on the Internet proved that you could buy a replica of the doll in the movie. When I saw that I  seriously felt like fainting. No way I’d invite Talking Tina into my home.

2. Carrie. I saw parts of this movie when I was really young like 7 or 8. I was supposed to be in bed, but I snuck down the stairs and was peeking. I was terrified through the whole movie. The most scary moment was at the end when a hand comes out of a grave. The image stuck with me for years I was so terrified of it. I just looked it up online and was surprised John Travolta was in it. I have no memories of him at all. I guess his acting didn’t leave a big impression on my childhood mind!

3. The Exorcist. It’s so scary. I don’t think any movie made me more terrified of being home alone. The music still puts me into a panic. The only thing worse than the movie? The book. Get yourself a copy. Nothing scares me more than a religious horror movie.

4. Let the Right One In: A Novel a very scary vampire book turned into a movie. Read the book. Then watch the movie. I think it’s the best vampire book I’ve ever read and I have read many.

5. Read The Stand by Stephen King. With Ebola in the news this book should be extra terrifying. If disease and death are all too real, try reading It instead. You’ll never like clowns again, but really, do you like them anyway?

Scare Yourself Silly For Halloween With


6. Pyscho is always a Halloween crowd pleaser. Make sure you pull back your shower curtains before pushing play so you don’t scare yourself to death later when you have to pee in the middle of the night. Better yet, just hold it until morning.

7. Audrey Rose. I “borrowed” this book from my mom’s library stash when I was in second grade and read it. I was scarred for life and still think about it over 30 years later. What a twisty, creepy little story.

8. Rosemary’s Baby because nobody wants to give birth to the antichrist. Read the book then watch the movie. It’s horrifying.

9. The Shining. Skip the movie and read the book. The movie is silly. I laughed all the way through it because I read the book first. The book makes the movie look like a goofy comedy with bad special affects. The book is one of the scariest things I have ever read. I seriously had to sleep with a light on for days after I read it. Because people really do go crazy….

10. The most horrifying book I have ever read? The Road. I haven’t seen the movie. I’m too afraid to. I literally stayed up all night reading the book because I couldn’t put it down. Then I made Jim sleep right next to me for weeks and weeks. I think because it all seemed too possible.

I hope you have a Happy Halloween this year. I hope you are delightfully scared. I hope you don’t have to sleep with the lights on.

P.S. I see dead people.

P.S.S. How do you plan to scare yourself silly?


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Halloween Paparazzi 2013

Halloween Paparazzi 2013

This year, Halloween has been filled with pumpkin carving, Super Hero masks and capes, and the usual Halloween paparazzi also known as “Mom.” For some reason Tiny-Small has been photo adverse lately, but I did manage to take a few pictures of her this year.

Pumpkin Carving With The Paparazzi
Just reach in and pull out the seeds.

I bribed her with cookies to let me photograph the actual pumpkin carving. She was pretty annoyed with me for not letting her use a knife to carve her own pumpkin. After we were finished making jack-o-lanterns I asked Tiny-Small if she thought pumpkin carving was fun. Without even hesitating she replied. “No.”

Halloween Paparazzi
No photos, please.

Then we went outside to light those jack-o-lanterns up and Tiny-Small declared the “lighting of the pumpkins ceremony” to be off-limits to the paparazzi. Luckily, I did manage to get this one picture just to prove that she was in attendance.

I made all of us capes and masks this year. The capes were made out of bed sheets and the masks were made of glitter foam. So far, the only person I have been able to photograph in the entire ensemble is Underdog (He was named by Tiny-Small. Apparently working at Aaron’s is his day job). If someone had asked me, five years ago, what I would be doing for Halloween in 2013 I never would have answered, “Making a Halloween costume for a stuffed dog masquerading as Underdog.” Life sure makes some funny twists and turns, doesn’t it? All I can say is I am having a blast and at least stuffed dogs don’t complain as much as real dogs do. Or kids. Or husbands.

Underdog in costume.
Underdog is a bit bedazzled. Tiny-Small is trying to turn band-aid wearing into the latest fashion craze.

Anyway, I just wanted to say Happy Halloween! I am hoping to get everyone in costume and to take some group shots before dark. Hopefully the paparazzi will be welcomed. If not, I may have to be more like the real paparazzi and stalk my family like a mom on a mission. Like a mom determined to document the Halloween of 2013 like the blogger that I claim to be. I’ve got to make sure this Halloween makes it into the history books.

If the family refuses to cooperate I’ll just unleash the cat on them. He’s already scary, no costume necessary.

Not Mickey. Scariest Cat alive.
When cats pose for the paparazzi.

Long live the Halloween paparazzi and cats and trick-or treating and family fun that just requires laughter, a little imagination, and a very persistent mom with a camera, a blog, and a dream. Long live the run-on sentence too and the ability to self-publish your own ramblings and to use punctuation (or not) at your own free-will.

Happy Halloween! Let’s get out there and keep our dentist in yachts and fancy, European vacations!