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I Plan To Give Away a Painting Next Month, But I Need Your Help!


Tiny-Small gives the giveaway 2 thumbs up.

I plan to giveaway a painting next month. What?! Give away a painting! I can’t believe it. This is so exciting. Yesterday, when I was learning how to make paper pumpkins over at This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff I started roaming around their website for fun. I am nosey. I wanted to know how it all works. It’s like looking in people’s windows at night, except it’s legal to poke around in websites (lucky for me). I discovered you can linky-lou your giveaway and they will help you promote it…for free! How awesome is that? I was there just last month and thinking about doing a give away…someday. I even left a comment about it and then I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT IT! I am lucky I remember anything these days, seriously. I have to make lists of the lists I need to make just to get through the day. I’m a bit of a disaster.

Tiny-Small will be slaving away while I paint for you.

Moving along, another thing that reminded me I wanted to do a giveaway was winning a giveaway from Quirky Chrissy. I loved participating in her super mysterious contest and most of all I loved winning, obviously! It’s so much fun to win things from friends who are strangers who are really friends that I just got super excited about doing my own give away all over again. It was like a new idea that was actually an old idea. Anyway, I think “someday” has arrived and I want to do a giveaway next month. WOO HOO! I am ready to do my first give away. Well, almost ready. This is where I need your help.

I have a lot of experience painting ugly dogs, I mean dogs named Rosie.

What kind of painting would you want to win? I don’t know what to paint. I was hoping some of you would throw some ideas out there for me. Do you want flowers? If so, what kind? Do you want kittens or monkeys or jack rabbits or zombies? The possibilities are endless. If you give me some hints on what to paint I’ll be off to a nice start for next month. I am so excited I probably won’t sleep for a week.

So, if you have a preference to the kind of painting you want to maybe (hopefully) win then leave me a comment and let me know. If you want to know what I paint best take a look at my slide show here. Yay! This is going to be fun. Also, stay tuned for the actual blog post where I unveil the painting I want to give away and tell you how to enter the whole shebang (which will be occurring next month…date to be announced)!