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I Will Not Be Defined By My Frog Pins

My daughter is constantly begging me to let her look into get into my jewelry box. At first I gave her a small jewelry box that contained what I used to call my “junk” jewelry. Then, one day, I got out my big jewelry box and realized pretty much all of my jewelry is “junk” jewelry. For some reason, bordering on the insanity of a Hoarders episode, I’ve still got most of the jewelry I bought in high school. Jewelry which mostly consists of a multitude of frog pins. Yes, I said frog pins. If that doesn’t scream awkward then I don’t know what does.

Frog pins, because one is never enough.

Between the Tweety Bird watch, the Santa Clause necklace and the 80  earrings that no longer have a mate, I pretty much gave up on keeping my not so precious jewels away from little miss sticky fingers. That’s how she ended up sitting on my unmade bed (with her shoes on…good grief!) unpacking all of my junk. That’s how she ended up wearing and breaking several old necklaces and turning a bracelet into a fishing rod lure to use in the bathtub.

The awkwardness of the frogs makes everyone uncomfortable.

I let her rummage through my jewelry box because my mom let me and my sister go through hers when we were kids and I remember it being fun (although my sister discovered the tooth fairy didn’t exist the day she found all of her little teeth in a box hidden in my moms jewelry box). I also let her pilfer my jewelry box because it’s the only way she will let me brush her hair without turning into The Exorcist. It’s almost worth it.

The jewels.

Actually, it’s totally worth it, except for the whole reliving my teenage years as I watch her pull out all of the metal and plastic souvenirs demonstrating the retro styles I lived through and my personal bad taste. She ran around for days wearing a shell necklace and even fed the dog my old, plastic Mtv key chain. Why I had a key chain before I could even drive is beyond me, but Mtv was born during my teens. I’m glad the dog ate it. Every time I caught a glimpse of that thing, I was reminded of just how old I really am.

Finally, she has found treasure.

I’m not sure why I kept this stuff for so many years, but I’m kind of glad I did. Now I have an easily accessible distraction for Tiny-Small and a good reason to ask my husband for jewelry this Christmas, but please, no more frog pins. I already have a lifetime supply.

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Giant Sunglasses Are Going Out Of Style

Those giant sunglasses everyone has been wearing, the ones that give you beetle eyes? Those bad boys are going out of style. How do I know this you ask? I’ll give you two important and amazing points that prove my theory.

1. They are all on sale or marked down.

2. I bought a pair.

I realize this is the stuff nightmares are made of. Hope you can still sleep tonight.


Yep, I bought a pair which means they have been around long enough for me to finally think they might not be so bad (and that means the end is near). It won’t be long before the giant sunglasses craze goes the way of the Dirty Dancing jeans and the jams of yesteryear. Those sunglasses will pile up on some fashion farm where unwanted clothing styles and forgotten accessories are laid to rest.

It’s kind of hard for me to admit I actually bought a pair of beetle mania sunglasses because for a long time now I have been complaining about how much I dislike them and openly exclaiming that I thought they were ugly. They have always reminded me of the glasses my friends grandmothers wore, back in 1992. I mean, in my early twenties the Lennon glasses were kind of all the rage. So, you can see how I might find these retro mammoths a bit unsettling and maybe even slightly offensive.

Anyway, I bought them all because of vanity. Not present vanity, but future vanity. I mean, I’m getting wrinkles around my eyes and I don’t like them.

See My Wrinkles?
How About Now?

My mom said those big sun glasses protect half your face from the sun. She’s right! I’m thinking that if I wear them, maybe half my face will stop getting wrinkly…at least as fast as the other half. The other alternative is to wear a reflective ski mask at all times, but that won’t go over well when I go to the bank, the grocery store, or even for a walk down my own driveway. Nobody trusts a gal out for a stroll in a ski mask, but slap on some bug-eyed, crystal decorated sunglasses and I might almost pass as hot (nobody can see my wrinkles at least).