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The Cat Came Back The Very Next Day

Tiny-Small and I July 4th 2013
Just being patriotic with our red white and blue.

Tiny-Small loves ice cream and cats so I am pretty sure yesterday, the fourth of July, will go down in her memory as one of the best days of her life. Considering she is barely three her best days ever don’t have much competition, but still…. She got to dance to a song about cats and eat the biggest ice cream cone she has ever gotten her hands on. I am going to go ahead and declare this the most successful holiday of her lifetime.

We went to an ice cream social. There was live music. They played the song, “The Cat Came Back” and claimed it was very popular when it came out and still is to this very day. I don’t know about the popularity part, but Tiny-Small sure liked it. She got to dance with another little girl who was dressed from head to toe as a ballerina. As you can imagine, Tiny-Small was in love.

Tiny-Small and the giant ice cream cone.
Look at that ice cream cone!

We also got to watch the fireworks because it stopped raining just in time for the show. Not Mickey, our cat, curled up on our laps to enjoy the show (we could see it from the front yard). Tiny-Small was so happy. Jim taught her to say “Ohhh! Ahhhh!” For each spark of light in the sky. She kept yelling, “The fireworks make a rainbow in the sky!” I didn’t get any pictures of that part because it was dark and I don’t have a very good camera for that sort of thing.

Tiny-Small and Jim in a photo shoot.
Sometimes you’re the rider, sometimes you’re the donkey…

I did, however, get a shot of this at the museum sponsoring the ice cream social. It’s pretty priceless and matches the photo from Fourth of July last year. It won’t be long before I have en entire collection of these goofy photos matching the passage of time. Next year, I hope to be one of those faces looking out.

Posing with the donkey.
Tiny-Small trying to be tall enough to be the  cow girl.

I hope your holiday was as funny fun as ours!



When Family Conversations Just Go Wrong

birds circling our head-family

I’d just gotten Tiny-Small buckled into her car seat. I was sitting in the drivers seat trying to catch my breath when my phone rang. Sometimes family conversations just don’t go well.

Let me back up a bit here. Last night we had tickets to go watch some Irish River dancing, except they were called “Rhythm Dancers” because they were not THE River Dancers. Tiny-Small and I were meeting Jim at the theater because he was coming straight from work. The hours prior to getting into the car had been hectic because Tiny-Small woke up from her nap cranky, did not want to eat anything we actually had in the house and refused to shower. She had to shower because she had oatmeal glued into her hair with honey. We were a whirlwind of drama and trauma and ballet dresses by the time we got out of the house and into the car. I’d felt like I had run a marathon and the night was just beginning.

So, I sat in the car for a moment doing some deep breathing and fantasizing about staying home (even though I am so tired of staying home) and the phone rang. It was Jim. I put him on speaker phone because I was getting ready to go down the driveway.

Me: Hello?

Jim: Did you leave yet? I am leaving now.

Me: We are in the car, leaving now.

Tiny-Small: We go to the dance, Dada!

Jim: What?

Me: She said, “We go to xokcojpfjnsdknkf.”

Tiny-Small: Dada, we go to hsjdhfefqbvl;qdnjv. (we were speaking at the same time).

Jim: What?

Me: We are leaving now. She wants you to know we are going to watch dancing.

Tiny-Small: Is Memé coming?

Me: No, Memé is not coming.

Jim: What?

Me: She wants to know if Memé is coming.

Tiny-Small: Waahhh I want Memé to dance…wahhhhh!

Jim: What?

Me: She wants to know if Memé is coming.

Jim: Who?

Tiny-Small: Memé go to dance too …Wahhh! Wahhhh!

Me: Memé. She wants to know if Memé is coming.

Jim: Coming where?

Tiny-Small: Where Memé? Wahhh I want Memé.

Me: Memé is not coming. She is home.

Jim: What?

Tiny-Small: Memé is home?

Jim: Memé is going with us?

Me: NO! MEME IS NOT COMING! SHE IS NOT COMING! (Yelling, probably foaming at the mouth).

Tiny-Small: I want Memé Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (infinity).

Jim: You don’t have to yell.

Me: We’ll meet you there.

Jim: What?


Jim: Why are you yelling? I can’t hear you.

Me: I’m sorry. I am just tired of saying everything twice.

Jim: What?

Me: I’ll meet you there. I’ll meet you there!!!

Jim: OK!

Tiny-Small: Where my Memé???! Wahhhhh……

Me: She is home. She’s not coming.

Jim: Where are you now?

Me: Still in the driveway.

Jim: I hope we get there before it starts.

Me: I’ll meet you there.

Jim: Where?

Me: I’ll meet you in the parking lot.

Jim: What?

Me: We will meet you there. I am hanging up now.

Jim: OK. See you in the auditorium.


We made it to the theater. We watched the dancing and singing. A fun time was had by all.


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Share The Love Sunday: Gratitude Dancing (Awkward and Sincere)

In the past 30 days I have sold three paintings! I get so happy when I think about this that I occasionally engage in spontaneous dancing, cheering and arm waving. It makes my husband nervous for sure. I can’t help it though. I’m excited. I’m an artist with real customers. I didn’t imagine them. They are real people and not related to me! This is a life changing event and I want to express my gratitude. So, Tiny-Small and I decided to do some on camera dancing. It’s bad dancing, but really, I wouldn’t have it an other way. Thank you Molly, Sandra, and Zuzu. You guys rock!

Time for Share The Love Sunday!
New Facebook pages that make me jump for joy:
BuLaMamaNi who also has a blog http://www.bulamamani.com/ featuring some of my art work (yeah!). This blog is brand new and I think it will prove to be a testament to the human spirit. You aren’t going to want to miss this magic!


Also, you know that terrific blog We Band Of Mothers? Well, her book Epic Mom is almost out! Yay for fellow bloggers writing books and making dreams come true. Go like the Facebook page and show your support!

Things You Can Make:

Tea Rose Home makes a bedroom for a little doll out of an old tin and then tells us how to do it too. It’s adorable. Go check out Tutorial: Tiny Tin Bedroom. While you are there go browse some old posts and look at how she turns boring T-shirts into fashion pieces (AMAZING!)

Spouses In A Modern World:

Founding A Father wrote about how he still looks forward to time he gets to spend with his wife in When Will I See Her Again. We all have busy schedules and can relate to this. It’s also a little romantic.

Women (Feminism):

The Content Factory wrote a piece about women in business and how being more direct gets you ahead. I thought it was an interesting piece on communication styles. The post is Do More Apologize Less – How Bitches Get Ahead In Business. What do you think? Sometimes I wonder if the best approach is for women to try to act more like men. I think I would rather change the culture of business to reflect my values and strengths than to adapt to a business model already in place. It is interesting to think about.

Sezin Koehler’s website will make you stop and think. Beware: It’s not for the faint of heart. She approaches difficult topics with skill and her writing will haunt you (because you won’t be able to stop pondering her observations or her experiences). You won’t be bored for a moment. Check out her book too American Monsters.

Happy Reading! Happy Sunday!