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The Child Of An Almost Child Prodigy


When my husband was a boy his parents bought an organ. He was supposed to take organ lessons and become a child prodigy, but like most young kids he preferred to be outside climbing trees, playing baseball, and basically getting into lots of unsupervised trouble. So, instead of playing the organ he became an excellent whistler and could whistle all of the tunes his dad played on the organ. That’s how they started performing duets together. This is something my husband is both intensely proud of and weirdly self-conscious about…something about organ bullies and non-talented kids laughing at him.

Anyway, Papa (as Tiny-Small calls her Grandpa) will be visiting us this fall. I’m hoping he can give Tiny-Small some music lessons when he arrives. He can play our piano and she can sing (I hope he knows some Annie¬†songs). Maybe he can even teach her a few chords, if that’s what they call it when you push the black and white piano button things at the same time…sigh. Maybe he can teach me a few things too.

The Piano (She still can’t reach the pedals).
She Pretends To Read Music, Then Sings Loudly …Very, Very Loudly.
Daddy says, “No, do it like this.” Tiny-Small Sings Anyway.
This Is Boring. I Want To Kiss Boys, Go To Wild Parties And Dance.
Or Maybe Watch TV

I think history may be about to repeat itself.