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Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 30: Children

I had a lot of fun drawing the stickmen children. It seemed easier because kids naturally have gigantic heads. I just threw worrying about proportions to the wind kind of like I did every other day for the past 30 days. They are stickmen! They will be drawn the way they want to be, right?

Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 30: Children
Fight Club!

Tomorrow is the last day. I have to admit I can’t wait. I probably won’t draw another stickman for a year. It’s like eating candy every morning before breakfast. At first it’s so cool, but after a while you want to eat some vegetables.

Bring on the watercolor painting. That’s all I am trying to say.

Today the prompt is: Children.

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Tomorrow the prompt is: Back to School.

Happy Friday!



Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 29: Celebrating

It’s time to do some celebrating! We have almost made it for the full 31 days. Woo Hoo! The kids are going back to school! Woo Hoo! It’s a good day. I am blowing up some virtual balloons and everything.

How are you doing with this marathon of drawing? Are you hanging in there? Feeling a bit fatigued? Me too!

Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 29: Celebrate

Today the prompt is: Celebrating.

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Tomorrow the prompt is: Children.

Happy Thursday!

Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 28: Eating

Eating! It’s my favorite thing. For some reason I drew my stickman eating an apple with the stem still on it. Who eats an apple like that? I think I was just afraid you would think she was eating a dog ball or chewing on the biggest jawbreaker known to mankind if I did not add the stem. It’s an apple with a stem. There are even leaves on it! Nobody eats an apple with leaves and a stem attached. Luckily, my stickman people aren’t like regular people. They can do all sorts of irregular things. They are all double jointed, have giant balloon heads, and constantly stand around like ballerinas because I forget to draw them feet. It’s all good, right?

An apple a day keeps the stickman doctor away.
An apple a day keeps the stickman doctor away.

If you are wondering why my stick ladies up there in the featured image at the top both have candles on their cake, well, that is how it is done at my house. Tiny-Small insists that everybody get a candle on their slice of cake and sing a song. It’s the rule around here. It doesn’t have to be your birthday.

Today the prompt is: Eating.

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Tomorrow the prompt is: Celebrating.

Have a happy Wednesday!