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DIY Fairy Garden Play Set For Kids

I made a DIY fairy garden play set for my daughter and now you can make one too!

DIY Fairy Garden Play Set

Here is the supply list:

  1. Wooden Doll People like these I bought on Amazon.

2. Artificial flowers (bought mine at the Dollar Tree).

3. A  plastic tray (another Dollar Tree purchase).

4. Small clay pots (or even plastic will do).

5. Sharpie Fine Point Markers or paint to draw the faces.

6. Hot glue gun.

7. Scissors.

WARNING: Depending on how old your child is they may want to help create the fairy garden. They may want to draw the faces or choose the flower parts to make hats, clothes, and wings. My daughter helped with both. If this happens, your fairies will be perfectly imperfect, so give your kid the tools and hum “Let It Go” to yourself as you lose total control over your craft.

Then just make your own fairy garden exactly the way you want it.

DIY Fairy Garden Play Set For Kids


Step 1: Pull apart your artificial flowers and decide which parts would make nice hats, wings, and skirts (or any other clothes you want). My daughter wanted a crown on her King and Queen so she found some flower parts that worked. You may need the scissors to make bigger holes or to cut individual petals.

Step 2: Using the hot glue gun glue your flower parts to your wooden dolls. We made skirts out of petals, crowns out of the greenery, and wings out of both. To make the wings you can fold one side of a petal and glue it into a point and then glue the point side to the dolls back. Let the glue cool.

***Hot glue is hot so never let little kids use it. They will get burned.

Step 3: Using Sharpies (or if you have a very steady hand, acrylic paint will do) give your fairies some faces. My daughter wanted to have a baby fairy crying and a grumpy mom (I have no idea where she got that idea). The ink does bleed a little so make sure you give yourself enough space when making the eyes or they will turn into two blobs. If this happens you can pretend your fairy has two shiners that he or she received after getting into a drunken brawl before visiting the garden. Probably not a great thing to tell the kids, but I am sure you can come up with an equally as entertaining story. Perhaps something like this: Ms. Fairy was crying so much that her mascaara ran…or even better just turn those eyes into sunglasses and call her a “beach fairy.”

Step 4. Get the plastic tray and hot glue the pots and flowers to it to create a garden. We left our pots empty because my daughter’s fairies like to fly in and out of them, but you can fill yours with flowers or turn them on their sides.

DIY Fairy Garden Play Set

Step 5: Let your kids play with the fairies in the flower garden. When they are finished they have a cute little play set that can be left out as an indoor fairy garden decoration. For extra fun leave little notes from the fairies for your child. Trust me, they love that sort of thing!

Step 6: Pat yourself on the back for making your own toy. High-five your spouse. Strut around your living room like a super hero mom or dad. Then go read a book, take a bath, or drink coffee and stare out the window completely lost in your own thoughts, while your kid plays quietly for the next 5-20 minutes.



P.S. Links on this page go to Amazon and if you purchase these items I will receive a small percentage of the sale. Thank you for helping me keep this blog in business!



Spilled Paint Improves Creativity

We had a paint calamity of epic proportions. I’m talking spilled paint all over the place. If you think crying over spilled milk is a thing you’ve never witnessed an artist crying over spilled paint. It’s serious and painful. Paint is like liquid gold to us. It’s our life blood.

Spilled Paint Improves Creativity

The hour in the studio started like any other. Tiny-Small was standing on a stool painting on my large easel. She had a paint palette next to her on the counter where I had squeezed the perfect amount of brown, blue, and red paint for her to use. I was two feet away painting on my own canvas. Tiny-Small was talking away like she usually does. She has a lot to say!

At some point I must have gotten very focused on what I was doing because she stopped talking and the next thing I heard was running water. I looked up to see her dangling off the counter with her hands in the running water as she washed her paint brushes in our big metal sink. I quickly went to her side and pushed the stool under her so she could stand up again. I was worried she would fall. That’s when I noticed the paint palette she was using was overflowing with paint. She must have squeezed out half a tube of pink , green, blue, purple, and yellow. I was not happy. I scolded her for wasting my paint. As I was contemplating what to do with it she continued to wash her hands and brushes. She promised not to do it again.

Spilled Paint Improves Creativity
Paint stamping.

I picked up some card stock and set it on top of the paint thinking I could sort of stamp up the excess and use it for mixed media art-making sometime in the future. Right in the middle of doing that, Tiny-Small knocked an entire pickle jar of water over on the counter. It ran over the paint palette and then down the front of the counter. Paint was going everywhere. It was flowing across the counters and all over the floor. I started panicking and running around looking for rags and paper towels and newspaper. Anything to stop the flow of water.

As I was mopping up the floor, Tiny-Small bumped into the easel and the painting she was working on fell off the easel, bounced off the top of her head and the landed face down on the floor.

She’d just managed to glob paint in her hair and stamp my floor in one swift move. This is acrylic paint. Once it dries it’s pretty hard to remove and it dries quickly. Too quickly! I was sort of stunned. What required my attention most? The floor? Her hair? The water?

I wiped her hair off as much as I could, while using my foot to push the newspaper toward the water on the floor in the hopes of absorbing some of it quickly. I eyed the face-down painting on my Linoleum floor with trepidation. I reached down and peeled it off the floor. Tiny-Small looked at her painting and told me very seriously, “Be careful with my painting, Mom.” I set it aside to dry. I mopped up the excess water. I rubbed the paint off the floor.

Spilled Paint Improves Creativity
Mopping up paint with tissue paper.

Then I grabbed white tissue paper and started smoothing it over the quickly drying paint on the palette.. I got some pretty nice impressions. I hung the tissue up to dry. I wiped off the front of my cabinets. I wiped off her hair some more and decided the best thing to do was get her in the shower as quickly as possible.

What a day!

A few days later I went to look at the paper I had soaked the paint up with and started using it in a painting I had an idea for. I wanted to make a garden scene. The paper seemed like it might work well.

This is what I have so far.

Spilled Paint Improves Creativity
Mixed Media Garden Background.

I felt like I had survived a visit from The Cat In The Hat, but I couldn’t stay mad. Even spilled paint improves creativity. I might let Tiny-Small hang out in my studio more often  just to see what happens next. That kid is an expert at making a mess. She’s helping me solve all sorts of problems and keeping me on my toes.

I’m still going to put my paint tubes out of reach. I mean, it is practically liquid gold. I can’t afford to paint the floors, cabinets, and a little girls hair too often.


Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 31: Back To School (Plus Contest Rules)

Back to school time! Do you think it is the most wonderful time of the year or do you wish there were just a few more weeks  of summer vacation left?

The one thing I don’t miss about school is all of the standing in line. I wonder how many hours we spend waiting in line through out our entire lifetimes? I am guessing quite a few.

Stickman Drawing Challenge Day 31: Back To School
Lining up for recess.

Today The Prompt is: Back to School!

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If you have completed a drawing for all 31 days please email me  your mailing address so I can send you a big, congratulatory card in the mail. Doing 31 drawings was quite an accomplishment! My email address is: itsadomelife@gmail.com.


I will choose 10 of my favorite drawings from the past 31 days and I will post them in a blog post on September 2nd, 2014, no later than 10am Mountain Time.

To qualify for the top ten list the drawing must be in the inlinkz tool on this blog by 5 am (Mountain Standard Time) September 2nd, 2014. That is when all of the inlinkz linkups close.

Once the blog post on September 2nd goes live you and all of your friends will be able to vote once per day for your favorite drawing.

The drawing with the most votes wins! Voting ends at 5pm Mountain Standard time on Friday, September 5th, 2014. If there is a tie, the two winners will choose their favorite drawing from the challenge and we will have another, one day vote, on Saturday September 6th!

Winner will receive a copy of Carla Sonheim’s book “Drawing Lab For Mixed Media Artists ” shipped straight from Amazon. The book is valued at $15.11. I will need the winners mailing address for shipping. If you win, I will email you and let you know! If the winner does not respond by September 12th at 5pm, the prize will be given to the artist in second place.

Thank you for participating in my drawing challenge!

Good luck!