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Online Art Classes Are Fun For Everyone!

Online art classes are fun. I know because I have taken quite a few of them. I’ve also joined different art groups to learn new skills and meet new people. Both have been extremely helpful in my artistic development. I’ve learned new techniques and about new mediums and I have incorporated what I have learned into my art making processes.

The latest online art class I took was taught by Heather Murray. She does these wonderful collage pieces that I have admired for years. She uses old photographs to tell a story. I signed up for her collage class because I really wanted to take my mixed media pieces to a different place. Sometimes I feel like my mixed media pieces have a childish quality about them. I’ve really struggled with moving past that. Heather’s work is often mysterious and strange, but also playful and deep. These are things I admire because she uses collage and old photos to explore very mature themes. She adds words to her paintings, but her work is never “cute” in the way that many mixed media art pieces are.  Each piece she creates tells a story. That is another thing I would like to explore more in my mixed media pieces. After taking her class I feel much more confident that I can change the way I create my mixed media collages. Her online art class gave me some new tools for my toolbox.

I didn’t have any old photos of people, but I did have this great picture of Tiny-Small so I decided to use it. I am really happy with the results and I had such a blast creating it. The photo of Tiny-Small was taken at the Tractor Store. She was trying on a cowboy hat. I took the photos of the horse and the goat at a county fair a few years ago. The farm in the background is from an old photo of an Amish farm I purchased on Ebay.

Online Art Classes Are Fun



Dogs On The Furniture Day 29 Of 30 Days Of Painting

I had to create Dogs On The Furniture as a shout out to my friend A Faded Ginger who named an entire pinterest board with the same name. I mean to say, I totally stole her pinterest board name for my collage name. I am a thief in the night, or in the dog days of summer. You know what I am trying to say, right? I have been thinking about that board for months because it’s funny. She has a picture of Rosie standing on our dining room table. Bad dogs! If you want to see more pictures of dogs on the furniture head over to her pinterest board. She has some really cute dogs over there and a few really naughty ones too.

Dogs On The Furniture Day 29 of 30 days of paintings
Dogs On The Furniture

I can’t really call this a painting. I never touched a brush. It’s all magazine bits and pieces glued together into a collage. I wanted to paint, but everything I painted came out badly. It was like my brain did not want to engage or cooperate. I am pretty sure I heard it laughing at my efforts. No, I am not hearing voices. I am just pretending to. Which is probably kind of sad, but since I do talk to myself a lot it somehow all makes sense.

So, instead of torturing myself with paint and paintbrush, I plopped down on the couch with a stack of magazines, scissors, and some glue and tried to drown myself in a little college therapy. I wanted to watch the State of The Nation address, so it worked out perfectly. I mean, nothing makes you want to keep your hands busy like politics, right?

Did you watch the State of The Union address? Last night, as I was watching the speech, I couldn’t help but think about how uncomfortable it would be to sit in Biden and Boehner’s seats. I mean, the entire room and possibly the entire country, is staring at you and you are staring at the back of The President’s head. Meanwhile, you have to look serious, not bored, and try not to scratch anything. It must feel like an eternity. I mean, just thinking about it is making me itch right now. Then there is the sitting and standing and clapping and smiling or not smiling. It certainly is a strange event from those seats! Every smirk, frown, and glossy-eyed stare is evaluated, scrutinized, and discussed by the people on TV. Just thinking about sitting there is making me want to hyperventilate. It’s a good thing I have never had political ambitions because I’d have to overcome most of my personality characteristics in order to survive.

After the speech I kept on making my collage and watched all of the news pundits drone on and on with their opposing views. We even managed to watch all of Charlie Rose. At least they had one woman on the panel. It would be nice to see a little more diversity in these discussions. Anyway, nothing makes you sleepy quite like Charlie Rose. Maybe that’s why they put his show on so late? It’s a way to help those with insomnia drift off to sleep.

So, I didn’t paint, but I did make a collage of dogs on the furniture and I did get to be up on current events for at least a few minutes. I am going to go ahead and call that a win because half the time I don’t know what is going on anymore, well, usually I hear about things two weeks after they happen.

Are your dogs on the furniture? I mean, right now? At this exact moment?



Sometimes It’s A Dog Walk Dog World (Day 17 of 30 in 30)

Sometimes It's A Dog Walk Dog World by Lillian Connelly
Sometimes It’s A Dog Walk Dog World: 5×8 Mixed Media on watercolor paper $45.00


I started “Sometimes It’s A Dog Walk Dog World” with a quick watercolor wash and a few pencil lines. Then I decided to cut this lady and her stroller out of Parents Magazine. I used to read that magazine, back when I was a really new parent, but now I mostly use it for collages. I bought a 4 year subscription on the cheap and it has been well worth it. Anyway, then, I decapitated Stroller Lady and her baby with a snip of my super sharp scissors. I know, the art world is a cruel place, but someone has to chop up all of those magazine people and turn them into something new, right?

Yesterday I used my camera and computer to shrink down a few of my dog paintings. I printed them out to see if I could turn them into dog-lover jewelry. I got the sizes a little off a few times, so I took those extra photos and cut out the dogs heads and glued them to the headless people from Parents Magazine. I am a little obsessed with putting dog heads on human bodies. I’m not sure why. It’s probably some yet-to-be-diagnosed illness. No doubt I will one day have my own page in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. I just hope they include a few of my collage paintings so people know exactly what they are dealing with.

The dog in the window is an image transfer of one of my paintings. That’s why he looks sort of milky. It’s something new I am experimenting with. Image transfers seem to be all the rage with the mixed media crowd…a crowd I am desperate to belong to. Obviously!

It’s day 17. I am about to lose my dog painting mind. Last night I was even dreaming about Boston Terriers. My fingers are permanently ink-stained. My family is complaining that they can’t remember what I look like. So, in short…it’s going pretty well. I was afraid I wouldn’t get my painting done today, but I did and it is even before dinner time! Plus, I sort of love it. Well, maybe I don’t love it, but I love the idea. I mean, there is always room for improvement, right?

The real test comes this weekend. We have a guest coming. It’s a new kink in my over scheduled schedule. I am seriously going to have to put my super woman cape on to pull this painting a day thing off for the next three days. Wish me luck!

Have a nice weekend, but before you go please visit Leslie Saeta’s art blog and check out my fellow painters trying to make it to day 30 of this paint challenge!

P.S. Sometimes, when it is really cold outside I wish we lived in a dog walk dog world, don’t you?