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Cats Painted In Watercolor Day 28 September 2016

Another cat in a Christmas tree! I am sure this is a big theme for cat owners around the holidays. My cat used to knock all of the ornaments off the bottom of the tree and bat them around the living room while we were sleeping.

Cats Painted In watercolor day 28 September 2016

My mom had a cat that would knock over her tiny tree and attack the ornaments like a vicious beast. No elf was safe. It was dangerous to be made of glass too!

I’ve seen cats climbing up the tree trunk and I’ve even seen a few cats sitting on a branch near the top. I have to say, dogs are a little easier when it comes to Christmas trees. Well, unless you have a Chihuahua that decides to pee on it. Never mind, I take it back, cats and dogs can both be little devils when it comes to holiday decorating!

Here’s to all of you trying to maintain some Christmas tree dignity with cats around!