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Is This The Dome You Speak Of?

I’ve been getting alerts from Google that people are talking about this blog. I mean, every couple of days I get a new alert. At first I was all excited. I was going to be popular and sit at the cool kids table, finally, right? Well, not exactly.

It turns out this is not the dome that’s setting off all of the alarm bells and whistles and email alerts. It’s Stephen King and his book Under The Dome. Somehow Google thinks Stephen King and I have a lot in common. Wouldn’t he be surprised?

Apparently it is also a TV show. Who knew? Not me. I’m so behind in popular culture that it took several Google alerts about dome’s to make me aware it even existed. Anyway, I haven’t read the book or watched the show yet, but I am thinking about downloading the book and seeing if it’s any good. I used to read quite a bit of Stephen King when I was younger. I am not sure why I stopped. I think college put me on a nonfiction path that I haven’t been able to get off of for quite a while. I could use a good thriller/fantasy/mystery/dome book right about now. Have you read it or seen the show yet? Let me know what you think.

Other news for under THIS dome is that I have started making illustrations of my life. I got this really cool art book. I’m only about halfway through it, but I have already been incredibly inspired by it and have so many ideas swimming in my head. I think this book would lend itself well to art journaling too.

Another book that has caught my attention is this one:

I’ve always wanted to do a self-portrait series and now I am feeling really inspired to get going on it. This artist writes well and has included some pretty fun art prompts for the reader to tackle. I can tell I am going to have a lot of fun working through this book. Not to mention, it is filled with gorgeous art work too!

Art by Lillian Connelly
“Look Who Ate The Apricot Crop”:  Acrylic and Stablio pencil by Lillian Connelly

I was supposed to get my hair cut by a professional stylist, but I spent my money on art books instead. So much for keeping up with any sort of style. Good thing life under the dome doesn’t require any primping.

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend and read some really good fiction or get your hands on some beautiful art books. I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ll be doing (If Tiny-Small lets me).


Monday Memories: Books

Today my Monday Memories post is about a book. Some books stick with you for life. Some books you can’t remember a week later. I am going to tell you about a book that scared me to death, was burned into my brain, and left me wanting more all at the same time.

When I was a teenager I went through a phase where I wanted to read “big” books. I read Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell, I read The Stand by Stephen King, and I attempted to read Moby Dick by Herman Melville. Moby Dick put me to sleep. I never got past the first chapter. I tried multiple times. It was just so boring.


Then a copy of It by Stephen King fell into my lap. I was instantly enthralled. I fell in love with the characters. I developed a phobia for clowns. In the middle of the night I was so scared, I actually didn’t want to get out of bed and make the trek to the bathroom because it was dark. I stayed up all night reading with a flashlight.  When the book was over I missed the characters so much I started reading the book again.

If you’ve seen the made for TV movie version of the book, trust me, the book was a million times better. I think that movie was the worst adaptation of a book I have ever seen. That movies was an embarrassment. If I were Stephen King, I would be screaming about it right now…years and years later.

When I was in my twenties I read The Shining by Stephen King and that book scared me too. Right after reading it I rented the movie. That movie made me laugh and laugh. The effects were so old by the time I watched it that it just seemed silly and ridiculous. The book was heart attack inducing. Good thing I read it when I was young and healthy.

Anyway, I love scary books. At least, I used to. I mean, it takes me days and days to finish a book now. I read a page or two every night before falling asleep with the lights on. Having a small child makes it near impossible to read during the day with all of the, “Mom, I need a drink. Mom, help me get my toy. Mom, I have to go potty. Mom, I need a new dress. Mom, I want to go outside. Mom, I got wet. Mom, I need another new dress. Mom, not THAT dress. Mom….” And that is only about five minutes worth of my day. Reading at night is hard too because I am too tired to keep my eyes open for very long.


I used to be a pretty ferocious reader. I used to read the big books. I used to like scary things. I don’t have it in me anymore. I hope I do again someday. The last scary book I read was The Road by Cormac McCarthy. That apocalyptic nightmare scared me so bad that Jim still talks about the time I read it…five years later. He always laughs about how frightened I was. He didn’t read it. He doesn’t realize how life altering it was. That book is the reason I fantasize about stockpiling food in our basement.

Anyway, have any books changed your life? Do you suffer from an unnatural fear of clowns, the apocalypse, or hoop skirts because of the books you have read? Let me know in the comments. I’m looking for new books to read…even if it takes me six months to finish them. Just don’t ask me to read Moby Dick, because that will only make me cry.


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Monday Memories


We Have The Winner for Epic Mom!


bathing suit on her head
Tiny-Small got so excited she put her bathing suit on her head.

Yesterday I randomly selected a winner for the Epic Mom book giveaway. I used this site called random.org to select the winner. First, I typed in a list of all the people who had entered the giveaway and I randomized the list. Then, I put in the number of people who had entered the giveaway and randomized the list of numbers. When I put the lists side by side there was a clear winner. It worked like a charm!

That winner is Jen from Life On The Sonny Side! Congratulations, Jen! I am so happy you won the giveaway.

If you don’t know Jen, I recommend you check out her blog. She’s a terrific writer. Her blog soothes your soul. She has kindness that sort of seeps out all over the place. She’s the type of person that makes you stop and think and question the way you see the world. She pushes you to see the good in it. I always leave her blog feeling positive and like I just got a big, warm, bear hug from someone I love.

Anyway, I will be mailing Epic Mom to her soon. Don’t forget, Marianne is giving away 4 free copies of her book as soon as the Epic Mom fan page reaches 1000 likes, so if you haven’t liked her page go do it now! Help us win those free books by getting that page to a 1000. We are counting on you! Click here to like the Facebook page: Epic Mom Book

bathing suit on a toddlers head.
Tiny-Small can’t contain her excitement.


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