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Need Help Branding Your Blog?

Do you need help branding your blog? I did. I needed a lot of help. I barely understood the concept of branding when I started blogging, never mind trying to become an actual brand. People kept saying I needed to brand myself. I just kept scrunching up my face like they were speaking a foreign language and shrugging my shoulders thinking I’d get around to all of that one day…in the very distant future. Like never. Or the day after never. Infinity.

I had a lot of questions. Could a person be a brand? It sounded so weird. It sounded yucky. I am a brand? My blog is a brand? My art is a brand? Like Campbell’s soup or Minute Maid orange juice? That can’t be true. What is going on here, PEOPLE?

Well, I’ll tell you what is going on here. I woke up one recent morning and realized I needed to figure this marketing business stuff out. I was getting bigger opportunities. I didn’t want to seem like an amateur. I realized I needed to become a brand. I needed to have a consistent face to show to the world. Not my own face because nobody wants to see that all day long…especially me, but I needed a logo. I needed a logo that could be recognized by my fans. A logo that would send them all rushing to my Etsy shop to buy up all of my art every single time they saw it float by on their computer screen. A logo that would drive traffic to my blog because all the people in all the world must know the latest antics of Tiny-Small…and our chickens…and my painting…and poor Jim just trying to survive in this crazy dome we call home. It’s a tall order. I know.

Need Help Branding Your Blog?

I know because I tried to design a logo all by myself. I’m an artist. I have an eye for beauty. I have mad skills y’all. I know what I am doing over here with my free photo programs and random font choices. “I got this,” I said cockily while tipping my chair back like the cool kid sitting in the back of the 6th grade class.

Well, maybe not exactly. It turns out creating a brand and a logo is a lot harder than it looks. It turns out there are people out there called “graphic artists” who spend hours coming up with concepts and designs to help businesses create a brand. It takes a special talent to do this right.

A talent I do not possess. After pulling my hair out and begging people on Facebook for feedback I decided to seek professional help. That’s when Joules from Pocketful of Joules (an awesome blog go check it out) saved me from myself. She happens to be a graphic designer with 15 years, let me repeat, 15 YEARS, of experience designing logos and helping people create a brand for their businesses. She saved me days of frustration and gave me hours of my life back. I’d much rather be painting and writing than fighting with photo software and getting it so very, very wrong over and over again.

Joules quickly put together some ideas she thought might work for my blog and presented them to me. In a matter of days I had a new header and a new logo to use on all of my promotional materials. What I like most about Joules is she goes to your website and pokes around. She gets to know you. Her logo designs are original. Sure, you can go to certain websites and get a $5 logo from someone, but it’s going to be some generic clip art with your blog name on it. Joules creates something that makes sense. She understands your personality. She gets to know your style. Your logo will be unique and people will recognize it belongs to you immediately.

Here is the logo she designed for me!


Its a Dome Life - logo with tagline - web version

I am writing this because I am so grateful to Joules for helping me get my logo and brand identity right the first time. I want to recommend her services and promote her new “Blogger Special” logo and header design package. I urge you to take advantage of her talents. Save yourself a headache. I am the Do It Yourself queen, but even I know my limits. It’s important to get this right so you can spend your time on the thing that matters most: Your business!


blog logo by Joules

If you’d like to learn more about Joules services just click on her button!


P.S. Joules and I are friends. We met on the Internet. In full disclosure, she provided me a discount for her services. In exchange I put her business button in my sidebar. I am writing this post because I want to. It was not part of the deal. All opinions are my own.