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Featuring Nancy Murphree Davis On Art Wednesday

Nancy Murphree Davis is an incredibly talented artist across many mediums. I am in love with her paintings and hope to acquire one soon. If you like her work and want to see more or learn more about her work and process please visit her blog and social media profiles after reading her post. Thank you! -Lillian

Nancy Murphree Davis Art Featured On Art Wednesday
Tough Nut To Crack by Nancy Murphree Davis. Copyright belongs to the artist.

First, I would like to thank Lillian for asking me to be a guest blogger on It’s a Dome Life. What a thrill! I love her artwork as well as her truthful, funny, and positive approach to life. Life may throw us lemons, but we make lemonade. And Lillian probably makes cookies too.

Lillian asked me when I knew I was an artist. I guess I have always been an artist, but I didn’t grow up with structured opportunities to do much art and was too distracted by other interests to do it on my own. I didn’t see art as a career that I could make a living doing, so I didn’t pursue it for a long time. In the end, I learned that my artistic talent is something I couldn’t quash and embraced it. I’ve never been happier. I now tell people that I am an artist and if they ask questions, I give them my business card and tell them to visit my website. [link to: http://nmdart.com] or my Facebook page Nancy Murphree Davis Art [link to: https://www.facebook.com/NancyMurphreeDavisArtist].

I am inspired by almost everything I see. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t see something that gives me an idea for art. Thank goodness for smartphone cameras so that I can record ideas visually! In good weather, I take walks in nature and photograph the most random things. My recent alcohol ink paintings reflect this. [link to: http://mymanyimpressions.blogspot.com/2015/01/winter-inspirations.html] The photos don’t look like much, but somehow I know when I see them that they have potential as art.

Nancy Murphree Davis Art Featured On Art Wednesday
Point Sur Light Station by Nancy Murphree Davis

In recent years I have been unable to travel much except for several moves, but I am inspired by architecture, both rural and urban near my home. Luckily, I currently live just outside Washington, D.C so I have a wealth of interesting buildings as well as rolling hills, lakes and ponds, etc. I also love the play of shadows across manmade structures, steel towers and industrial scenes.

I work in many different mediums, but I tend to concentrate on one for several months and then something will inspire me to switch. I find that I do more watercolors in the summer when it is sunny and more alcohol ink painting in the winter because the bright color are cheerful during the cold and gray days. If forced to choose a favorite, I guess I would choose watercolor. I mainly use

Nancy Murphree Davis Art Featured On Art Wednesday
Summer Legacy by Nancy Murphree Davis. Copyright belongs to the artist.

Daniel Smith watercolors and I’m kind of obsessed with my new Loew Cornell watercolor brushes. They hold a point really well. My current love is the #14. I also adore Arches 300# rough paper.

My advice to those starting out would be to make lots of art. Then, make more art. Whether you do this on your own or with a group doesn’t matter much, but find your own voice. Cultivate artist friends who can give you feedback. Ignore any negative comments related to the actual appearance of your art or subject matter. Listen to your gut. Heed any criticism in regards to craftsmanship or presentation if the source is credible. Try to pursue new venues to show your art; don’t stagnate in one place. Each place will make you new contacts that can result in new opportunities. Don’t be afraid to try new things or new mediums. Push yourself. Promote yourself. Believe in yourself. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t sell a lot. I still couldn’t support myself unless I lived in a tent, but fortunately, I am now turning a meager profit. My big “pie in the sky” dreams would be to open a small gallery and to be accepted into nationally recognized watercolor organizations. I would also love to see my work featured in a catalog or magazine publication.

I make art because I love to paint and create and because I have so many ideas in my head that I need to get out! I sell because I can’t keep it all and when a art collector truly loves a piece and wants to own it, my heart overflows with joy. I want my art to make people see the subject in a new way. I want them to bring their own feelings and emotions to the piece and have it radiate good thoughts or memories into their lives. I want them to feel joy (or peace) every time they see it on their wall. I also make art because I love artists and the communities that artists create. They are some of the kindest and most giving people on Earth, like Lillian.

Nancy is a member of the Potomac Valley Watercolorists and a gallery member at Gallery Underground. She displays her work in the bin gallery at the Art League inside the historic Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA and enters many juried shows both there and with arts organizations in the DC metro area. Her awards include Best of Show in both the Arlington Artists Alliance Washington Color Field Show and the Pintores Art League Spring Fling, first place in the Audi of Arlington Art Showcase as well as honorable mentions with the Springfield Art Guild and the Art League Gallery.

Nancy is a an active user of Facebook (Nancy Murphree Davis Art) and a very occasional Twitter user (handle @nmd_art). Her website provides links for the purchase of original works, reproduction prints and cards. Her blog My Many Impressions (http://mymanyimpressions.blogspot.com) shares longer tales of artist pursuits, techniques, and thoughts on art. She maintains a studio [https://www.facebook.com/CyanStudiosatArtUnderground?fref=ts] in the Crystal City neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia.