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Jewelry Artist Heather Fleshman Featured on Art Wednesday

Heather makes beautiful jewelry and hair ornaments. She has them for sale in her Etsy Shop: Penny Joules. Please take a look when you finish reading her post. You’ll love what she creates! -Lillian

I am Heather the woman behind the scenes here at Penny Jules. I am an artist, and long time enthusiast of all things arts and crafty. As a mother of two young children I have found that my time for creating can be limited. I am fortunate that I am able to do what I love from my home and draw inspiration from my life, family, and friends.

 Jewelry Artist Heather Fleshman Featured on Art Wednesday

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a paid artist. When I first thought of being a paid artist I had this vision that I would be a painter. Drawing, painting and the like were always my passion.  I heard from many people that it is very unlikely that I would have become successful at it. So I chose not to pursue that as my career. Now when I think back to all those times I realize that my dream has actually come true, and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.
 Jewelry Artist Heather Fleshman Featured on Art Wednesday
I seem to always have several projects going on, or wanting to get going. Hair combs are always on my mind. I just love them; I recently posted a video on how easy it is to wear them. Another thing that has been big for me lately is shoe painting. I’ve painted several pairs, and have orders for a few more. I am still trying to decide if this is a direction in which I would like to expand my business.

 Jewelry Artist Heather Fleshman Featured on Art Wednesday

I don’t particularly have a theme I follow in my work; It is basically when inspiration hits I need to make it then. Which usually leaves me in the midst of quite a mess. I don’t feel I identify with any one type of art. I just love beautiful things. I have an eclectic style, and try to meld many types of beauty together. I love taking colors or pieces that most people think “Oh, that won’t go” and putting them together. Unexpected whimsy is my favorite.
 Jewelry Artist Heather Fleshman Featured on Art Wednesday
I love making wearable art because it is fun! Our body is our everyday canvas, why not have fun with that? I find making art in general is soothing, and healing to my soul. If I just need to clear my mind it is where I go. Sometimes I don’t get it right and have to start over, but I take what I learned from that failed attempt, and make it better. If my art makes any impact on the world, even if it is just making one other person aside from myself happy, I have been successful.
 Jewelry Artist Heather Fleshman Featured on Art Wednesday
My one piece of advice for anyone is, if there is something that you love doing, do it as often as you can. If there comes an opportunity to make it your job, dream, your way of life, just go for it. Have fun, enjoy your life, and don’t let people tell you that you can’t be successful at your dream.

 Jewelry Artist Heather Fleshman Featured on Art Wednesday

You can find me at:





Artist Sandra Gea Featured On Art Wednesday

I am so happy to have my friend Sandra Gea featured today on Art Wednesday.  She is a Soul Collage facilitator, an archer, and one of the kindest people I know. I hope you enjoy her interview today!

Tell us about the moment you realized you were an artist.

Creativity has always been present in my life as far as I can remember.  I grew up in a modest family where upcycling, fixing, reusing was part of our lifestyle. I would spend hours crafting out of paper and fabric. During my teen years, I used to collage a lot. Even if I chose a different academic path and career, through my different corporate jobs,  I was always somehow involved with creativity and design.

The seed was always there waiting for me to make the choice. It is interesting to observe how collage and recycling have found again their place in my art.

Artist Sandra Gea Featured On Art Wednesday. Artwork by Sandra Gea: Structure and Flow. Copyright belongs to the artist.
Structure and Flow by Sandra Gea (copyright belongs to the artist).


What projects are you working on now?

Currently I am working on two painting projects. One entitled “Souls of Mongolia” and the other “Archery, Tai Chi and the art of Zen”.

The third project is called “The Earth is our Home” where I recreate places of the world out of recycled and handmade paper.

I just got a one year residence at the Art Hotel Cavalieri in Malta and I have committed to exhibit a different project every three months. It is both challenging and exciting. I have several ideas in mind that I will experiment with. This is what I love about art that I never know where an idea will lead me, what stories will be unraveled.

Does you work have a theme? Are you exploring a particular topic or subject?

I do. Themes either come through the work, I start one painting and then I decide to make it a series or a phrase will catch my attention. I trust spontaneity and serendipity, always prepared to welcome the muse!

The project “The Earth is our Home” began with my participation to  the Twitter Art Exhibit which this year will benefit the project Home Start Moss in Norway. My idea was to make a piece of art with  “Home” as a theme and message. The inspiration came spontaneously to create a theme exclusively with recycled materials as a message to take care of our environment and remember that we are guests on this earth. Once the card was made, I decided to extend this theme to a series. So far I have created  Paris, Barcelona, Istanbul, Regensburg and Delphos.

Artist Sandra Gea Featured On Art Wednesday: This Is Our Home.  Copyright belongs to the artist.
This Is Our Home By Sandra Gea (copyright belongs to the artist).


What type of art/ or artist do you most identify with?

I would say I identify most with the surrealist movement in art and literature. How the surrealists deconstructed and played with reality and language through art. As a linguist and polyglot, I love words and puns, exploring the different levels of meaning, as much as I can I incorporate it in my work. I am currently exploring the work Joan Miró, his paintings and collages have a simplicity and  (false) naiveté  that I are inspiring.

What inspires you?

My environment and nature are my main sources of inspiration. I observe and absorb the world around me, open for the muse to call by. My aim is to make every moment in my daily life a time for inspiration, creativity, spontaneity and play.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become an artist? What is the best advice you have received?

The best advice I received was from a danish photographer that I met a few years ago when I was in the midst of change. He told me: “You go to university to study to become. To become a doctor, a lawyer…You don’t need to go and study to be an artist. You are already one.”

Though it took me a couple of years to step out of my comfort zone, to trust, dare and throw myself out in the world!

If I had to give an advice it will be the same I received: You are an artist! Just do, be you. Be inspired by others but do not imitate or copy, find your own style. Be authentic. Create from heart. Be one with your art. Give it all, it’s worth it!

What is your dream project?

I have many dream projects!

I dream to travel with my art, get invited to a place and paint on site. Since my painting process is intuitive I am curious to see and feel what each place will reveal on the canvas.

I am currently dreaming of an experimental photography project /performance,  an exploration of  femininity through my own exposure.

I dream to collect all my notes and writings : poetry, plays, fiction and make something out of them.

What medium do you like to work in most?

Paper, definitely! I am obsessed with recycling paper. It is the basic ingredient for most of my art. Any paper support that can fall into my hands has a potential: envelopes, stamps, magazines, newspaper, bus/underground tickets etc…Collage is a fabulous adventure and improvisation, I always work with the materials available. I never know from the beginning what will come out so I start cutting, playing, gluing and the stories unfold themselves. It feels like magic!

Artist Sandra Gea Featured On Art Wednesday : Rider At Sunset. Copyright Belongs To The Artist.
Rider At Sunset by Sandra Gea (copyright belongs to the artist).

Is there an art supply you couldn’t live without?

It is not really a supply but rather a tool. I could not live without my pair of scissors. It has been my faithful companions for nearly 28 years and it has a very special story. This scissors are handcrafted by an artisan from Burgundy, France,  where I grew up. There was an artisan fair in my village and his stall was just below the wall that surrounded the property where my family lived. I was sitting on that wall with my friends watching the fair. This man handled me a bottle of plastic and asked me for water. I had been told not to speak to strangers. But something in me told me to take the bottle and go fill it at home. Disobeying. As a thank you this man gave me this pair of scissors. It has been with me throughout my school and university years, in every country I have lived. Last year I got it sharpened and revamped for the first time in 28 years. I have to admit it got me emotional.

Why do you make art?

I make art because of the spontaneity that comes through me during the creative process: the curiosity, the experimentation, the joy, the play, the stories unfold. It is the space where my soul comes to full expression and through which the invisible becomes visible. To me art is the purest expression of my soul through which I connect with other souls.

What impact do you want your art to make on the world?

Through the different exhibitions that have put me directly in touch with the public, I have observed different interesting responses. People being moved by my paintings telling me how much they soothed them and inspired them calmness. I have seen people bursting out of laughter when I was telling them the name of my collages, how they connected with the words and the pictures. It is interesting to see how I can touch people in different ways. My wish is that my art leaves them with a positive feeling: peace, harmony, joy. Specially joy. That through art we experience this special connection from soul to soul, that they felt connected to the story I told and that it touched them deeply.

I’m Sandra Gea, linguist, wanderer, self-taught artist. The passion for languages and the desire to experience different cultures have taken me on a voyage to create myself and bring my soul to full expression. My lifestyle, art and writing are reflections of this voyage – flowing, multicultural, exciting.

Please visit these links to learn more about Sandra Gea and her artwork:

Website: www.soulsnavigator.com

Twitter: @soulsnavigator

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SoulsNavigator

Artist Adrian Beuses Featured On Art Wednesday

I hope you enjoy my interview with Adrian Beuses on Art Wednesday this week. I certainly enjoyed his answers to my questions. His love for creativity shines through his words and I think he needs to put this quote, “Learn with your mind, speak your heart.” on a T-shirt. I just love it! -Lillian


1. Tell us about the moment you realized you were an artist.
Funny enough, I think I realized I was becoming an artist when I started playing music. I believe every creative introvert from the moment they are born always find a way to express themselves. I did everything! Making games, filming & photography, creating board games, you name it. It wasn’t until I started playing shows with my band that I noticed how that expression was being bounced back to me, and that is when I felt it. The need to create posters and art for our band quickly became a hidden pleasure, and here I am, I never broke the habit.

In My Thoughts by Adrian Beuses featured on Art Wednesday
In My Thoughts 18×24 by Adrian Beuses (copyright and photo credit belong to the artists).


2. What projects are you working on now?
I am planning on creating posters for each zodiac sign. It has been in my mind for a long time. The medium and how I do it is still a secret,…(because I am still thinking about it)

3. Does you work have a theme? Are you exploring a particular topic or subject?
No theme nor topic. The more freedom I have to create something that speaks to me, in that moment, is what I am trying to explore. My mind is in a million places at once, and I believe I shine brighter rather than trying to force an idea to last longer than it needs to.

Aquarious by artist Adrian Beuses featured on Art Wednesday.
Aquarious by artist Adrian Beuses (copyright and photo credit belong to the artists).

4. What type of art/ or artist do you most identify with?
I usually find myself going back to Massimo Vignelli, Aaron Draplin, or Debbie Millman. All completely different personalities, but a complete dedication to what they believe and it shows in their craft. I can identify my art as Bauhaus inspired with a hint of psychedelia.

5. What inspires you?
Music and film, either together or separately, but I love them both with a passion. It may seem weird, but trying to visualize in a graphic manner the meaning behind sound or moving images is quite exciting.

6. What advice would you give to someone who wants to become an artist? What is the best advice you have received?
If I had to tell little Adrian years ago a piece of good advice to becoming an artist, is the secret to unleashing creativity. All the information, classes, and knowledge only goes so far, but it is only part of your art. Once you have all your resources and are ready to create, put it all under a mantle, when the moment of truth comes your intuition will speak for you. Learn with your mind, speak your heart.

Red Panet by Adrian Beuses featured on Art Wednesday.
Red Planet by Adrian Beuses (copyright and photo credit belong to the artist.

7. What is your dream project?
To create a print for my favorite artist at the moment, not a huge dream but hey how great would that be!

8. What medium do you like to work in most?
Collage, watercolors, and digital. All are fantastic, and they always help me put across what I am trying to create that moment.

9. Is there an art supply you couldn’t live without?
If you are a designer or aspiring designer, please be aware that you will have an unhealthy relationship to your X-Acto knife. Respect the X-Acto, love the X-Acto.

10. Why do you make art?
There are a lot of things you can do in your life, but none of them give you enough fulfillment like seeing your thoughts become a reality. Creating art, is a sign of life, is my way of seeing I am grateful for being where I am today.

11. What impact do you want your art to make on the world?
I don’t expect a generation to be impacted by me, at my tender age of 24 I am just taking it a step at a time. Be humble, because we are all taking the same road in many different ways, the only mark I hope to leave behind is clear to me now . Because I am lucky enough to do it in the first place, and so can you.

Adrian Beuses is a dork enthusiast with a love of Art Prints and creating them. Originally from a peninsula of Venezuela, to living in a peninsula in the United States. 24 Years old and getting younger, I focus my artwork to showcase the beautiful to creepy, the modern to psychedelic, while trying to see where my curiosity leads me.

Please follow Adrian by visiting him on Social Media:
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AdrianBPrints