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Pathways Day 4 Of 30 Paintings In 30 Days

I’m participating in Journal 52 this year. Each week there is a new prompt and you create a page in your art journal expressing what that word means to you. The first prompt of the year was “pathways.”  I was surprised by the insights having a journal prompt gave me about myself.

For the past two years I have been very focused on learning better blogging skills and improving my painting techniques. I’ve spent hours reading about best blogging practices and have gained new technical skills. I’ve learned a great deal, but in the end I still have paintings to paint and blog posts to write. There is no magic formula I can apply to gain the success I hope to gain.

When I started thinking about the many paths I have taken I realized that they have all lead back to me. I’ve acquired new skills along the way, but the only way I am going to move forward is to paint and to write from my heart and soul. My work will resonate with people or it won’t, but having the perfect sidebar on my blog or brush mark in a painting isn’t going to make or break my career. Having an authentic approach to my work, diving deep, and really putting my energy into my creations is going to move me forward. In a word, I just need to have faith.

In my journal page I made all of the paths moving toward me. I imagined all of that information swirling inside me. Being processed. Being synthesized. I then visualized it exploding out of me in a stream of unbridled creativity. That’s how I want to live in 2015. When I was finished I realized I had turned myself into a butterfly. I obviously had transformation on my mind too. Is this the year I get my wings? Only time will tell!

Pathways Journal Entry 30 Paintings In 30 Days
Pathways Journal entry for Journal 52.

Have you ever created something that changed the way you thought about yourself or gave you new insights into your creative process?

P.S. If you art journal do you have any tips for photographing your work? I am having trouble keeping the pages flat!