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Working On A Mural With A Little Help From My Friends

I’ve been working on a mural lately. You may have noticed that the frequency of my blog posting has been pretty low recently. You may not have noticed. I still love you either way. Summer is just busy, isn’t it? We want to be outside doing things like the regular people do. My two most faithful readers commented on my blogging absence. God bless them! Both my in-laws and my Grandma checked in to make sure I was still alive. See what kind of people I have in my life? All the good ones, obviously.

I am still alive. Hi! Sorry the writing has been limited, but I have been busy. Don’t worry! All is well.

The roof blew off my old house. The one I have been trying to sell for years now. We fixed it. Phew. Tornado winds are bad you guys!

tin roof blown off
Tin Roof, Rusted…then blown away with the ceiling.

Tiny-Small started going to preschool in the morning three-four days a week to free me up to paint more and so she can play with actual kids. Instead of painting, I’ve spent most of my time cleaning and reorganizing. I had piles of paper to file. Two-three years worth. Trying to file with Tiny-Small helping is not a good idea. I did try to do it with her supervision a few times early on, only to discover later that the vet bills were in with the home loan information and that my medical history had been replaced with crayon drawings. Seriously.

Paper piled on my table
All the paper that needed to be sorted, discarded and filed.

The good news? It’s all done now.

The even better news? I’ve been working on a mural for a special little girl. A girl so awesome that awesome isn’t a big enough word to describe her.  What I want to share with you today is what I have done so far and how I have survived this new experience with a little help from my friends.

I cut a giant piece of paper out of a roll of white, watercolor paper. That took me a week of hemming and hawing and strategizing and coffee drinking, but I did it. I pretended to be fearless, which works even when you don’t feel fearless. Pretending has it’s purpose, right?

Then I nailed it to the wall and stared at the intimidating, blank, white paper for days. I cried about it on Facebook. I got support.

Facebook status
That’s me…a cry for help! I still don’t know what an ABC store is.

I sketched.

My cat sketched.

working on a mural
The beginning of the mural.

I painted.

My cat did not paint.

Progress on the mural.
Progress on the mural.

Tiny-Small helped me figure out where to put the paper birds…because she is better at design than me. Already, at the age of three. It’s unfair, really.

So, I’m working on a mural with a little help from my friends and my family too…and my cat! I’ve never worked this big on paper before. It’s exciting and scary and really, really fun. It’s so fun I sort of forgot about blogging for a while. I think I’m back now. I mean I am back now. I’m writing, aren’t I? Three days in a row and counting…so, yay!

I just got myself an accountability partner to keep me on track. She’s checking up on me daily to make sure I do the work I am supposed to do (for my own good). It’s wonderful to get a little help from your friends sometimes, isn’t it?


Road Trip!

Remember those road trips you took with your gal pals in high school and college? I’ve been reminiscing lately about those adventures. I miss those days sometimes. There is always a soundtrack to those trips that can transport you back in time. It’s good to have memories!

Road Trip! Mixed media painting by Lillian Connelly
Road Trip! 9×12 mixed media painting on hardboard.