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Waterlilies – A Fantasy Landscape Painting

I painted Waterlilies in a pond at night. I think I am just going to revisit these fantasy landscapes for a while. I’m a little obsessed with trees and ponds right now. I probably just miss trees and water and this is the only way to gratify that deep longing!

Water Lilies fantasy Landscape Art Painting By Lillian Connelly
Waterlilies Fantasy Landscape, alcohol inks on Yupo paper, 26×20, $240.00.


I’m more excited than usual about this painting because it is the biggest painting I have created on Yupo paper with alcohol inks. This painting is 26×20. That’s a lot of ink. I actually have a piece of Yupo paper even bigger than that waiting for me in my studio. It’s 26×40. That is going to be life changing to paint on. I’m really excited and also a little terrified when I stare at that white abyss, but with alcohol inks you really can’t make a mistake so that takes away some of the pressure!

Water Lilies Fantasy Landscape Painting by Lillian Connelly
Waterlilies close up.


I am working on expanding my range of paintings so I have some big, some small, and some sizes in between. I’m keeping presentation in mind in case I get accepted into one of the juried art shows I have applied to. I think the large paintings might draw people in from across the room and the small paintings might draw people in even closer once I have their attention. It will all be a big experiment!

Close up of Water Lilies by Lillian Connelly.
Water Lilies closeup.


In the meantime, painting large with inks is a new challenge. I like switching back and forth between painting small and painting large. I think that keeps the experience fresh.

If you want to see how I painted this I made a quick video on Instagram. It’s not perfect, but you’ll get the idea. I need to work on keeping the camera steady with one hand while painting with the other. What I really need to do is get my tripod out and attach my cell phone to it.


Happy Thursday!

You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees: Day Five of 30 Paintings In 30 Days

Do you ever find yourself getting stuck on the details and forgetting to step back and look at the big picture? Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. This happens to me at times with both parenting and my art business.

I find myself worrying about how Tiny-Small always skips the number five while counting. When she was a baby I worried she wouldn’t roll over, talk, or walk because she was taking her sweet time about it. I also worried she would never sleep through the night. Luckily I have friends who are moms with much older children who can laugh and say, “She’ll be fine!” My mom would say, “She’s a healthy kid. Do you think she is going to be 18 and still not walking?” In other words: Think about the big picture. Often what seems difficult to overcome, the details, are just tiny-steps toward a bigger goal. Sometimes there are different ways to get to our destination. The path might be straight one day and curvy the next. The truth is, at some point these worries over the little things will be long forgotten or, at the very least, we will look back and wonder what all of the fuss was about.

In my art business I do the same thing. I worry excessively about item descriptions or finding a way to display my artwork at a craft show. These small details can get you tangled up and misdirected. If you get too caught up in them you might get discouraged and give up. Sometimes you have to have faith that if you keep moving forward the details will work themselves out, and that even if they don’t, another opportunity will come along. Hopefully, an even better one!

You Can't See the Forest For The Trees: Day 5 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days. Mixed Media Art by Lillian Connelly.
You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees 8×10 mixed media on canvas panel. $85.00 (shipping included for U.S. residents. For people outside the U.S. please contact me for shipping charges).


Do you ever get stuck on the details? What helps you look at the big picture?

The Virtual Blog Tour: Visiting Dome Life Studios

I was invited by Mary, from Tales From The Back Road, to participate in the virtual blog tour this week. If you love dogs and travel and gorgeous photography be sure to check out all of Mary’s social media pages too. She has some wonderful wildlife pictures that she posts. You do not want to miss them! I am pretty excited about being in the tour because the people who have participated before me have all been so talented. I am sure there will be many more talented people posting after me too. It’s an exciting group to be a member of. I love connecting with creative people and I am sure I am going to make many new friends through this tour. I can’t wait!

The tour is like being on a train and as you walk through each train car, you get transported to a new life and a new adventure. What could be better than that, right?

On with the tour!

1. What am I working on?


The Virtual Blog Tour: Visiting Dome Life Studios
Home Sweet Home

I am still working on my little mixed media houses. I’m telling you…I cannot stop! I have the doodle, glue it bug bad this time.

The Virtual Blog Tour: Visiting Dome Life Studios

I am going to have a quite a collection of sweet little homes by the end of the month. I am sure my family will be happy when this obsession ends so they can get the dining room table back.

I also started making altered mail art. I am going to talk more about that later in the week, but here is a sneak peek at one of my envelopes:

The Blog Tour: Visiting Dome Life Studios
This is an envelope I am going to mail to someone. It’s not quite done yet.


2. How does my work differ from others of it’s genre?

The Virtual Blog Tour: Visiting Dome Life Studios
A little house mixed media piece in progress.


I think color is probably what people first notice about my work. I’m obsessed with strong, clear, vibrant colors. Especially Jewel tones. I am also quick to experiment in any media. I love to try new things. I think most artists tend to stick with one media or one subject. That’s actually probably a better business move in the art world, but for some reason I find that so boring. So I dabble in anything I can get my hands on and learn new techniques as often as possible and hope my love of color unifies my work in some way.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

Art and writing are both ways to express myself. I’ve always been better expressing myself in writing than expressing myself verbally. My brain needs time to process and writing allows for that. I’ve been writing since I was a kid. I’m not sure I could stop even if I wanted to.

The Virtual blog Tour: Visiting Dome Life Studios

Painting and creating has always been a huge part of my life too. Art class was a refuge for me growing up. Art is my therapy, my joy, my solitude, my meditation, and my work. When I am creating I feel the most like myself. It’s a pure expression of who I am.

I have a lot of energy. Most people who meet me wouldn’t know it. I am often described as “calm” and “quiet” by other people, but I have a ton of ideas and my mind is always going. I love to think about things. Writing and art provide an outlet for all of that internal energy.

4. How does your writing/ creating process work?

Before I start a painting I’ve usually been thinking about it for a while in advance. Then I collect the materials I am going to need. I make sketches, lists, and plans. Usually once I actually start a painting it goes quickly because I have spent so much time in the planning stage.

Some projects, usually what I call my experiments, are more like the mixed media houses above. I just gather the basic materials I am going to need and dive right in without a plan and just see what happens. These projects are more about play, less about work, and are often where I learn the most about new techniques or new materials.

Let me say right now that a big part of my process includes making a lot of mistakes. I have half-finished paintings and half-destroyed paintings in stacks in my studio. I think failing and problem solving are a huge part of creativity. I’ve been very disappointed at times when a painting took a turn towards the dark side. I’ve tried new varnishing sprays that have ruined my pieces. I’ve tried painting things beyond my skill level that never came out right. It’s all part of the growth required to master something. We learn from our mistakes and failures so I always look at my painting disasters and think about all of the neural pathways I am creating in my brain. Even failure is a step forward!

You just can’t give up and have to keep trying. I hope you have a creative outlet in your life. It does wonders for the soul!


This is the end of my blog tour. I hope you enjoyed it! I have invited Kelly Debie from Debie Hive and Molly Field from Grass Oil to participate in the blog tour next Monday. Please stop by and say hello and read about their writing/ creative process. They both write about many topics, but Kelly is especially known for her posts on current events and news. Her background as a lawyer informs her posts and she helps us better understand the big issues of the day. Molly is especially known for her posts about delving into what it means to be human and the process of soul and psychological growth. Her writing will change you…and for the better.

Until next Monday, follow the tour backwards and learn about other creative people. Happy Monday!