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Writing About Marriage Equality.

marriage equality

I’ve read several blog posts about marriage equality over the past couple of days. I’ve wanted to write my own post, but I am not sure I have anything new to add. So many other people have shared their views and experiences so beautifully. I thought I’d show my support by sharing some of my favorite blog posts, written by other bloggers, on my blog today.

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Robin’s Chicks: Marriage Equality: I Can’t Be Switzerland Anymore

DeBie Hive: For the people who are tired of hearing about the gays.

Late Enough: May This Be A Dawning, Not Just Of Marriage Equality, But Of A New Era Of Justice.

I am really proud of my fellow bloggers for taking a stand against injustice and for humanity. It’s not always easy to write about these topics. Sometimes bloggers are afraid to speak their minds because they don’t want to lose readers or they are afraid they will get a bunch of negative comments from people who disagree with them. It takes courage to stand up for people. It takes courage to be real, to live an authentic life. These four women do that all the time. I feel really blessed to be part of this online community.

marriage eqaulity, human rights rainbow.
Human Rights For All


I wrote Why I Will Always Support The LGBT Community last July.

Eat Fear!


Taking Care of Business: One Billion Rising

Signs in a pile after the #1BillionRising march.


We attended the #1BillionRising event yesterday and I cried through the whole thing. I teared up during the march. I teared up during the movies they showed. I even teared up watching Tiny-Small dance with all of the grown up women. I was really proud to be a part of that group and to take a stand with my community. We felt really supported as we marched down the street. People driving by were honking and giving us the big thumbs up. Lots of men participated too. It was an incredible experience. When we got home we watched the San Francisco flash mob dance on YouTube. It was amazing! We watched people singing in NYC. I woke up this morning with renewed hope in humanity. Here is a video of Tiny-Small dancing (as promised) and a few other pictures from the day. Thank you for sharing my experience on Facebook and Twitter if you did. I appreciate that very much.

This video is a little blurry, but I think that is a good thing. Other people may not want to be showcased in my movies so you will see a lot of blurry people dancing in the background.

Posing with our sign before the #1BillionRising march through town.
march through town
#1BillionRising march through town.


In the auditorium movies were shown. A woman read a poem about growing up in the middle of domestic violence. The local Poet Laureate spoke and read a poem.



#1BillionRising: This Is Supposed To Be A Post About Art


This is supposed to be a post about art. I have declared, in my mind, that Wednesday is art day around here. It helps me stay on track. Sometimes my plans fail. Actually most of the time my plans fail because life happens. Someone gets sick, our well stops pumping water, the dog gets out of the fence and decides to chase some deer into the next county. These are all things that have happened recently. These are the excuses I pull out of the air to justify why I haven’t been as productive lately. Luckily, this time I have a better excuse. We have been getting ready for  V day ( a global movement to end violence against women).

Mermaid collage by Lillian Connelly
Mermaids: #1BillionRising

I did finish a painting this week, but I cannot get a clear picture of it. I may or may not have dumped too much glitter into my soft gel medium in the attempt to create something resembling a jellyfish. Mostly it looks like a sparkle-fest which I guess is OK too. A bunch of sparkly mermaids dancing with hearts and flowers seems fitting for the event we will be attending tomorrow. I have created a symbol of women rising. Women filled with love, joy and hope. They may be a little blurry here, but the women they represent in real life are clear and sharp and brilliant.

art collage mermaids
#1Billion Rising: 12×12 mixed media collage on canvas.

Tomorrow we will be attending a 1 Billion Rising event. It’s an event to bring awareness to the worldwide violence that happens against women every single day. There will be dancing and marching and T-shirts. People will come together and create a revolution of change by standing together in solidarity. The cultural acceptance of violence against women must be changed and stopped. I am taking my daughter because this is her future. Right now one out of three women will be beaten or raped in her lifetime. If you have a mother and a daughter and a sister, which one of you will it be? This is unacceptable and not something I want my daughter to endure or to face. I stand up for her and for my mother, my sister, and my friends. I will dance with hope. I will pray that my energy and determination contributes to this movement. That a new consciousness will be born. That women will be treated as all human beings should be treated. That human rights be recognized and embraced for ALL people.

mermaid painting #1BillionRising

This is what the website says:

On V-Day’s 15th Anniversary, 14 February 2013, we are inviting ONE BILLION women and those who love them to WALK OUT, DANCE, RISE UP, and DEMAND an end to this violence. ONE BILLION RISING will move the earth, activating women and men across every country. V-Day wants the world to see our collective strength, our numbers, our solidarity across borders.

This is what the rising is about, taken directly from onebillionrising.org :

A global strike

An invitation to dance

A call to men and women to refuse to participate in the status quo until rape and rape culture ends

An act of solidarity, demonstrating to women the commonality of their struggles and their power in numbers

A refusal to accept violence against women and girls as a given

A new time and a new way of being

Do you want to join an event? You can go here to type in your zip code and find the one nearest you. There is a map showing all of the events scheduled to take place. It is pretty impressive. Join A Rising!

I will be taking pictures tomorrow and posting them on my Facebook page and Twitter. I hope that you will be doing the same, or if you cannot attend an event support the people who are by being a witness to their efforts and by sharing their experiences with your friends and family. This is important if you believe in equality and in human rights. Make sure you are a part of it: Strike! Dance! Rise!

Follow the movement:

One Billion Rising On Facebook

One Billion Rising On Twitter