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Cell Phone Booster Reviews to add Advanced Features to its site

As per the latest reports, the site is going to add more advanced functionality for better user experience and quick buying decisions.

(121PressRelease)?Feb?11?2012 - As per the latest press release issued by Cell Phone Booster Reviews, they will soon be introducing a new feature on their website to help its customers make better buying decisions. Currently, the website only guides its readers to various sources for reading Customer Reviews. However, in coming months, the site is going to start consolidating customer reviews from various sources on the web and display it at one place on the site. This would eliminate the need for the users to visit multiple websites to get a clear idea about the customer perceptions. According to the site owners, this will further reduce the amount of time users will take to come to a definite conclusion. Cell Phone Booster Reviews is an online site containing latest unbiased and expert product reviews as well as customer review suggestions. A large number of customers make use of the various features on the website to decide on which cell phone booster works best for their requirements. The site is not hosting any product on its own website giving it the liberty to be able to put across the pros and cons of a booster in a neutral and truthful manner without getting influenced by any particular manufacturer. Recently, the site also updates its functionalities to include the latest reviews for 2012, so that the customer gets the best and the latest happenings at the convenience of just few clicks. The site also features comparison tables, lowest price details, categorization of the cell phone signal boosters as per their applications, bandwidth and popularity amongst regular users. Cell Phone boosters are particularly helpful to boost cellular receptions in areas where the cell phone finds it difficult to connect to the nearest towers. This might happen either due to the distance between the phone and the tower or it might happen due to the interferences in the path of the signal due to man-made or natural obstructions such as mountains, dense trees, concrete or metallic constructions, iron bridges, etc.

Company Details

Company Name : Cell Phone Booster Reviews
Url : http://www.cell-phone-booster-reviews.com
Email : cabinlone@ymail.com
Contact Person : Avikamp Sir
Contact Number : 866-763-9631
Zip Code : 91344

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