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Dorothy, I Don’t Think We’re In Kansas Anymore: Or, How Toto Took Center Stage And Dorothy Became A Washed Up Has Been

For my daughter, “The Wizard of Oz” is not a movie about a little girl. It’s a movie about a little black dog that goes over the rainbow and encounters a couple of witches, a scarecrow, a tin man, and a lion. Throughout the movie the little dog tries to have fun and enjoy himself, but a little girl in a blue dress keeps picking him up, putting him in mortal danger, and basically doing everything she can to ruin his little canine vacation.

Shortly after renting the movie from the library it was clear that my daughter was in love. She was enthralled by the magical land she observed on the TV screen. I was feeling a little nostalgic for my own childhood so this made me smile a bit. Actually, it made me ecstatically happy and turned me into a goofy, giggling mother with very definite plans. I imagined my family dressing up as character’s from the movie. My daughter could be the lion, I could be the scarecrow, and Jim could be Dorothy. I even started looking for the costume pattern’s online. It was going to be a GREAT Halloween this year. Who could resist an adorable little lion and a bearded Dorothy? Then, in a fit of unbridled enthusiasm I went out and purchased the movie AND little, ruby red slippers for my daughter to wear. I mistakenly thought she identified with Dorothy, but I should have known better. Soon it would be very clear which character had earned her loyalty and utter devotion.

At first we didn’t know what she wanted. She kept asking for “Arf-Arf” and we thought she wanted her little, red dog. We handed it to her repeatedly and watched her bow to the ground in frustration. With all the fits thrown over this miscommunication we started trying to put the clues together. She was pointing to the TV and saying, “T. Arf-Arf?” Finally the wizard gave me a brain and some courage so I got her three videos down from the TV cabinet: Elmo, Oz and Pooh and asked her, “Which one is Arf-Arf?” That’s when she pointed to “The Wizard of Oz” and began smiling and clapping with excitement. I told her the name of the movie and she nodded very seriously in approval and said, “Boz. Arf-Arf.” That’s when I realized the movie was, for her, all about the dog.
To each her own I guess. I am just praying I can find a Toto costume pattern before next Halloween. I can just picture Jim dressed up like Dorothy walking our dog-daughter down the road while I, dressed up as the scarecrow, fall all over myself and toss moldy hay into the wind.

Midnight Play Time

“Mama? Mama? MaaaaaMaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!?” This is what I have woken up to for the past three nights at, yes – you guessed it, midnight. AND again at 1:30 am and yet again at 2:00 am. For some crazy and unknown reason my daughter has been spending half the night wide awake and ready to play. Last night when Jim went down to attend to her needs, wants, and every toddler middle-of-the-night desire she actually asked him if she could watch the “Wizard of Oz” (he said no.). She’s got nerve! If this doesn’t end soon I may have to sleep in my car, the dog house, or maybe even the basement just to get a good nights sleep.

Last night was the third night in a row that we suffered through these post bedtime theatrics. At midnight, when the screaming and demand for play began, I rocked her, soothed her, and gently laid her back in bed. At 1 am I tried reasoning with her, covering her with her favorite blanket and singing her favorite songs (off-key of course, just the way she likes it). By 2 am I was begging and pleading with her to pleeeeeeze, pleeeeeeeeze go to sleep. I was getting desperate. Last night there was a special encore performance around 3:30am that had me marching into her room and declaring that this was the final trip I would make to her bedroom. I plopped her onto her back, threw the blanket over her head and marched out of her room determined to get some sleep.

That is when the howling and screaming began. That is when she began shouting, “No! No! No! Down. Down. Down.” That is when I considered crying myself to sleep. Instead, I lowered the volume on the baby monitor and inserted ear plugs. Oh, I could still hear her shouting her demands, but she was a bit muffled and far, far away sounding. I closed my eyes and went to my happy place. I thought about my ideal vacation and concluded it would be a luxurious hotel room with a comfortable bed and sound proof walls. I could probably sleep for a week straight and never grow tired of the novelty of uninterrupted, deep sleep. Dreams don’t last for very long though, especially when your toddler wakes up just three hours later and is ready to get up for the day. This is my cue to crawl to the coffee maker and pour myself a few gallons. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that tonight will be the end to the romper room. If not, the dogs may have to make room for me.

Baby To Teenager In The Blink Of An Eye

Oh, to be a teenager again! Yep, I actually thought that last Saturday night when I attended my first Quinceanera. Everything was decorated in a fabulous hot pink and zebra striped motif (including most of the guests!). The food was beyond delicious. The beautiful young lady we were celebrating is so loved and adored by her family that her Great Aunt hand rolled 500 flautas and her Grandmas made brisket, potato salad, and rice. There was enough food to feed the mouths of 80 hungry people. Not to mention a zebra striped birthday cake, a cupcake tower and cookie-pops that were all provided by this young women’s lovely family. What a blast!

My daughter was the center of attention when we arrived. She was circled by teenage girls and celebrated for her “cuteness”. Of course, the attention soon shifted to the birthday girl leaving my daughter to wonder where all of her admirers had gone. This seemed to set the tone for the rest of the night. During the grand entrance ceremony my daughter dislodged herself from my bear hug and attempted to run through the circle of photographers and no doubt climb the throne to overthrow the princess. Then, during the slide show, where we watched the birthday girl mature right before our eyes, my daughter ran up to the screen right at the end. Everyone started clapping because the slide show was over. My daughter turned around to face the audience smiling and looked like she was ready to take a bow. She thought the applause was all for her! We managed to eat dinner, but it was 8pm and bedtime. Miss cranky started rolling around on the floor attempting to trip dancers, dancers wearing fantastically high heels that could also be used as murder weapons. What a night! When the DJ turned the music up it was our cue to leave.

It would have been fun to stay longer and dance and eat ourselves happy, but it was obvious my daughter wanted to be in her bed tucked in with Elmo (she fell asleep on the short ride home). The slideshow had left me all teary-eyed anyway. I realized how quickly time goes by and that someday in the not too distant future my daughter will be a teenager. She will be wearing short skirts, giggling with her friends, and hanging on the arm of her boyfriend. It’s going to happen too fast. I’m not ready. For now I think I’ll just eat my zebra striped cookie-pop and be grateful. Grateful that her short skirts come with bloomers and that a furry red monster named Elmo is the closest thing she has to a boyfriend. It doesn’t get any better than this.