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What Did You Do At School Today?

Now that Tiny-Small has become an official preschool student I get to ask her the inevitable question: What did you do at school today? It’s a terrible question. I know. I just can’t resist asking. It’s a classic. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that you aren’t supposed to ask kids that question anymore. All of the child psychologists agree that asking this question is a guaruantee that your child will use drugs and get pregnant by the age of 13. OK, that might be a slight exaggeration, but I do see a lot of lists, from bloggers much smarter than I ever hope to be, about the questions we should ask instead. It’s too bad I never clicked on one and actually read it.

Sometimes I do remember to ask her something else, but since I am usually experiencing my afternoon slump about the time she comes home, my questions are either lame or bizarre anyway. Sometimes I just get desperate for information. Take what happened today for instance…

Me: What did you do at school today?

T.S.: I don’t know.

Me: Did you learn a new letter?

T.S.: No.

Me: Did you play with kids?

T.S.: <shrugs>

Me: Did you see any dragons? I hear that school of yours is infested with them.

T.S.: No! There was a dead bug. It was so big.

Me: Really? Wow. What happened to it? Did someone step on it?

T.S.: I want a snack.

This kid could get a job with the FBI or CIA right now. She knows how to keep secrets better than I do. The other day when she came home wearing a different dress than she left home in my first though was: There’s a good story behind this wardrobe change I just know it. So I asked.

Me: What happened at school today?

T.S.: Nothing.

Me: Why did you change clothes?

T.S.: I didn’t.

Me: You were wearing a different dress this morning.

T.S.: I wanted to wear this one.

Me: Did you spill something on it?

T.S.: There was a big girl in my class today with a heart shirt on.

Me: Oh yeah? What was her name?

T.S.: She ate lunch.

Me: Was she nice?

T.S.: I want a snack.

Me: Did you see any dragons today? Maybe one flying by the window?

T.S.: No. Dragons would burn the school down.

It’s weird to send your kids out into the world with practical strangers and get so little information about their day in return. The only clue I usually get is what she ate for lunch when I find a half eaten apple in her lunchbox and a squished sandwich at the bottom of her backpack. Sometimes the teacher sends a picture she made at school home. Those are my jackpot days.

What did you do at school today?
Drawing by Tiny-Small, age 4.

Tiny-Small drew me twice in this picture. Once as some kind of fertility goddess and once as what can only be a dragon-like streak in the sky. I was overjoyed by my obvious importance in the picture, only surpassed by the amazing Milo who is obviously her favorite person at school.

Maybe I should start asking more questions about him and less about those pesky dragons?

Meanwhile, even though she is only 4 I guess I have to get used to her having her own life and space. It’s like she’s 4 going on twenty. My head is already spinning.


Security Blanket Transformed Into Art

Tiny-Small has a security blanket. It’s a quilt I made. She has to have it to sleep with every night. If it gets left outside, in the car, or at someone’s house it’s the end of the world. When we can’t find it before bedtime we all feel a little anxious. Luckily that doesn’t happen too often. She almost always knows where she left it.

Security Blanket
When her security blanket still looked new.

I often joke that her blanket is like the Velveteen Rabbit. It’s been well-loved and all of that love turns it into a real family member. All of that love has also turned it into a bit of a ragamuffin. The first layer of binding has worn away and it has more patches than a pair of jeans from the 1970’s. It’s certainly got a personality all of it’s own.

Security Blanket Transforms Into Artwork
Still looking pretty good.

I was thinking the other day about how it has practically transformed into a new blanket with all of the new fabrics that have been sewn over the old fabrics. It’s changed color a few times too. The other day my mom actually asked, “Does her blanket need to be washed or is it always kind of gray and dusty looking like this?” The whites are no longer whites, the purples are no longer vibrant, and it has taken an overall turn toward gray over the past year.

Security Blanket Transforms Into Artwork
Holes and patches.

So, the other day, with giant, new holes covering the top of her blanket, I got out the sewing machine and started making repairs. I added some nice bright fabrics. I added some princess fabrics. I added some batting in places where it had gotten thin. It has a new look and weight to it, but Tiny-Small loves it just the same.

She still lingers around the washer and dryer waiting for her blanket to emerge whenever I convince her to let me wash it. She loves the blanket. It certainly is her Velveteen Rabbit. It won’t be long before she gives it up and puts it up on the shelf with the Paddington Bear from my childhood, my own, personal Velveteen Rabbit. I secretly hope that doesn’t happen too soon. She’s growing up too fast as it is.

Security Blanket Transforms Into Artwork
Blanket or artwork?

I think her blanket is starting to look like a piece of mixed media art. It just needs a few more layers and a few more years of love.


Chihuahuas Pee On Everything Part 2

Chihuahuas pee on everything. I know because I wrote about it before and because I live with the cutest Chihuahua in the whole wide world. Our rescue dog, Stevie Wonder, has been a lot of work when it comes to potty training. We have pretty much failed with conventional methods so we are now working on prevention as much as possible. It’s going rather slowly, but since he is already over two years old and has better things to do than pee outside, we just keep hoping for a miracle.

Chihuaha's Pee On Everything part 2
Pink Rose Love

He is a wonderful dog and we adore him. Especially Tiny-Small because he lets her dress him up and he even plays baby with her. He takes naps on a couch pillow while she covers him with her doll blanket. It’s adorable. That dog is a sweetheart and a saint. Except of course when it comes to peeing on the furniture, the floor, the groceries we just brought in, and Jim’s shoes.

Chihuahua's Pee On Everything part 2
A Chihuahua and his girl.

We finally got him crate trained. He sleeps in a crate at night so we no longer wake up to surprise pee puddles. It’s the daytime that is still a problem. We’ve started keeping him on a leash when he is in the house so we can keep an eye on him at all times. It’s been going well, although I know he misses having the freedom to run free over the top of the couch and across the coffee table at any given moment. We get a little tired of holding onto his leash as we go about our daily business. Tiny-Small, of course, loves to walk him indoors. She thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. The other dogs are completely jealous because they think he is getting the royal treatment. I’m pretty sure even the goldfish are giving him the evil eye.

Chihuahua's Pee On Everything part 2.
Don’t you just adore his seashell necklace?

Anyway, I am still hoping something clicks in his dog brain and the potty training efforts will have an impact. He’s a smart dog. He’s a great dog. He’s a chihuahua. Chihuahuas pee on everything. I keep reminding myself to have patience.

Chihuahua's Pee On Everything Part 2

The good thing is Stevie Wonder doesn’t seem to mind wearing seashell necklaces and pink roses on his collar, nor does he seem to mind the never ending devotion and attention only a 4 year old girl with a princess obsession can give. Somehow, that makes all of the potty training struggle worthwhile.

Rescue dogs make the best pets.