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Painting Giveaway Extravaganza Starts Right Now!

The Painting Giveaway Extravaganza starts right now! I am cheering from home at this very moment so feel free to play along and cheer right along with me. Go ahead. You know you want to (besides nobody is watching, right?). Yay!!! Let’s do some happy dancing.

Here is the painting I am giving away. It is an 11×15 watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper. This painting is The Owl.

After I painted the owl I started thinking about how cool it would be if this giveaway had a surprise and so that’s when I painted this (also an 11×15 watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper): The Hummingbirds.

So guess what? Two people are going to receive an original, signed painting! It’s a double giveaway. Yay!

Sweepstake Rules:

How do you enter? Leave a comment below. I am using a WordPress plugin called “And The Winner Is” to choose the two people at random. You can only leave one comment to qualify. Only one entry is allowed per person.

Who is it open to? Anyone over 18 Living in the U.S. The sweepstakes will run from 9:30 am Mountain time, Monday November 12, 2012 through 10 am, Mountain time, Monday November 19, 2012. Comments will be closed at 10 am, Mountain time, on Monday November 19, 2012.

No purchase is necessary. Odds of winning is based on number of entries. Each painting is worth $75.

The first name randomly selected will receive the owl painting. The second name randomly selected will receive the hummingbirds painting. The winners will be announced on this blog on Monday the 19th (2012) by 2pm Mountain time and will be contacted at the email address they leave in the comment section below. Winners must provide me with a shipping address no later than midnight Friday, November 23, 2012. If a shipping address is not provided by this time new names will be randomly selected. Paintings will be shipped before or on Monday, November 26, 2012.

In the event of technical difficulty or failure the names may be randomly selected on Tuesday, November 20th and announced that afternoon.


Thank you for reading my blog and being supportive of my art ambitions. Good Luck!


Jim Guest Posts With: 14 Things I am Grateful For (including my ADHD)

I have been running around in a panic because, for the first time ever, I am setting up a booth to sell my art. I’m a little nervous. Also, Tiny-Small and I have been sick. The being sick has tempered my anxiety about facing the world with my art on display behind me. I mean, lets face it, when you feel lousy you’re more likely to just shrug your shoulders and not really care that much. Just give me a warm blanket and a soft, quiet place to rest my head, right? Anyway, after witnessing me fret over unwritten blog posts and whether or not we have duct tape my husband graciously offered to guest post today!

*Disclaimer: I did not pay him to say nice things about me even though I totally should have. That is all.

14 Things I Am Grateful For (including my ADHD)

by Jim

1. My gorgeous and talented wife and daughter and all of the joy and love they bring me.

2. Being surrounded by animals. The dogs get a little noisy sometimes, the cats always need their litter boxes changed; but I love them all, even the chickens.

That moment when you have to type your husbands guest post and realize he wrote it half on the newspaper and you have to follow multiple arrows…

3. Our dome house with the great views and all the land to hike in. The awesome Desert Spiny Lizards to show Tiny-Small.

4. My amazing parents – still going strong in their 80’s with all the house boating and bowling. It’s awesome they adopted me. I can’t imagine having different parents.

5. My incredible Sister and Brother-in-law who run an amazing nonprofit The Network of Care that provides meals to grief-stricken parents of ill and injured children in hospitals. Oh, and Jim runs for the California State Assembly in his spare time. AND builds playgrounds for special needs children. My niece, Lindsey, just got her PhD in psychology, which means she is super smart, of course. She’s also travelled all over the world and just recently climbed half dome in Yosemite. Keep up the good work, Linds! Love ya!

6. My career and the satisfaction it brings. I get to help people and get paid too – what a deal!

And then your husband starts his list on the right side and then continues it on the left side and then starts over on the top left side…

7. My friends – especially my army buddies who I can always call or visit and are always there for me.

8. My awesome Mother-in-law (is that an oxymoron?). She always cues me in on great wine deals at the supermarket she works her ass off in.

9. My 1996 Toyota Tacoma with 300,000 miles on and it’s still going strong!

10. Oh, did I mention my wife? Not only gorgeous and talented, but funny too.

11. Working at a wil life rescue/ Jr. museum as a kid. I learned everything from canoeing/canoe rescue to reintroducing animals back into the wild, back-packing and wilderness first aid. Plus I had a great peer group to grow up with.

12. My cousins – they live everywhere from Japan to Turkey to California to Las Vegas and have interesting careers: English teacher, truck-driver, CEO, immigration lawyer, doctor, veterinarian, river-rafter.

And then on the side of the newspaper…

13. My ADHD – I probably would not have traveled to 6 of 7 continents without it (Antarctica is too cold for me).

14. My niece Stephanie – even though you were only in my life for 20 years you left a huge footprint. I still feel your presence – love ya!