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Alcohol Ink Glass Pendant Demonstration

Alcohol Ink Glass Pendant Demo
Alcohol Ink Glass Pendant Demo

Alcohol Ink is a fun medium to work with. I’ve been making jewelry by painting alcohol ink onto glass pendants. Once the ink is dry I glue it to card stock, seal up the back, and turn it into jewelry using various jewelry findings. I’ve posted a video on YouTube showing the process. The title of the video is: Alcohol Ink Glass Pendant Demo.

The Directions

For the first step I usually paint something using masking fluid on the back of the glass piece. This is the design element I want to keep free of ink. I’ve painted a tree on a hillside, a dragon fly, a cat, and a mountain scene in the video above.

Next, once that dries, I add the alcohol ink. The rubbing alcohol can be used to clean your paint brush, to move the ink around, thinning it, or making shapes in the ink.

After the back of the glass is covered in ink, I remove the masking fluid. Then I may go back in with my paintbrush and add some details. It’s best to keep the ink as dry as possible while doing this, otherwise your design may run.

The ink will dry quickly. Then, using the diamond glaze, I will glue the glass pieces to white card stock. I let the glaze dry and then paint the back and side of the glass with more diamond glaze to seal the piece. This make it water resistant by protecting the paper backing.

Once the glaze is completely dry I will use the e6000 glue to attach findings or to glue the glass into a cabochon. This dries quickly into a strong, rubbery attachment. It has a strong odor so please use the glue in a well ventilated area.

If you’d like to try making an alcohol ink glass pendant necklace check out the supply list below.

The Supply List

Alcohol Inks

Glass Pendants with Cabochon

Rubbing Alcohol

Masking Fluid

Diamond Glaze

e6000 Glue

You will also need bright white card stock and paint brushes.

Thank you for watching my Alcohol Ink Glass Pendant Demonstration. If you have any questions please leave a comment. I hope you have fun painting! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you enjoy watching art tutorials and funny family videos. Check out my other alcohol ink paintings here.

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Cats Painted In Watercolor Day 30 September 2016

Cats Painted In Watercolor Day 30 September 2016Day 30! This completes my 30 days of cat paintings. Phew! I made it. Time to fold that laundry and clean my bathrooms. This is my sister’s cat, Ollie. She keeps my sister’s garden free of rabbits. She roams the perimeter looking for any beasts who want free veggies and attacks all who dare to enter. When you live in the desert everything is constantly trying to eat your garden. My sister is thankful to have her own garden guardian. It was a joy to paint her.

Well, back to life…back to reality. Time to get caught up on all of those chores I neglected while painting.

Thank you for your participation. I certainly enjoyed painting your fur babies!

If you want to start at the beginning check out Day 1 of cats painted in watercolor!

Cats Painted In Watercolor Day 29 September 2016

Frogs and Stars! They were named by two adorable children over at The Family Pants. A blog you should be reading if you are kind, smart, and sometimes a little silly. This family is all of those things. It will take you less than 30 seconds to fall in love with them.

You can also check out The Family Pants on Facebook if you want to see more adorable. The kids will make you smile because they say things that are hilarious and amazingly thoughtful. They are even cuter than these kittens. I swear!

Cats Painted In Watercolor Day 29 September 2016.
Frogs and Stars!


One more day and this challenge is over. I’ll be a little sad to see it go…mostly because I have about a months worth of laundry waiting to be folded. If only I could wrinkle my nose and make it fold itself and fly into our drawers. I’ll keep hoping I wake up one morning with those kind of super powers!