Best of It’s A Dome Life

Best of It's A Dome LifeThis is the Best Of It’s A Dome Life: Posts that are popular with readers plus a few of my personal favorites. I hope you enjoy them!

Family and Parenting

I peeled An Orange In The Shower

Practicing Her Executive Leadership Skills

If You Give A Toddler A Cookie She’ll Throw It In The Bathtub With You

Do You Need A Fairy Godmother?

10 Things I Don’t Like About Being A Stay At Home Mom

Someone Wants To Call The Pacifier Police On Me

I Want To Win A Gold Medal In Bed Making

1 Out Of  1 Fathers Prefers Changing Diapers to Jillian Michaels


Best of It's A Dome Life: Tiny-Small Painting
Best Of It’s A Dome Life: Art & Painting



I Make Silly Things Like Caticorns and Unidogs

Painting With Toddlers (For Reals)

She’s A Brick House and I Painted Her

When Songs Make You Blue

10 Things Painting Has Taught Me About Relationships


Best of It's A Dome Life Living
Best of It’s A Dome Life Living


I Choked On My own Saliva

Not Taking Care Of Yourself Is Like Saying Nothing Really Matters

We Attend The “Toxic People” Seminar Sponsored By The Institute For Brain Potential (Review)

When Ex Co-Workers Pretend You Don’t Exist

I Accidentally Say “Pocket Rocket”

A Few Embarrassing Moments

Jim Turns Cookie Monster Into A Serial Killer


Best of It's A Dome Life catting-around
Best of It’s A Dome Life catting-around

On My Mind

High Heels Are Bad For Your Feet So Why Do You Keep Wearing Them?

Do You Feel Pretty?

I’m Prejudice Against Beautiful Women

Why I Will Always Support The LGBT Community


Best of It's A Dome Life Blogging
Best of It’s A Dome Life Blogging


Writing and Blogging

Wait, How Much Longer Do I Have To Be Fabulous?

It’s A “Do-Me” Life: When Blog Names Go Horribly Wrong


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