Cats Painted In Watercolor Day 2 September 2016

While painting kittens I thought about how, by design, they have attributes that make them even more lovable than cats. I mean, at least 75% of kitten DNA consists of love potion 99.  They have fluffy fur, big eyes, and sweet facial expressions. They instinctively know how to win over hearts and influence people.

Kittens have these qualities to trick you. After running amuck, as mischievous little devils do, they will then look up at you with adoring eyes, melt your heart, and make you forget that they just shredded your favorite curtains from top to bottom. Unrolled toilet paper may cover your bathroom. Your head may be attacked in the middle of the night along with your toes. You may even find that some of your jewelry has gone missing. As you likely already know, kittens have a streak of naughty, but we love them anyway. How could we resist the cutest baby animals known to man?

You don’t think kittens hold the title of cutest baby animals known to man? Well, let me present to you: Exhibit A.

Cats Painted In Watercolor Day 2 Spetember 2016
Proof that kittens hold the record for cutest baby animals known to man.

Have you ever laid your eyes on anything cuter than these two fur babies? If you say yes I won’t believe you. The word adorable does not do these kittens justice. This level of adorableness belongs in another universe. This kind of adorable is so powerful it probably breaks the space-time continuum. OK, so I have no idea what I am talking about here, but let’s all agree that these kittens explode the word adorable. Science doesn’t have any way to explain this level of adorable. It breaks down barriers. It burns thesauruses. It meows to the 10nth degree of something.

In addition to cuteness, kittens possess some other remarkable traits as well. Kittens sleep about 18 hours per day. As a mom with a 7 month old baby, who can’t even sleep through the night, I’m a bit envious of the sleeping abilities of kittens. As a kitten, my cat would sleep most of those 18 hours during the day so she could stay up all night playing. These sleep patterns resembled those of a newborn baby! I don’t miss being stalked or having my hair attacked while I sat on the couch watching TV, that’s for sure, but I do miss all of the cuddly kitten purring that used to go on. Purring kittens can make even the staunchest dog lover join team cat. That is the super power of kittens.

In conclusion, I should probably stop now before I find myself at the local humane society adopting all of the kittens I can get my hands on. The last time I painted dogs I came home with a Chihuahua. My husband will ban me from painting baby animals for life if I keep bringing home strays.

Anyway, I only have 6 days left to fill so if you want me to paint your cat let me know soon before all of the spaces are filled!






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