How To Choose A Baby Name In 10 Not So Easy Steps

Psst…I have to confess I stopped painting after 15 days. My #30in30 challenge fizzled. I’m blaming it on pregnancy hormones, the desire to clean out all the things, and the fact that I only have a couple of weeks to prepare for the next art show. I’ll do better next year!


There are many instructions out there on how to choose a baby name. I know because I have read them all. Naming a baby is a big responsibility and you can’t take it lightly. My husband and I certainly didn’t and certainly don’t. When we were naming Tiny-Small it took us months to decide. We went around in circles. Now, as we are approaching the baby naming task for the second time, I am starting to see a pattern emerge.

Step 1: Make a giant list of names from every baby naming source you can get your hands on. Scour the internet. Read old baby name books from yard sales. Scroll through every name on Facebook. Write down the names you love and even the names you can merely live with. Then read the list to your husband.

Step 2: Have your husband hate every single name on the list. Every single one because they remind him of an ex girl friend, an ex co-worker, or an ex-something or other and anyway those are just the worst names ever.

Step 3: Ask husband to make a list of names he does like. Listen to your husband make up random syllables that aren’t real names, because he thinks it is funny, while you try not to tear your own hair out. Watch as he teaches your daughter to play along until you find yourself rocking in a corner thinking maybe “Goobie-Doobie” is a name you could possibly live with.

Step 4: Ask friends and family for name suggestions. Realize you hate all of the names in the whole world. Who came up with these names anyway?

How to choose a baby name in 10 not so easy steps.

Step 5: Either you or your husband blurt out a name in a fit of desperation and then you both cling to it because neither of you hate it and it just might mean the odyssey of baby naming is at an end.

Step 6: Tell a few people the name you have chosen. Watch their faces crumple in disgust because they think it’s weird or old-fashioned or too common or too uncommon or it’s the name of their ex-something something. Decide you don’t care because you have finally found a name you and your husband can agree on so the rest of the world will just have to learn to love it.

Step 7: Fight over how to spell it.

Step 8: Wish you could drink margaritas, but you can’t because you are pregnant. Think Margarita might be a pretty name….

Step 9: Stop telling people the name you have chosen and tell them you are still deciding, because if you tell them, they will bemoan how you didn’t name your child after Aunt Bertha. Or that you need to add a few more middle names to keep the peace. Or that the name you’ve chosen sounds like something you’d name a dog.

Step 10: Have baby, fall madly in love with both baby and chosen name. Think your husband is a genius. Watch everyone else fall in love with your baby despite her name. Live happily ever after. The end.


P.S. We are having a girl! Leave your name suggestions in the comments below or forever hold your peace.


18 thoughts on “How To Choose A Baby Name In 10 Not So Easy Steps”

  1. A girl you say?! I have the perfect name (and being privy to TS’s actual name, I feel it would be the perfect compliment. KATIE. If you want to be fancy like my mom, you can name her Kathryn, but only call her that when she’s in trouble.

  2. Is TS excited for a sister?

    At this point, I’ve almost decided we’re not naming the baby. I threw out “Nerfernormer” as a joke, and the girls both decided they love it. The ONLY boy name Husband and I like is an ex-boyfriend of mine, that H actually met and kind of hated. So we like the name… but…
    Girls’ names? No idea. They’re all just meh.

    With the other two though, we didn’t know their names until we saw them, so maybe we’ll just hope for that again?

    For now, we’re calling him/her Bean. It may stick.

  3. Jessica hates all my suggestions but that doesn’t stop me …
    Tessa (Theresa)
    Carly (Caroline)
    Abby (Abigail)
    And Lindsay is a good name (but really common these days)

    1. I like all of these names. Jim’s major criteria is that the name have a good nickname to go with it. Tiny-Small’s nickname was “poopy-pants” for longer than I care to admit. Your choices some with sound nicknames so I will bring them to the board and see if I can get any passed!

    2. I don’t hate them all.. you didn’t even suggest these ones. In fact, I quite like Molly and Abigail – and have friends who got there first.

      Don’t lie, you saved all the good suggestions for Lil.

  4. I agree with the not telling anyone the name until she is born. We wouldn’t even tell our OB. He swears he came to her birth on his day off to find out her name. Sometimes you need to see her first, though. My cousin had a name all pcked out and then they met her and her name didn’t fit, so they named her Annalise. You could use that and call her Anna Anna Bo Banna. It works with TS’s name, too.

  5. I am preferencial to names that start with C. Christine is a lovely name.
    Catalina (that was my Spanish name).
    Cookie. Oh wait…maybe that one’s for snacking. I got carried away with C’s.

  6. Yay, a girl, so happy for you 🙂

    Naming is so hard! I love picking girls names though. Since I am done having babies you are welcome to use my pick… Lorelei (the name of my favorite doll when I was little).

  7. Oh a girl!!! How lovely….I was so excited when my daughter was born and had only one name picked for her….thank goodness it suited her else she would have been her/she/baby or something equally random to this day, (she is now 31 and a Mum herself ) anyway, long irelavant story…lol. I named her Nicole, Nikki when she is good and Nicole for those times when you really don’t want to swear but you really, really want her attention!!!… I am sure she would not mind sharing it….

  8. Our girl name, we never had one, was to be Catherine after my Nana. Would have called her Cate or Kate. Good luck with your choice. We chose to not tell anyone the name for either boy until he was born. We actually used fake names until the births, rwax tins were hilarious. My MIL was really assertive when telling a step-niece that the name she chose for a girl was wrong. It was Alix. My MIL thought it should be the longer version of an actual girl name and to call her the shortened version. That is the reason we kept our choices a secret.

  9. Try adding in two or actually three languages with some different letters and odd pronunciation. But wanting the name to be easily pronounced in both languages cos the surname is bad enough alone. And have a nice meaning… that can be explained easily. So then you end up with Melody Golden Princess and Rainstorm Man of Valour…

    Catherine though now that’s a classy name… if I do say so myself 😉

  10. In case you don’t go with Marianne, here are some of my never-used girl names: Emily & Charlotte (Charlie) after Bronte sisters. Alexandra (Lexy for short). Mary Margaret-Rita (or Mary-Marguerita). Riley (but I couldn’t figure out a legit name that Riley could be short for). Georgia. Too bad I had all these damn boys. 😉

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