30 Paintings In 30 Days 2015 Day 10

Well, 10 days in and I am still going strong on the painting challenge. Let’s hope I can keep up the momentum for the next 20 days! I’m crossing my fingers that I can do it.

I had so much fun making this dog. I used some found papers and a label from a coffee container that a friend saved for me. Then I painted over the paper. This little guy has a lot of texture and I like how bright and cheerful he came out. He is ready to play fetch!

30 Paintings In 30 Days 2015 Day 10.
“Dog With A Bone” mixed media painting, 6×6.

While working on this challenge I have found there are a few tools I just can’t live without. One of them is the Faber-Castell pitt artist brush pen in black.


It’s waterproof, the color is rich, and the brush tip makes the ink flow over paper and paint smoothly. It dries quickly. I think I have used it on every painting I have created during this challenge. It’s also nice to use for signing your name.

The second tool I love is the white oil Sharpie paint pen (medium point).


It’s the only white paint pen (that I have found) opaque enough to write over the top of dark colors. Most of the acrylic paint markers I have tried are too transparent so the white isn’t bright enough. This oil based Sharpie gets the job done! It’s also waterproof and dries quickly.

The third one is the General’s Sketch & Wash pencils.


These pencils are great for sketching. They are really dark and remind me of drawing with charcoal. After making your sketch you can add water with a paintbrush and use them like a watercolor pencil. They make excellent shadows and help to blend the sketch into the painting. I’m probably going to have to buy another one by the time this challenge is over!

I thought you might be interested in some of the materials I have been using in my paintings. If you click on the photos you’ll go to Amazon where you can purchase and try out some of the tools yourself. It’s a Dome Life is an Amazon affiliate so a small percentage of your purchase will help maintain this website.

I hope you are having a happy September!


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