Portrait Of Samantha #1 Day 21 Of 30 Paintings In 30 Days

Samantha Portrait #1 Day 21 Of 30 Paintings In 30 Days.
Samantha Dog, alcohol inks on Yupo paper, 8×10.

Our friends dog, Samantha, passed away recently. I am working on painting a portrait of Samantha as a gift.  Samantha was an amazing dog. She visited a local nursing home weekly to cheer up the residents. She was a natural-born healer and  touched the lives of everyone she came in contact with. She was really special and will be missed by many. I plan to write more about her later.

I wasn’t planning on painting her today. I have a few reference photos given to me by her owner. I happened to be looking at them today so I could start planning a 16×20 acrylic collage painting. I started sketching Samantha out today when one of the reference photos caught my eye and I just had to paint it with alcohol inks. I’m pretty excited to be able to give our friend two paintings of her beloved dog. I figure some dogs are just to important to have only one portrait painted!

I haven’t painted a dog in a long time so it felt really good to be making marks for fur and putting that gleam in the eye. I really should paint more animals. I am always happy when I finish a dog or cat painting. In the photo I used as a reference it looks like Samantha was peeking out from under the bed. I had fun recreating that moment in ink!

If you’d like your dog painted, I do take commissions. Just email me at itsadomelife@gmail.com and we can discuss the details!

6 thoughts on “Portrait Of Samantha #1 Day 21 Of 30 Paintings In 30 Days”

    1. She was really moved. I’m glad that I have a skill that can help people at times. It gives my work more meaning beyond just doing it for my own enjoyment and that is humbling and amazing!

  1. Lillian
    Thank you for the beautiful painting of Samantha you truley captured her healing
    look. Clients would often comment on how it felt as if she was looking into their
    souls and felt the pain they carried within. In her 12 years as a healer she healed people from all walks of life from 94 to minutes old. And know with your talent
    and beautiful gift she will continue her healing journey in spirit.
    I shared the painting with a Resident in a nursing home which Samantha often laid with licking her tears and adding laughter to her day. She cried when saw it
    and asked if she could hold it next to her heart to get some of her healing energy.
    A nurse that never met Samantha made the comment you can really feel the dog
    in this painting. Lillian you painted her from the heart not many artistis have this
    Thank You
    Shirley Ortiz Spiritual Healer
    Healers Cottage

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