Kitten In Alcohol Ink Day 28 of 30 Paintings In 30 Days

Kitten Day 28 of 30 Paintings In 30 Days
Kitten 9×12 alcohol ink on Yupo paper.

I’ve painted this kitten before in watercolor. I wanted to try painting it in alcohol inks. My mom had this kitty years ago. On day, when this kitten was older,  she snuck out of the house and was eaten by a coyote in the back yard. My mom was heart-broken. She loved this cat. It was awful to find her half eaten in the yard. I felt so bad for my mom. That’s why I like to paint her picture once in a while.

I was surprised she was killed because she was a really fierce cat. Her name was Bebé which was way too sweet a name for this ferocious beast. As a kitten she would attack me constantly. She’d pounce on me from all directions, bite my fingers, and do that crazy thing cats do where they roll on their back and bite and scratch you like they have been possessed by the devil. She was cute, but after a while I didn’t want to sit on the couch when I visited my mom! Maybe she thought she was tougher than she really was. After all, I was easy prey.

It can be a real challenge to keep your pets safe in the Southwest. We have had encounters with rattle snakes. We’ve had coyotes lurking outside our fence and bear poop has been spotted on the other side of our gate too. Not to mention the cactus, which can cause serious injury to cats and dogs if they aren’t aware of it. I’ve spent hours pulling needles out of my dogs face.

This place is not for the faint of heart. Even your pets have to be tough guys and smart to make it. We have a cat that adopted us when we moved in. He’s an outside cat. He knows every place in the yard where he can hide from a predator or climb to safety. Our other cat, that came with me from Connecticut, I would never let outside. She’d probably be eaten by something in the first 24 hours. She might be street savvy, but she is not desert savvy! I hope she never sneaks out like Bebé.

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