An Evening At The Pond Day 9 Of 30 Paintings In 30 Days

An Evening At The Pond Day 9 of 30 Paintings In 30 Days
An Evening At The Pond 11×14 alcohol ink on yupo paper painting. $125.00

When I was a kid there was a pond down the road from where I lived and it had this very tall grass all around it. My friends and I would create a path through the grass to get to the water. We liked to scare each other about the snakes that would skim along the top of the pond. I’m pretty sure that was the main reason we made the trek to the water and then spent hours clearing a path to it. The snakes were small, but they still made us scream with nervous laughter. We could had fun doing almost nothing back in those days.

Small unkempt ponds are pretty fascinating places to watch wildlife. There are always bugs and birds and wild plants covering every available space. We spent hours staring into the water watching tadpoles grow legs, watching those funny bugs that float on top of the water, and hoping to see a fish. I am sure my friends and I were not supposed to be there, but these were the days when kids roamed the neighborhood and only showed up at home for mealtimes, or when the sun went down. Our parents were content to let us get into some mischief as long as we were outside and not inside driving them crazy.

I think back on some of my fondest memories and they often include being in a place where I technically wasn’t supposed to be. Or at least in a place nobody knew I was visiting. We explored the woods behind our neighbors houses, nearby ponds, old cemeteries, and even some abandoned campsites likely created by a few homeless people. These places always fascinated me. There would be half-rotted clothes hanging from trees and old cans. I always felt like an explorer even though I was probably within a mile of my house. We once found a deers antler. It was like we had discovered a treasure chest filled with gold.

Sometimes when I am painting with alcohol inks these memories come back to me. I find myself putting a little piece of my life story into a painting. I guess that it is a way to give my experiences meaning and to remind me of where I come from.


10 thoughts on “An Evening At The Pond Day 9 Of 30 Paintings In 30 Days”

  1. Lillian, I love everything about this picture- the subject , the colors you used, the sky! It is so pretty and preaceful.

  2. This is so wonderful, and your description of it makes it even more special. Gone are the days, sadly. I remember doing those same things, with my cousins. There were usually at least three, if not more of us, and back then, kids did not have so many worries. Sneaking into places… exploring… scaring each other. This reminds me of going down to the “river” at the bottom of my grandmothers street. We were not supposed to be there, and we could hide among the weeds and grasses.

  3. Feeling like an explorer is the best part for me. It reaffirms my own belief and experience that you needn’t travel many miles for incredible adventure and discovery. You need an explorer’s spirit, the imagination and the belief that magic can happen if you’re ready for it. Ponds have drawn me to them forever. Thank you! Your painting and words opened up a special part of my childhood!

  4. I really like this painting of the pond! Your little sister used to ask me to walk down there with her when we were visiting! Good memories! Suggestion: Please read your email!

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