Dragonfly In Mixed Media Day 17 of 30 Paintings In 30 Days

Mixed Media Art On Canvas Day 17 of 30 Paintings In 30 Days
Dragonfly In Mixed Media 8×10 on canvas board by Lillian Connelly and T.S. age 4.

I love this dragonfly in mixed media. It was another painting collaboration with my daughter. She painted the background using acrylic paint, graphite, and sharpie markers. Then it was my turn to add some ink, paint around some shapes, and create the dragonfly. I really like the marks my daughter made. They are typical of the pretend writing she is doing on all of my important papers, empty notebooks, and occasionally on my furniture. The mom in me is shrieking, “Stop the madness!” but the artist in me is quietly smiling at her desire to create and leave her mark on the world. Thank goodness for paint, canvas boards, and somewhat structured activities! I am glad we have something appropriate for her to “work” on and a more permanent recording of what she is doing at this stage in her life. I know at some point we will refurbish the furniture, repaint the walls, and toss the old notebooks. At least with a painting we can frame it and hang it on the wall for future reference.

I am hoping to start a dog painting next week and maybe do some paintings in watercolor. I have a few small portraits sketched out and I am also thinking about working on something really big that may be a work in progress over a few days. We’ll see what happens!

Jim and I are planning to go shopping for a four-wheel drive vehicle so we don’t get stuck at home when it snows or rains too much. Living on a dirt road does have some disadvantages. Shopping for a new vehicle may take up some of my painting time next week, but I’m already planning ahead so I don’t get off track or lose my momentum. Sometimes a small kink in my plans can throw me off for days. That certainly happens with my exercise regiment anyway! Hopefully, with a little planning, I’ll be able avoid that pitfall. Painting consistently helps me to be more productive in other areas of my life.

I hope you have a happy and creative Saturday!

P.S. If you are interested in guest posting on my blog  and talking about your art please let me know. I am working on scheduling posts for Wednesdays in February. You can find more information about what I am looking for by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “Dragonfly In Mixed Media Day 17 of 30 Paintings In 30 Days”

  1. I love dragonflies, so that one is great. I think it is so awesome you are getting tiny small involved with your painting. How fun she gets to collaborate with you.

    1. I am hoping she gets a lot of experience with the creative process from a young age. I think that’s going to be important when she is an adult. Plus all of the memories we are making. That makes me smile!

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