You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees: Day Five of 30 Paintings In 30 Days

Do you ever find yourself getting stuck on the details and forgetting to step back and look at the big picture? Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. This happens to me at times with both parenting and my art business.

I find myself worrying about how Tiny-Small always skips the number five while counting. When she was a baby I worried she wouldn’t roll over, talk, or walk because she was taking her sweet time about it. I also worried she would never sleep through the night. Luckily I have friends who are moms with much older children who can laugh and say, “She’ll be fine!” My mom would say, “She’s a healthy kid. Do you think she is going to be 18 and still not walking?” In other words: Think about the big picture. Often what seems difficult to overcome, the details, are just tiny-steps toward a bigger goal. Sometimes there are different ways to get to our destination. The path might be straight one day and curvy the next. The truth is, at some point these worries over the little things will be long forgotten or, at the very least, we will look back and wonder what all of the fuss was about.

In my art business I do the same thing. I worry excessively about item descriptions or finding a way to display my artwork at a craft show. These small details can get you tangled up and misdirected. If you get too caught up in them you might get discouraged and give up. Sometimes you have to have faith that if you keep moving forward the details will work themselves out, and that even if they don’t, another opportunity will come along. Hopefully, an even better one!

You Can't See the Forest For The Trees: Day 5 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days. Mixed Media Art by Lillian Connelly.
You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees 8×10 mixed media on canvas panel. $85.00 (shipping included for U.S. residents. For people outside the U.S. please contact me for shipping charges).


Do you ever get stuck on the details? What helps you look at the big picture?

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