Things I Wonder While Watching “Sex In The City” Season 3

1. Do women in their 30’s still obsess about getting married? I keep reading people don’t want to get married anymore. So I am assuming thirty-something women probably no longer spend this much time worrying about men…or do they? Someone fill me in. I’m out of the loop!

2. Does Carrie end up getting lung cancer later,  in the movies that take place after the TV show (I just finished season 3)? The cigarette smoking! It makes me cough just to watch. All I can think about is how bad her hair must smell and her breath and I wonder if her apartment has nicotine stains dripping down the walls. I know, it’s not about the smoking, but it totally is, isn’t it? There are many gratuitous smoking scenes. It’s all so 1990, isn’t it? I’m horrified in 2014 and a little more than grossed out.

3. Do people in their 30’s really have that many sexual partners or are we, as humans, more concerned with disease than we used to be? I mean, I know there is some “hook up” crowd that got a lot of attention a while back, but didn’t that end about 15 years ago? Good grief, this analysis is making me feel so old. Tell me the truth.  Is Sex In The City still ringing true?

4. Do people still drink cosmopolitans and will I ever try one? I know you can’t answer if I will ever try one, but who wouldn’t want to? They look adorable and delicious. Maybe I can just pour some pink lemonade into a martini glass and call it a day. I’d probably wear high-heeled slippers (while sitting down) with pink feathers glued to the toe if I did. Because I’d want to do it right, ya know? I’m sure Tiny-Small is gluing feathers to my shoes right now anyway….

Things I wonder While watching sex in the city

5. Could a writer with one column get paid enough to pay Carrie’s rent and still have enough money to purchase all of those expensive shoes? Is this what blogging used to look like? Am I starting this thing too late? I mean, Carrie’s apartment is not the size of a closet so she must be getting paid fairly well, right? I’m so jealous. If I lived in the big city I’d probably be homeless. Actually, I’d be homeless in this small town too. Luckily, I’ve got Jim bringing home the bacon so I don’t starve.

6. Did I completely fail at being a 30 something? It sure feels like it. While I was slogging through my masters degree, buying houses, and having a kid I could have been dating tall, dark strangers, living like a queen in the city, staying out all night, and buying gorgeous shoes I couldn’t walk in or afford. I can’t help feeling like I missed the boat. I still can’t decide if that is good or bad. Maybe I’m just feeling smug because I don’t have any credit card debt.

7. I wish I could let Tiny-Small see Carrie’s outfits because I am pretty sure they have similar tastes in fashion. I mean that in the most positive way possible. Like, they both like giant flowers stuck in their clothes, hair, and everywhere.

Flower Power
Flower Power

8. I miss having a group of gal pals to go to lunch with and chat. I miss going to lunch. Heck, I miss eating an entire meal without having to get up to get someone some more milk. Sadly, I don’t know if I miss the lunch friends as much as I miss having my very own fork.

9. Why does Carrie’s hair seem to get less and less curly as the seasons go on? Let the woman rock her curls. Those curls made her a star. Then they take them away. Booooo!

10. How can I look as good as Samantha in my 40’s? No, seriously, because I’m turning 40 in less than 6 months. I have 6 months to transform myself into a tall, thin, Manhattan socialite. I’m pretty sure I could do it too if I could just put down those chocolate covered almonds….

8 thoughts on “Things I Wonder While Watching “Sex In The City” Season 3”

  1. I really chuckled reading this. I’ve never watched the show, but there really is no glamour in living single. There’s plenty of satisfaction, contentment and even fun but cosmopolitans are in short supply and there’s not a whole lot of opportunity to throw on a pair of stilettos and a big flower. And the stilettos have to be carefully budgeted for.

  2. Cosmos brought back martinis, but they’ve improved vastly since then. I’m a big fan of the mango-tini myself. 😉 And as a professional columnist, my wages cover milk money for the month and that’s about it. 😉

    1. Well, since milk is practically liquid gold these days I am going to pretend you are now a high roller with a very expensive shoe collection. The mango-tini sounds delicious. I really need to get out more.

  3. P.S. I was also pissed that the name “Charlotte” became so popular after the show as that was my girl name! After the Bronte sister/writer – not the WASP!

  4. You’re only in season 3. The fashion gets weirder (that’s a word right?). I’m pretty sure she makes comments about rent control. So it must be incredibly cheap. You know she is definitely swimming in credit card debt by season 5. You don’t to look like Samantha. I definitely recommend a cosmopolitan. I think intimacy has become a forgotten luxury. With social media and the disposible relationships…having a multitude of sexual partners (as if sex isn’t that big of a deal) has become far more common. I look at my sexual history and it feels like WAY too many. Then I’ll have a chat with someone and think “Thank god I’m not them!” Apparently, sex is relative. I think people want to appear independent and aloof. So they say they don’t ever want to be married. In truth, they don’t ever want to subject themselves to vulnerability. If you give your heart to someone…they can break it. Did I hit all the questions? Oh! I totally think Carrie would have ended up with lung cancer.

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