2015 Big Art Plunge

I’m taking the big art plunge for 2015. It’s going to be EPIC! I totally sang that last line in my head. It all starts with doing 30 paintings in 30 days in January with Leslie Saeta (<—Click here to join me!). I’ve been debating about joining the challenge this year because it’s gotten so big and overwhelming with hundreds of people participating, but I really wanted to jump-start my painting (and blog writing) in January so I signed up. I ‘ll be jumping into the fire with both feet. This time I’m not picking a theme, or a size, or a medium. I am just going to paint. It’s going to be wonderful.

In the meantime I am also excited to be participating in the 2015 #TwitterArtExhibit. I sent my postcard last year and I connected with so many awesome artists on twitter. I can’t wait to do it again! It was so much fun to see the paintings as they were shared and then to see them on display during the exhibit. I also like that the proceeds go to such wonderful organizations. Each postcard can be purchased for $35 which is incredibly affordable for original art. It’s just a good experience all around. If you want to participate visit the Call For Artists page to get the details.  Artists of all skill levels are accepted. I’ll keep you posted and share my submission with you before I mail it.

2015 Big Art Plunge
Winter Night. Alcohol ink on 4.25 x 4.25 ceramic tile.

I am also starting an art link-up on Fridays starting in February. I am going to try it for two months to see how it goes, but my goal is to do a weekly “get painting” painting challenge. Artists will write a blog post and talk about the paintings they created that week and then link up on Friday. I am hoping it helps artists get some exposure and new traffic to their blogs. It’s also a nice tool to keep us motivated on a weekly basis. I am thinking it will be a bit like show and tell! Thank you to Nancy Murphree Davis for coming up with the idea (go check out her gorgeous watercolors!).

My other new project is to have an artist guest post on my blog each Wednesday. I am starting that in February too. If you’d like to guest post let me know. You can check out my page Guest Posting On It’s a Dome Life to find out the details. I am really excited about starting up a new series.

This isn’t something I am doing, but it is something I am really excited about: Art Snacks. It’s a monthly subscription to art supplies. I’ve been subscribed for three months and I am having a blast. Each month I get a little box in the mail with 4-5 full size art products to experiment with. There is also usually a candy (my daughter loves that part) and a sticker included.  A card that explains how to use each art supply comes in the box to help you get started. It’s fantastic and really fun to get art supplies in the mail. I encourage you to check it out. I am currently subscribed to the $20 per month plan, but you can order a few months in advance, up to a year, and pay in a lump sum. It would make a great gift for any artist in your life. They also ship internationally.

*I’m not affiliated with Art Snacks, but I love their product!

Do you have any artistic plans for 2015? Are you taking a big art plunge too? What are you doing anything in January to jump-start  the new year?

10 thoughts on “2015 Big Art Plunge”

  1. Hello Lillian,
    Sounds like you are going to be busy again this year, I have heard of Art Snacks and I think I will look into how much it costs in the UK. I have treated myself to a place on Life Book 2015, this was my present to me for Christmas, I also would like to join in The Documented Life Project and Journal 52…. Very ambitious but you never know I might achieve them all,

    1. I went and signed up for The Documented Life Project and Journal 52. I love the prompts. I hope I can keep up. Hope to bump into you in there too. Thanks for making me aware of these things!

  2. Wow! You live in a Geodesic dome in Southern New Mexico! That is awesome! So great to meet you through the 30/30, Lillian. This is my 5th time around . . . . and yes, they do get easier and I think January is much easier than September. You sound like a busy bee. I like your tree! Thanks for sharing my stuff. Have a creative day!

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