This is how we do what, Katy Perry?

This Is How We Do What, Katy Perry?

Jim, my husband, had been talking about some article he happened to read in a magazine that included a segment on not only Lady Gaga, but Katy Perry as well. He was at a loss. What songs do these women sing? Who are these people? Should I know more about them?

This is how we do what, Katy Perry?
Lady Gaga and Katy Perry look-a-likes and wanna-be’s.

Being the second rate pop culture enthusiast that I am, I explained that Lady Gaga was the meat dress lady, but no I could not sing or name a single song she sang. Then I went on to talk about Katy Perry, except there wasn’t any talking. It was mostly crickets. Because I am old. I followed her on Twitter for a while  a few years ago. Some of my funny blogging friends followed her and so I thought maybe she was the comedic type, but a year later I unfollowed her because she never said anything funny at all, or if she did, I  didn’t see it or read it or retweet it or anything. The only thing I knew about Katy Perry was that she once had blue hair and that she may have been a Christian singer at one time. Possibly. Or maybe she sang in the church choir. I wasn’t really sure. I just knew she was all the rage in certain circles. Circles I was obviously not a part of.

Anyway, a few days later we happened to be staying in a hotel and VH1 was on when I turned on the TV. A video was playing. It was Katy Perry! I yelled to Jim, “Come over here! It’s Katy Perry. We’ll finally know one of her songs!” I was so excited. I was moving from living under a rock to living under a smaller rock…one I might even be able to push off my mommy brained, inadequate, non-pop-culture referencing self. There was hope. I was on the road to cultural awareness and pop relevance once again. It was liberating. I may have even been standing in front of the TV waving my hands over my head like a middle-aged cheerleader.

Katy Perry Look alike stick figure
Sing it sister.

Playing on VH1 was a song with the title “This Is How We Do” which sounded like a sentence that was missing the second half of itself. Possibly it’s better half. Then Katy Perry started talk-singing while girls in bright dresses walked around and then there was a kitchen, pancakes, ping pong ball, purses, and Katy Perry in a bathtub. Jim and I looked at each other. Then Katy Perry started saying, in her best smokers voice, “It’s no big deal. It’s no big deal. This is no big deal.”

Our daughter ran into the room. She is 4. She was mesmerized. All three of us were. We sat on the end of the  hotel bed staring at the TV as if we were passing the most gruesome accident on the highway. We could not look away.

Finally the video ended and I was dumbfounded. Jim said, “Well, that’s Katy Perry. She’s no big deal.”

I just stared ahead. Then I asked, “What was that? I mean, what was it about? I’m so confused.”

Then Jim just laughed and said, “It’s not about anything. It’s pop. It’s just noise.”

Later that day our daughter was running around singing, “It’s no big deal! It’s no big deal!” The song clearly resonated with her. She seemed to get the message Katie Perry was trying to convey. That’s when I realized I was too old for VH1, which was supposed to be for old people to begin with, and I wondered if I would ever feel cool again.

21 thoughts on “This Is How We Do What, Katy Perry?”

  1. LOL! I’m right there with you. I don’t watch VH1 or MTV or listen to the “new” music radio stations. I don’t get the new music and a lot of it is just filthy and explicit. I listen to the “Classic Rock” station, which plays the music that was new when I was in high school. Talk about feeling old! I mean, the mid/late 90’s weren’t that long ago…were they!? lol

  2. I saw a Katie Perry video once. I had lots of bright colours but that’s all I remember. And wasn’t she married to Russell Brand for a while?
    I know I’m not cool because my daughters are teenagers and they tell me so. But, actually, I like most of the music they listen too, which is not Katy Perry. So maybe I’d like VH1 if I ever watched it. I guess not watching it makes me really not cool… 🙂

    1. Her efforts aren’t silly at all. She’s getting rich and famous. Meanwhile I am still middle-aged wondering when I turned into that guy yelling, “Get off my lawn.” In the scheme of things she is winning every time. I’m sure she read my blog and it inspired her to write the “It’s no big deal” song lyrics. Genius.

  3. hahah!! Don’t feel bad! I also saw her song with the gigantic lollipops and I couldn’t make anything of it either!!
    Give me Madonna with her cone shaped brassiere any day!

  4. I can name two Gaga songs and one Katy Perry…ok two since you name one that I didn’t know. That must mean I’m hip! Nothing makes me feel older (like I remember my mom saying the same thing and that’s old, right?) than not knowing any of the songs on the radio!

  5. There is something about Katy Perry and toddlers. I was driving with my 18-month-old granddaughter and “Roar” came on the radio. She immediately started yelling, “Turn it up! Turn it up!” and began to sing along with it. I didn’t even know she had that much vocabulary to work with.

    1. I didn’t know there was a song named “Roar.” I think I’ll be visiting YouTube before bed tonight. Also, how could a toddler resist a song with that title? Katy Perry is just getting them when they are young. By the time she turns 50 she’ll have a huge fan base.

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