I paint an Iris but dislike the composition.

I Paint An Iris But Dislike My Composition

When you paint every single day there are bound to be some bad paintings. This painting of an Iris just didn’t hit the mark with composition. It’s pretty boring. I think it’s too big for the paper and too centered too. It’s like a flower mug shot! Maybe I should put it on a mug?

Because I knew early on I wasn’t loving this painting I decided to just¬† mess around and add glazes of paint on the background to see how the background affected the flower itself. I started with blue, glazed with orange, and then did a final glaze with dark gray.

I Painted An Iris But Dislike The Composition
Iris with blue background.

I am going to paint this flower again. I feel challenged to get it right. I think with this practice painting I’ll be better equipped to get it right next time. I will rework the composition and maybe add some other flowers to it.

I Painted An Iris But Dislike The Composition.
Iris With second glaze (orange) on background.

What do you think about the different backgrounds? Which one do you think works the best?

I paint An Iris But Dislike The Composition.
Iris With Final Glaze in Dark Gray.


I like to share the pieces that go wrong because I think it shows some of the struggle artists go through. Most of us have to practice and experiment many times before we get something that feels “right” or finished to us. Art is an ongoing, persistent quest for an unattainable perfection. We all have stacks of paintings and drawings we don’t usually show people. I like to share my process. I hope it makes you feel more liberated to do some experimental painting of your own!

This is day 12 of my #30in30 painting challenge.

2 thoughts on “I Paint An Iris But Dislike My Composition”

  1. This is nowhere near as bad as you think Lillian – in fact I think it is lovely. But, I know what you mean when you feel disappointed in a piece and it is great to show the work you’re not as happy with. If it makes you feel better, I posted a wipe off in last year’s challenge just to show that at least I’d tried. Even as a wipe off it was a failure – it still had bits of paper towel sticking to it!!

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