Kale! Glorious Kale!

I painted Kale. Why not? I am always eating it these days so I can be extra healthy and super trendy. It’s the one fad I discovered in a timely manner and managed to grasp onto. Trust me, I am clinging to it like only my inner unpopular girl knows how. Eating kale is the only proof I have of being a little bit cool. I mean, I could be the poster child for crunchy, homesteading moms everywhere if the kale industry ever discovered how much I have been eating it. I’d even crown myself the “Kale Queen” if I thought anybody would notice.

I put Kale in smoothies. I eat it with quinoa. I eat it in salad. I eat it with eggs. I’ve never made kale chips though because making them sounds like too much work. I am totally a lazy kale enthusiast. If I ever see them in the chip aisle I might buy them so I can try them, but actually turning on the oven to bake something that doesn’t have chocolate in it just doesn’t seem worth the effort.

Who knew kale was so pretty? This painting is based on a photograph by Molly LeMaster.

I haven’t grown kale in my garden either because something always eats it before it gets very big. Sometimes I think my garden is just for wildlife consumption. Sadly, the kale I get at the grocery store does not look this beautiful. It’s mostly limp and green and hiding on the produce shelf. I have a feeling it’s not super popular with the locals. I was kind of shocked to see that some kale has pink parts. It’s making me think I should probably start trying harder to grow my own. The super market is robbing me of whatever vitamins come in pink foods. I am pretty sure I need more of those. Maybe pink foods are what make your eyes sparkle. I need more sparkle! Until I get my kale garden going I suppose I’ll just have to eat more cotton candy.

I can’t blame people for not liking kale. It is certainly not for everyone. It tastes like the color green to me. If I had to describe color through taste I’d say, “Want to know what the color green tastes like? Eat some kale.” I keep hoping that comes up in a conversation one day, but so far it hasn’t.

I got so ambitious I even made a movie so you can watch me paint with alcohol inks. There seems to be some video footage missing in the middle, but it’s mostly a beginning to end painting process video.

This is day 11 of the #30in30 painting challenge. My theme is “In the Garden.”

15 thoughts on “Kale! Glorious Kale!”

  1. I love this painting and I really love kale only I can’t eat it because it doesn’t agree with me (well maybe a tiny bit in soup) which is too bad because I got my husband hooked on kale chips.

  2. I’ve noticed bagged kale salad in the grocery stories – mixed with some other greens, nuts, and cranberries. It’s pretty decent. I made kale chips once and no one in my family ate them. Your painting is much more pleasing to the eye than my kale chips were:)

  3. I haven’t had kale yet!!! Isn’t that awful?! Everytime I look at it in the produce section, I keep getting the feeling that it would taste bitter! Go figure!
    Love the video!!

    1. We have been eating kale and quinoa for a while now. I don’t think my family like either one that much. I might be the only one that likes kale. I think spinach actually has more vitamins in it and broccoli is pretty close too.

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