Jebediah in his salad garden.

Jebediah In His Salad Garden

I painted Jebediah in the garden and then his owner told me that Jebediah likes to eat flowers so being surrounded by them would be a lot like walking through a salad garden. As a result of his appetite for foliage, he is actually not allowed anywhere near the garden. This is mainly a fantasy portrait both for his owner who wishes she could bring him into the garden and for Jebediah who most likely wishes he could eat the garden. It’s win-win and funny. At least I think it is. I am going to be giggling about this painting for weeks.

Jebediah in the Salad Garden
11×14 watercolor and India Ink. Does he look hungry?


Jebediah sounds like he might be a bit of a rascal. I am pretty sure it’s because he is a Beagle. He can’t help himself and he just has good taste. Some flowers are just to delicious to resist!

Jebediah In The Flower Garden
Close up of Jebediah.


I painted Jebediah using watercolor paint and India Ink. I think the black India ink really makes the colors pop. I started using it for the first time when I painted Trixie, Jebediah’s sister (not biologically, obviously). I like this ink because it is waterproof. I usually apply it to my painting last, but sometimes I decide to touch up a few spots with watercolor paint so having waterproof ink is really important. I don’t want any smudging! Is there anything worse than messing up a painting minutes before you are finished with it? Trust me, it has happened before! The waterproof India ink keeps me from crying. Ruining a painting a few minutes before completion makes me ball like a baby. Like a cranky baby with colic.

If you want to try it out here is the ink I use (affiliate link):

Jebediah has been sold already, but if you’d like me to paint a portrait of your dog in the garden (salad or otherwise) please contact me here for rates.

This is day 9 of my #30in30 painting challenge.

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